Best Poker Sets Reviews

If you’re here just to find the best poker sets and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. If you’re a serious poker player, you ought to have a poker set worth talking about, and this is what led us to gather plenty of information from expert review sites and even social media activity on different products to find the truth in actual owner feedback. Happily, we can tell you that the Da Vinci 500 is undoubtedly the best poker chip set for sale on the market. This product comes with 500 pieces in all housed in a tough aluminum case that is strong against chipping and rust. The set comes with everything you need for an awesome game every time: 150 red, 150 white, 100 blue, 50 black and 50 green chips. Every single chip in the set is weighted with a metal core and is constructed of clay composite resin to make them last longer than poker chips made of pure clay. There are also free dealer buttons in addition to the three others in the package, plus two decks of cards, 2 cut cards and 5 casino-size dice. If the Da Vinci 500 should run out of stock, we recommend getting the second best option in this category, the KOVOT 300.



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Buying guide


Serious poker players are not satisfied with supermarket poker chips sets that won’t allow them to do chip tricks. If truth be told, everyone wants to enjoy a fantastic game of poker using high quality poker sets available on Amazon and other favorite retailers. However, knowing where to buy a great poker set is not as important as knowing what to look for in this type of product.

3.Da Vinci 500 Poker Set with Chips

Poker Chip Material

Poker sets with clay chips offer the same quality as what you find in a real casino. Typically US made, the chips in these sets are manufactured while adhering to the same materials and regulations as those in Las Vegas casinos. Clay chips are the most desired of all poker chips as they don’t have metal inserts at the core and are characterized by a rougher texture and surface than the composite or casino chips. When the individual chips hit each other, a deep sound is produced, comparable to what you would get from casino chips.
Ceramic poker chips offer the latest advancement in poker chips. Made of a single-composition, high-density ceramic material, this kind of chip carries no metal insert but does come in different weights. Offering casino-like sound and feel, this kind of chip can be embossed on its surface with high-quality graphics. It can be rendered with superb detail such as a marble like appearance to make it unique and elegant-looking, perfect for home use as well as for events and commercial purposes.

Clay composite poker chips are distinct from plastic or composite chips in that the chip mold itself is made using a mixture of clay and other materials to hold it together. Lasting much longer than all-clay chips, a clay composite chip is extremely durable, will last for years and is not prone to dents and scratches. Available in weights of 11.5 grams and 13.5 grams, this kind of poker chip has a characteristic rough surface and makes a casino-chip sound when hit with another chip.

ABS plastic or composite poker chips are made of plastic clay-like material injected with a hard plastic resin. With the hard compression of the plastic material, the chip will no longer feel like plastic. This kind of chip features an exceptionally smooth surface that won’t dent or scratch easily, ensuring a long lasting unit. A metal insert adjusts the chip weight so the chips make a distinctive clunking noise when they hit one another. Hot stamping of the chip enables customization and added security.

For economical or entry-level gaming, plastic chips are available anywhere. These can be the supermarket variety or the ones sold in toy aisles. There’s not much in the way of security with this type of chips, which are also easily damaged. They do not have the sound and feel of composite poker chips.


Number, Colors and Denominations of Chips

To determine the number of poker chips you’ll need for home use, you will have to consider the betting habits of your mates as well as the variation of poker you will be playing. Thus, if you have 3 to 4 players, the set should have 300 chips, while for 5 to 6 players, a set with 400 chips should be enough. A 500-chip set is sufficient for 7 to 8 players, while with games involving 9 or more players, 1000 chips should be in the poker set. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to have more chips than needed instead of too few.

The colors or denominations should be four at the most, to follow casino-style gaming. The poker chips should be 70 percent at the middle and lower values in keeping with the most popular 4-color poker chips bank roll. Red chips are equivalent to 5 units while white ones are 1-unit chips. Green chips carry 25 units while black ones come with 100 units.

4.KOVOT 300 Chip Dice Style Poker Set

Poker Set Case

Poker sets with travel case offer value for money, since they come with easy portability of everything that comes in the set, including decks of cards, dealer buttons, dice and more. Poker sets that come in wooden box cases can be made of mahogany, walnut, oak and others. They also come in various capacities varying from 100 to 750. Wood cases come with a solid feel and a glossy finish and the inside is usually felt-like cloth on usually molded plastic.

