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If you’re here just to find the best plunge router and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. When you are making plans to purchase a plunge router, the first thing to keep in mind is to consider convenience on top of everything else. If you only want to use the router for some minor DIY projects, you do not have to purchase a full fledge router and a trimmer may be a better choice. We have read a great number of the best wood router reviews, to see which ones are the most popular with consumers right now. The following two products are the most loved by woodworking enthusiasts and for all the right reasons. The DEWALT DW618PK is the best router for the money, hands down. First of all, this 12 amp model is capable of routing smoothly through the toughest varieties of wood. The ¼ and ½ collets it comes along with ensure enhanced versatility and great bit retention. Not to forget, the easy adjustments you can make to depth and the quick base changes as needed make this a very reliable tool that will help you perform any project fast and with great ease. The second solid choice we recommend is the Hitachi M12VC. If the DEWALT model is unavailable where you live, this model, intended for precise cutting, may be exactly what you need.



Comparison table:


ProductPower & SpeedPriceOur ratingRead more:
Dewalt DW618PK
2-1/4 HP
8,000-24,000 RPM
Hitachi M12VC
2-1/4 HP
8,000-24,000 RPM
Bosch 1617EVSPK
Best Plunge Routers reviews
2-1/4 HP
8,000-25,000 RPM
SKIL 1830
2-1/4 HP
10,500 - 25,000 RPM
Black & Decker RP250
8000 - 27,000 RPM



Buying guide


In any workshop, a plunge router is quite a necessary tool, although the only thing it does is cutting through wood. With all kinds of routers readily available, you may feel a bit lost in regards to what model you should buy. A plunge base is now found on many routers and it is quite a useful feature. This type of configuration allows you to cut inside the edges of a board, without doing any unnecessary cutting. Interrupted cuts are also easy to achieve with the help of a plunge router, which is why so many woodworking enthusiasts love them. Here is some more information on what to look for in the best woodworking router.1.Dewalt DW618PK


The size of your router is a very important consideration when you intend to buy one. Larger routers are powered by 1.75 to 3.25 HP motors and they are more versatile than other models, since they can be used with a specialized table and turned into shapers for more complex projects. The main advantage of having such a router is that you will be able to cut through a lot of wood, without feeling like your piece of equipment starts bogging down. Its power and efficiency recommend it, but the fact that a large router is also bulky, manipulating it around is not the easiest task for just everyone. In case you only intend to work with small pieces of wood, getting such a model is not advised, since you will be spending extra for no benefits whatsoever.

Smaller routers are often called trim or laminate routers, because they are often used for low complexity projects, such as processing plywood for making cabinets. The motors they use have between 1 and 1.25 HP. If the DIY tasks you have in mind require finesse, you will find a small router to be exactly what you are looking for, since you will be able to manipulate the unit with great ease. Nonetheless, if you plan on removing a lot of wood, you will find a smaller router to be less than adequate. Working with bits with smaller shafts is possible, but bear in mind that pushing them too hard will cause them to break, forcing you to replace them if you want to continue your work.

The best piece of advice one can get is, if possible, to get two routers instead of one: a large router for projects requiring more brute force and a smaller router for projects requiring more finesse.



Bit shank size

Be aware that manufacturers offer information regarding the maximum power used during peak performance for their models, which may be misleading, especially if what you are interested in is the sustained power available. A better way to understand the capabilities of a certain model is finding what bit shank size the router can accommodate. Keep in mind that the top rated routers are those that can combine power with performance and results, so do not settle for a single aspect when you are comparing different models.

The models available come with 1/4 inch collets or 1/2 inch collets. The latter are considered more versatile than the former, because 1/2 inch bits come in larger diameters. That is why such routers are equipped with adapters, so you can also use them with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch bits. You will find that the type of projects you are involved in dictates what kind of router to buy.

For models capable of working with large diameter bits, you will need a slower unit. The best advice is to get a router with a wider speed range, so you can adjust them as the need arises. If you want the best cheap router, a laminate trim model may be exactly what you need.2.Hitachi M12VC


You may not find a plethora of features on the best router under 100, but you will still find some necessary ones, and this is the only thing you should be after, if you want to combine functionality with decent pricing. A model with a soft start, for instance, is a good choice, especially for beginners who do not want to be taken by surprise by a unit that jerks away from its initial position. Variable speed control is another feature you may want in your router, so you can adjust it based on different tasks you need to complete.

Here are the best plunge routers you can find at the moment. Versatile and dependable, they rank high in consumers’ preferences.



Top plunge routers in 2018


It is important to have the proper tools before starting out any construction project as they will allow you to complete your work faster and with less complications. If you are working with wood and try to develop unique and beautiful craftsmanship then you need to have a professional plunge router which can become a reliable assistant. The market offers a wide array of models, which can improve the quality of your work. Getting reliable information from the latest best plunge routers reviews, represents the quickest way to find a reliable and efficient device, ideal for any construction project, irrespective of its nature.



