Best plush animal reviews


Top plush animals in 2017


Kids love playing with plush animals. Such toys are soft to the touch and become the little ones closest friends during playtime. This is why so many plush toys are now available on the market, offering parents the chance to choose a great product. There are toys for little boys and girls, designed to resemble animals or beloved movie characters. We decided to assist parents in their attempt to identify the ideal toy by drafting the best plush animal reviews. After testing 30 of the best toys, we noticed that five special products represent a great companionfor any child.


Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush


Best plush animal reviewsA good plush animal should enhance the little one’s comfort and emotional stability. As a result, Melissa & Doug released the Giraffe plush, a toy that delights. Loved by thousands of boys and girls, this majestic toy will complete the little one’s nursery by adding a touch of Africa’s mysterious vibe. The toy resembles a real life giraffe, made with a plush fur coat and special spots pattern. Children love to cuddle the giraffe, due to the soft material. It is perfect for boys and girls over the age of three! Being nearly 5 feet tall, this friendly toy can become the little one’s daily “protector”!

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Wild Republic Cuddlekins Wolf


Taking into account the impressive number of plush animals available on the market access to professional information can certainly make the selection process easier. According to the present best plush animal reviews, it seems that parents can opt without reservations for the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Wolf. Children love wolves and their unmatched cuteness! This plush toy comes with unique details such as genuine markings and special coloration. It is very soft and thus great to cuddle. The toy is made of super soft and lifelike material that the little one will absolutely love to touch. It meets all the U.S. Safety standards for child play!

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Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Tiger


Choosing a top rated plush animal in 2017 ensures that the little one will have a good time for hours on end. Recent statistics show that kids absolutely adore the Jumbo Tiger from Wild Republic. This high quality plush toy is made of ultra-plush stuffing. Very soft at touch the toy is great for cuddling and the ideal “assistant” during story telling. It has a detailed design with amazing lifelike facial features that make the tiger as real as it gets for a toy. The toy is recommended for children from 6 months to 5 years old.

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Intelex Cozy Microwaveable Plush Sheep


More and more kids need a cozy plush animal to hold during naps. One of the best plush animal in 2017 that can be used as a sleeping companion was released by Intelex, The Cozy Plush Sheep. The toy is made of high quality microwave materials that are safe to the touch. Made to cuddle and hold close this toy is very easy to clean. All the parents have to is use a damp cloth in order to remove stains. Furthermore, the toy is treated with special dried lavender flower and unique treated millet grains.

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Disney The Muppets Exclusive DELUXE Plush


According to recent statistics, it seems that more and more parents purchase Disney The Muppets deluxe plush. Regarded as the best plush animal in 2017 this superb 17-inch toy represents a great addition to any child. Every Muppet fan will love this soft and cozy toy. It is great for cuddling and keeping company during naps. It has pants with a rope belt and a unique jacket with wool ties. The toy is the perfect companion for any boy or girl that loves watching the Muppets show!

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