Best Pool Cleaner for leaves


What is the best pool leaf skimmer in 2018?


Pools at home are partly installed for aesthetic enhancement of the house. However, if it is always full of floating leaves from a tree nearby, it doesn’t look as good anymore. This is my problem with our pool at home. I hate the falling leaves but I can’t chop the tree down so I decided to buy the best pool cleaner for leaves. I looked up the most popular pool cleaners reviews and now I have a list of five of the best pool cleaning units.


Poolmaster 21191 Premier Aluminum Pool Leaf Skimmer


According to the most popular pool cleaners reviews, this is the best pool skimmer you can ever have. It is made of good quality materials and it does a really good job. The poolmaster 21191 has a great feel to it and it is better made than the plastic model that is pretty common on the market today. It has a very sturdy construction and it does not easily bend, allowing you to scoop floating leaves up more easily. It has some plays on the net as well that makes it easier to shake off bugs after you take them off the water.

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Swimline Hydro Tools 8028 Premium Aluminum Pool Leaf Skimmer


2If you want the best pool cleaner for leaves that you can use for many years, this extremely durable pool skimmer is what you should buy. It features a rugged and lightweight aluminum structure with a no-mar finish, protecting pool walls as you clean. The mesh net is super strong and is also chemical resistant. Its netting is wrapped all over the frame, attached firmly in place with the rim. You can attach it with wooden handle if you don’t like the slippery metal handle.

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Hydro Tools 8039 Professional Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer


3The Hydro Tools 8039 is a super strong structural molded pool cleaner with a sturdy plastic for a frame. Its fine mesh basket is tapered in the front edge to assist as you scoop debris off your pool. This skimmer has the most positive reviews because it does it jobs without any problem at all. It is light and it has a solid construction, plus its bigger surface makes it really easy to clean the pool. This is why it is one of the best pool cleaner for leaves that you can have.

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Swimline 8040 Professional heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake


4This is a super strong leaf rake, with a solid construction that allows you to use it for many years. It doesn’t matter if you are up for a big clean-up or just going to pick small debris, this heavy-duty pool skimmer has a deep fine-mesh bag that can handle it. You won’t have any trouble disconnecting it and it fits almost any type of telescopic vacuum poles. Its ability to clean your pool without causing any damage to its walls is the reason why it is one of the best pool cleaners in 2018.

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Intex Leaf Rake for Pools


5The Intex Leaf rake for pools is one of the most affordable pool skimmers on the market. The rake is big enough and the holes are really small. The support around the edge is very firm and its extra lip makes it really easy to scoop even from the bottom of the pool. The Intex leaf rake has a very solid construction and it provides steady grip as you pick debris off the pool. It does not get damaged by too much chlorine in the water.

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