Dewalt DW618PK


Get to know the Dewalt DW618PK plunge router and understand why thousands of woodworkers are using the model during their construction projects. The 2-1/4 horsepower delivers a solid 12-amp electronic distinct speed which provides the necessary power needed to rout without problems through hard and demanding hardwoods. You should also know that the device is equipped with a ¼ inch and also 1/2 inch sockets for added versatility and precise bit retention. Easy to use to its adjustment system ring, you can precisely adjust it while the 1/64 inch increments while working it vertically. The model has a dust collection system can clean the work surface with 95% of dust.

“Knowing the DeWalt quality I didn’t think too much about purchasing this plunge router from them. Any type of wood I tried it on hasn’t posed a problem for it and based on its excellent performances I recommend it to other people intrested in it.” –  Will Doyle


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Hitachi M12VC


It is important to have in your workshop a professional plunge router which can improve the quality of your project developments. Using the Hitachi M12VC plunge router will certainly improve your working facilities. Most of the latest best plunge routers reviews emphasize on the fluid functionality of the device, and its 11-amp variable speed motors. The power of the motor delivers around 8000 to 24.000 RPM with comes out as a soft start which improves your capacity to work. The model also includes a 1 1/4″ collet chuck, 1 template guide adapter, 1 template guide and two 1.23 and 1.16 wrench.

“The Hitachi M12VC plunge router has been my choice and I invested in it because it has an excellent quality to price ratio. The motor is very reliable working at different RPM, perfect for all types of wood which I have to work with.” – Steve Bryan


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Bosch 1617EVSPK


Best Plunge Routers reviewsWhen you start work, using various wood materials it is important to have by your side a reliable plunge router which can help out. Well, today thousands of woodcrafters are using with confidence the Bosh 1617EVSPK plunge router, a model that has variable electronic speed plunge and also has a fixed base router kit which you control though the wooden handles which are located on the base. It has a micro-fine adjustment system and also a complete aluminum construction which is durable and ready to use for a long period of time. The device includes a plunge, solid wrenches, carrying case and also chip shields.

“Because I work most of the time with wood it was normal that I go for a reliable plunge router. After carefully studying many alternatives I settled for this Bosch model which until this point has proved that is was a solid solution.” – Mark Armstrong


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SKIL 1830


The SKIL 1830 is thought of as being the top choice in matters of plunge routers. Let’s see why that is.It comes with all the features one could ever want from in a plunge router. With a soft start technology, the SKIL model gradually increases its speed, in order to prevent the device from suffering from any motor issues. Once it’s fully started, the router can be controlled accurately.

The model is perfect for a whole lot of activities in the area of woodworking. Customers claim they’re satisfied with the way it acts and that they even like the touch of the two soft grip handles. The router comes with LED lights which let you visualize any cut in detail.


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Black & Decker RP250


Many buyers think of this model as one of the best plunge routers of 2018. This comes from the fact that it can be bought at an amazing price, and comes with a set of features that are hard to say no to. As with other routers, the Black & Decker model also features a smooth start, which helps the system to gradually power up, thus protecting the motor. The manufacturers of the router are offering a 2-year warranty for this model.

Buyers say that this is a very easy to use plunge router and some of them have even stated that they expect it will last them for a lifetime.


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Porter-Cable 690LR


A growing number of the latest best fixed-base routers reviews, written by thousands of professional woodworkers, emphasize on the functionality of the Porter-Cable 690LR, a model which is powered by a solid 11-amp motor which can produce around 1-3/4 peak horsepower. It can also deliver around 27.500 revolutions every minute due to the power of the single-speed reliable motor. The plunge router has a machined aluminum motor construction which is durable and efficient. Furthermore the device features a cam-lock lever that allows you to adjust the features, thus improving the later on results. It has a micrometer depth which can be customized to 1/128 inch.

“Everything about the Porter-Cable 690LR fixed-base router shows that it is a quality power tool and this is precisely why I got it in the first place. The aluminum housing looks solid, the motor has high performances, making an all round gread router.” Sam Larkin


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The majority of the latest best wood routers reviews emphasize on the functionality of Bosh PR20EVSNK, a model designed with attention in order to enhance the quality of the working environment. It delivers variable speed actions, powered by 5.7 amp motor which maintains 16.000 to 35.000 rpm in order to fully accommodate any woodwork project. The model has a solid palm-grip router kit which can be adjusted and also a soft-start. Made out of aluminum material, this plunger router comes with soft grip handles which allows you to transport it from one place to another.  The basic package includes a solid palm router, roller guide, tilt base and roller guide.

“Getting this fixed-base router has definitely advantages and one of them for me was the tool kit it comes with it. Because it is made mostly of aluminum it has a very light weight, so I don’t get any fatigue from working with it.” – Adam Parker


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