Best Portable Bidet Reviews

Bidets have started to gain popularity in the last years due to their usefulness and the high level of hygiene they provide. If you’re searching for the best portable bidet on the market but don’t know which one is the most reliable model, then read this paragraph and maybe you’ll make up your mind easier.  In order to give you some product suggestions, we went through hundreds of reviews from previous customers and feedback given by experts in the field. We’ve also taken a look at the overall brand quality and concluded that the product that meets all criteria is the Brondell GS-70. We chose this bidet because it doesn’t require much pressure to operate and has an added pouch that lets you remove the nozzle. Plus, it is outfitted by a lovely and convenient carrying bag.  If the Brondell GS-70 is not available, go with another good option, the BioBidet TP70.



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Feeling clean is quite important especially when you’re on the road or traveling. Most people believe that purchasing the best portable bidet can help with their digestive problems and many other health issues. We’ve done our homework and gathered some useful piece of information that covers the essential features a product like this should have.  

Water stream

Believe it or not, the majority of toilets around the world don’t have a bidet. Considered by some as a rather unnecessary investment, in reality, the bidet helps you feel cleaner and fresh after each toilet use and can aid problems like constipation or hemorrhoids.   

A portable bidet bottle does exactly the same thing as a classic one, except that you can travel with it and use it anytime you want, no matter the type of toilet. All you have to do is to fill it with warm or cold water, depending on your needs, and softly squeeze the bottle. The water stream will reach your body area and allow you to clean it. You can add water if necessary and the angled spray of the portable bidet sprayer will aim gently.  

It is important for a bidet to ensure a proper water stream that is not too powerful nor too weak because the specific area you intend to clean needs less pressure.  


Reservoir capacity

Because it is portable, it is logical that the bottle has a smaller reservoir capacity that allows you to carry it in your bag while traveling. Most portable bidets for sale offer a water capacity somewhere between 300 and 600ml which is more than enough for a single use.

It is advisable to opt for a convenient size because water is prone to germs and bacteria growth and you don’t intend to keep it in the container for much time. Plus, the lighter the bidet the lighter the bidet, the easier it is for you to carry it.  


Ergonomic shape and design

In addition to the reservoir capacity and the water stream power, you should also check if the bottle comes with an ergonomic shape that makes the cleaning process a lot easier.  

When searching for the best rated portable bidet you should look at the shape and overall design of the bottle. See if it has a narrower middle section or maybe a molded-in ring of raised knobs that facilitate the gripping.  

As for the design, generally, most portable handheld bidets look quite similar to a water bottle you use at the gym. The point is not to draw special attention, therefore, portable bidet manufacturers often include a bag where you can easily store and carry it with you.

According to the best portable bidet reviews, a good product is the one that doesn’t need much effort to clean after use and has an ideal nozzle size that ensures the water stream is aimed directly to the targeted body area.  



Top Portable Bidets in 2018


Below we’ve showcased some useful product suggestions that come with all the important features that a good portable bidet must have. Each of these alternatives was selected based on previous customer’s positive reviews.



Brondell GS-70


This travel bidet from Brondell is definitely the easiest way to feel clean and washed while on the go. Not only does it fit your purse, suitcase or briefcase but the carrying bag is so discreet and easy-to-store that you can take it with you anytime you have to go on a holiday or business travel.  

All you have to do is to fill the bottle with warm or cold water, as you prefer, and spray by gently squeezing the bottle. Basically, the water comes out of the stick nozzle which is outfitted with five small holes. The water reservoir has a capacity of 400ml which is more than enough to use for a nice and quick clean-up.  

The best part about this bidet is that the bottle doesn’t require tons of pressure which is great especially for the elderly who have had recent hand surgeries. Besides, the central section of the bidet has softly raised knobs that provide a solid grip.  

After you’re done with the cleaning, you simply wash the bottle and detach the nozzle. The bottle can be stored inside the bag which doesn’t have any logos or words written on the front that will make people think about the content inside. 

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BioBidet TP70


If you’re planning to go on a holiday and you want to make sure that proper hygiene is something you don’t have to worry about then this portable bidet from BioBidet will make a difference in your toilet habits.

The bottle has an ergonomic shape that doesn’t require much pressure when squeezing. Therefore, there’s no need for batteries or charging. You take the discreet carrying bag with you and place it inside your purse, luggage or any bag. Nobody will know what’s inside and the small size is quite similar to a regular water bottle.

With a reservoir capacity of 375 ml, the bottle ensures more than enough water for a single wash. Once filled, you simply attach the nozzle, which comes in two options, a smaller or a longer one, each outfitted with an angled tip. This way you can rest assured that you don’t have to put too much effort in order to reach every important area or that you’ll make a mess when washing and cleaning.  

Besides, you have full control over the water pressure because the built-in air lock that is located at the base of the bidet prevents unwanted leakage if you place your finger over it.  

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Boss Bidet Mini-Portable


A portable bidet is an excellent solution for washing when you are on the road or traveling. Effective and easy to use, this product from Boss Bidet is designed to help you clean any desired areas without too much effort on your part.

The bottle comes in a perfect size and has a tank capacity of 380ml, quite the same with a water bottle. There’s no need to worry about batteries or charging because this portable bidet only requires soft pressure in order to release the water with the help of a retractable nozzle.

You can use warm or cold water, depending on your needs and the bottle recipient can be easily filled or emptied if you remove the top.  

Given its ergonomic shape, all you have to do is to apply gentle pressure by squeezing the bottle in the middle and the water will aim and spray, thus ensuring you benefit from proper hygiene even if you’re not in the comfort of your own home.

After you finish, you can clean the bidet with some soap and water and put it back in the carrying bag so that no one will notice that you have something in your bag.   

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