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Everyone loves to watch movies, top rated TV-shows, documentaries and even concerts, no matter of their locations. In order to enjoy the presence of all of your favourite characters near you, it is important to have an advanced portable DVD player. Fortunately the market is full of high quality models, all designed to establish a clear and vibrant cinematic experience even though you are far away from your computer. Still, once you manage to consult some of the current best portable DVD players reviews, you will be able to find the right model suited to your day to day needs.



Curtis SDVD7027


Best portable DVD players under $100There are so many portable DVD players available on the market that it can be truly difficult to find the most efficient device. Still, some stand out through the high quality design and extensive operating features. Once of the best portable DVD players under $100 is Curtis SDVD7027, a model which is used by thousands of Americans. It comes with a 7” inch widescreen color TFT display which you can swivel to 180 degrees for an enhanced viewing pleasure! This particular portable DVD player can play the following formats: DVD, CD, DVD+/-RW, MP3, CD-R/RW and JPEG photos with ease.

“This portable dvd player really helps me make it through long boring trips, by allowing me to watch a movie in good quality on its nice 7 inch display. The compact size makes it very easy to carry it in my bag along with me.” – Lindsay Cole


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Philips PD9000/37


Today, if you are searching for a professional portable DVD player then you should consider using Philips PD9000/37, a device that allows you to enjoy movies, TV-shows and even documentaries every time you desire. One more thing: you can watch them anytime you want! Regarded as one of the best portable DVD players under $100, the model features an advanced 9” TFT LCD screen that creates a breathe-taking viewing experience. You have the possibility to enjoy around 5 hours of movies, music or viewing photos. The device also includes a precise car adaptor, a remote control and also built-in stereo speakers.

“I saw that this protable DVD palyer from Philips had a very low price, a large 9 inch screen and some nice features, thus in the end I finished buying it. The battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous movie watching which for me is more than enough.” – Rick Albert


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Curtis SDVD8737


Quality is calling and you need to answer it! You will find on the market Curtis SDVD8737 portable DVD player, a model that simply enhances the quality of viewing a movie, listening to music or browsing through various photos. This 7” widescreen Dual-screen portable DVD player has 16:9 aspect ratios and is completed by a complete stereo audio experience. The basic package also contains DC car adapter, AC adapter and also a remote control which increases the control over the device. You can even mount the devices in the back of the vehicle seat. The player can accommodate the following formats: Dvd, CD, CD-R and SD card drive.

“I have the Curtis SDVD8737 installed in the back of my driver seat so that my childern can watch a nice cartoon while we must drive for an extended period of time. In this way they don’t get bored and stay in their seats and I can concentrate more on driving my car.” – Michael Jones


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Sony DVPFX780


Sony products are known for their high quality design and great functionality. Sony DVPFX780 portable DVD player is a great media device, created in order to precisely deliver an enhanced cinematic experience! This stunning 7 inch widescreen monitor permits you to watch for around 3 hours of movies or shows. It is also completed by 1 built-in headphone jack, which permits you to hear music or movies without being disturbed from external factors. The portable DVD player has an AC adaptor, AV cable adaptor and also a powerful car battery charger, which keeps it going for hours on end.

“For the cheap price I paid for this portable DVD player I can say I have made a very good deal. The movies apear in good quality and I really enjoy them when my bus ride gets boring or on other boring scenarios which I have to go through every now and then.” – John Guthrie


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Pyle Home PDH7


If you want a portable DVD player that combines efficiency with affordability then you should use with trust Pyle PDH7. Regarded by many as one of the best portable DVD players under $50, the device has a 7 inch high resolution display which permits the apparition of a resolution of 480 x 234, bringing to light beautiful and vibrant colours every time you press play. With a sleek design, the payer allows you to connect it to your iPod, Mp3 player, tablet or even smartphone. It can also support SD cards or USB flash drives, letting you expand the media library of movies and music files to new lengths.

“For the back of my car seat this DVD palyer is excellent keeping whoever is riding in the back entertained. The picture quality is good, I can even watch music videos with it and overall I think I made a nice bargain when I got it.” – Mike Roberts


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