A poker set that comes in aluminum case can have metal corner protectors wrapped around the corner for extra protection against bumps and impact. Be wary of aluminum cases with plastic protectors, which are not as tough. While some have no locks of any kind, others have combination locks or key locks. Under the lid is a waffle type of foam padding that presses against the chips when closed to keep them neatly in their place during transport. Most aluminum cases also have one or two areas for storing a deck of cards or two, while many feature an extra area for storing dice. Make sure the handle is strong and not flimsy, preferably metal and not vinyl. There are also poker sets in metal case holders, acrylic and plastic cases. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

There is a limitless number of poker sets on the market, so even a seasoned poker player can have a difficult time making a choice for home use. The buying guide above is designed to help you choose wisely. We present the best poker sets on the market below.



Top poker sets in 2018


Poker has really become a very popular sport over the years and more and more people are starting to play it. Actually we can say that it has become a phenomenon with tournaments being able to offer winnings of millions of dollars. If you are trying to to learn the game or improve it, you need to get yourself a poker set. To know which are the most complete ones, you should take a close look at the best poker sets reviews.



Da Vinci 500



The top poker sets reviews recommend getting Da Vinci 102-201X because it has everything you would need to start a poker game with your friends or adversaries. The chips are built from clay composite resin, that encase a metal core and have 5 different colors, with different values. Five casino-size dice also come with it, plus the other poker related accessories, like sets of cards, dealer and blind buttons. The durable case is made all out of light aluminum, proving to be a long term investment.



Buy from Amazon for ($49.99)






1.KOVOT 300 Chip Dice


The KOVOT 300 is a set of 300 casino-quality poker chips that lets you enjoy a fantastic poker evening with your friends. The poker chips in the set are 11.5-gram dice style units that deliver authentic casino feel and sound while being perfectly balanced. Carrying the most popular design for poker chips on the market, the chips have a dice striped design that should make every player feel they’re at a real casino instead of at home. The set comes with 50 green, 50 blue, 50 red, 50 black and 100 white chips to complete a bank roll. It also comes with two decks of cards plus a dealer, small blind and big blind button as well as 5 dice. The heavy-duty aluminum case is lined with black felt to hold the contents well.



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Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’


2.Claysmith Gaming 500-Count


Each of the chips in the Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ comes with four impressive triangular edge spots interspersed with stick and edge markings that provide an authentic and elegant casino-chip style look. Each of the chips also weighs 13.5 grams for perfect balance. The denominations include 25 $1000, 25 $500, 100 $100, 100 $25, 100 $5 and 150 $1, so there’s more than enough to go around during play. The inlay is on an exclusive Claysmith gear-wheel mold for security and a unique appearance. The chips are housed in a strong black aluminum case for an impressive look and feel while simplifying storage and transport. The chips are made of clay composite material for durability. The set comes with 5 dice, 3 decks of playing cards and a free dealer button.



Buy from Amazon for ($135.8)




Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style


Best Poker Sets reviews


A very popular set which many poker players have is Trademark 500, which comes with 500 casino-quality poker chips. The chips will be carried in a nice looking aluminum case, which is light and solid. The interior is made out of black felt, so the chips are kept in a proper environment. A dealer button, the 2 blind buttons and 2 sets of cards are included too, so you can start your poker experience straight away. We believe this set is the best one money can buy this year.



Buy from Amazon for ($33.98)




Fat Cat Hold’em Dealer



If you are a big fan of poker, for a very decent price you can get your hands on this poker chip set from Fat Cat. This set contains 500 chips which are Claytec striped, so that you can get a nice game started in just a few moments. Two decks of poker cards are included as well, plus the poker buttons for dealer, big blind and small blind. The silver aluminum case looks classy and many poker enthusiasts consider this model one of the best poker sets in 2018.



Buy from Amazon for ($41.49)




Trademark Poker Maverick 300



If you like poker then you will love Trademark Poker Maverick Chip Set with its 300 chips and different other pieces. First of all, the chips have a dice-striped design which looks like the real professional poker chips you see on professional tournaments. The black velour interior will holds all the different set pieces, including the two card decks and the specific buttons (dealer, small blind, big blind). The best poker sets reviews recommend it for entry-level players, so they practice with it and get better at poker in time.



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Sportcraft 5-1-36-903 ESPN


Another reliable option for a poker set is this particular one coming from Sportcraft, which actually has the ESPN emblem. Five red dice are also a part of the set for more possibilities than just poker. The set includes 300 chips coming in 5 colors, excellent for a game of 4 players. The interior of the case lets you organize well all the different parts of the set. Also take into consideration that the case is made out of aluminum, having a very nice design. The aluminum is light for carrying and proves to durable as well.