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There are millions of people that love camping and hiking, trying to get in touch with nature. If you want to be prepared for anything that nature throws out at you, then you should be equipped with a pocket multi-tool. With a pro efficient multi-tools set you will be able to cut bread, open cans, sharpen tools, cut wires and perform many other activities that can ease your stay in the wild. The market is filled with thousands of products, designed to become a constant companion, yet the selection process may be quite hard. Reading some of the current best pocket multi-tools reviews will help you identify the most efficient model.


Gerber 31-000750 pocket multi-tool


Best pocket multi-tools under $50One of the best pocket multi-tools under $50 is Gerber 31-000750; a model resulted after a fruitful collaboration between Gerber and Bear Grylls. This compact and reliable set comes with 10 stainless steel and also weather resistant components that will help you no matter where you are. Lightweight and designed with attention, the model includes the following components: wire cutters, needle nose pliers, serrated and fine-edge knives, Philips screwdriver, flat drivers, lanyard ring, tweezers and also a solid bottle opener. Furthermore the model is accompanied by Bear Grylls Informative Priorities of Survival guide which contains the basic survival tips needed to survive anywhere.

“So that I am prepared for all types of situations when I do a job I bought this multi-tool from Gerber which consists of 10 different pieces which are all made from stainelss steel. It is easy to fit it in my tool belt and all its different tools work just fine.” – Jack Owen

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Leatherman 831426 pocket multi-tools


If you are looking for a professional pocket multi-tools set, ideal for your hiking and adventurous nature then you should use with trust Leatherman 831426. This go-to multi-tool is perfect for projects around the house or campsite, being lightweight and made out of stainless steel. It comes with the patented Leatherman patented one-hand opening, including many handy tools. One thing is certain, with this pocket multi-tool set you will be prepared for anything. The model includes the following tools: handle, blade, small, medium screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, file, scissors, wood saw, wire cutter, can opener, ruler and bottle opener.

“I paid a very decent price for a multi-tool with so much quality and so many things I can use it for. Every individual piece is very well made and does its job properly. I can’t really ask for more from such a tool and this is why I recommend it.” – Edward Long

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Swiss+Tech ST53100 pocket multi-tools


It’s time to use a pro efficient and advanced pocket multi-tools set, anywhere anytime without any problems. Reviewing the top models, we can recommend one of the best pocket multi-tools under $10, Swiss+Tech ST53100. This particular multi-tool contains 2 hex wrenches, 6 screwdrivers, bottle opener, pliers, stripper, wire cutter, wire crimper, file, 2 rulers, hand drill which can be worn as a keychain. There are 19 different professional grade tools in the pocket set, all made out of stainless steel, with precise quick-release and self-locking mechanism. It is a great addition to your camping or hiking trips, letting you be prepared for anything that might transpire.

“The Swiss-Tech ST53100 multi-tool has surprised me with an innovative shape and also with its capabilities. It even has a bottle opener so I drink a nice cold beer while I take a break from work. All this comes for a very affordable price which everyone should take advatage of.” – Stan Robbins

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Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT Eat’N


Suit up and be prepared for anything, at least that’s what hiking specialists say whenever you decide to go out camping. In order to cast aside the appearance of problems, you should have a pocket multi-tools set. You can use one of the best pocket multi-tools under $50, Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT, a model puts functionality first. The tools are organic and come with an ergonomic shape, always useful. The tools set include the following items: spoon, bottle opener, fork, 3 hex wrenches, equipped with a carabiner for extra transport. You should also know that the pocket multi-tools come with a special finish of non-stick coating.

“Because it doesn’t even cost that much I said why not give the CRKT Eat’N a try. It is very easy to strap it on my tool belt without it taking up almost any room at all. I use it especially when I have a break to eat something or to open a nice and cold bottle of beer.” – Henry Scott

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Gerber 01471 pocket multi-tools


If you are going on a hiking trip or camping, it’s best to be prepared for anything. This is why we recommend using Gerber 01471 pocket multi-tools, which combine efficiency with durability. Tough and easy to manage, the multi-tools are engineered to tackle any situation that might occur. Made out of durable stainless steel construction and Gerber’s patented Saf.T.Plus locking system, this multi-tools comes with 11 efficient tools that include the following: lanyard ring, awl, saw, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, large and medium screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, straight blade, serrated blade, needle-nose, pliers and also wire cutters.

“For all you handymen out there I recommend you my multi-tool, the Gerber 01471. The whole thing is very light and has 12 different components which I use on a regular basis. The locking system of the components is very innovative so there is no risk I’ll accidentally cut myself on one tool which didn’t lock properly.” – John Durand

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