Best Portable Fan Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable fans money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable fans on the market by looking at owner feedback, value for the money, price, and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force appears to be the best around. Fans are usually judged based on their performance and their ability to produce reduced noise. The model presented here is capable of doing both without a problem. 30% quieter than other similar models on the market, this one is also an energy saver. If you are using this model while the A/C is on, you will notice a 22% decrease in your energy bill. The fan is capable of moving the air within 32 feet from its position and it comes with 3 speeds, so you can adjust it based on your preferences. If the Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force is out of stock, you could also consider Efluky Mini as the second best option.



How to Select a New Portable Fan


Whenever you are in need of cooling down a room or creating a small breeze, going for a portable fan is essential. Despite their portability, these fans are not necessarily very small. Some are small enough to be placed on a table, while some are large and they take up more space, such as the bottom area of an entire window. Each portable fan type currently available for sale has a purpose, and this is what you should keep in mind in case you want to purchase one. We want to help you by providing you with all the necessary information for making a well informed decision. The next recommendations will help you when you go shopping for a portable fan.

1.Honeywell HT-908

What will be using the fan for?

One of the first things to consider when you are shopping for a portable fan is what you are going to use it for. In case you want a portable fan for camping, there is no need for a very large, bulky model. However, it does serve to have one that can provide enough cooling power, so you can keep comfortable and cool, while enjoying your vacation. There are portable fans used in commercial buildings and these are very large and cumbersome. Their main goal is to displace as much as 13,000 cubic feet of air per minute; their role is to cool off large buildings, so they need to be made of the best materials and to offer consistent performance. Desk fans are much smaller, and they only need to create a small breeze that will help people in a small office keep cool and comfortable. Another type of portable fans you will find right now is represented by floor and pedestal portable fans. We are clumping them together because, while they sport a different design, they serve the same purpose: to ventilate air in spaces such as trailer homes, attics and basements. These rooms have little natural ventilation, so they need a bit of aid to maintain a dry and breathable environment. More modern developments include tower fans and bladeless fans. The later have a cutting edge design that helps them complement well offices and formal environments.



Air circulation capacity

Although design and purpose can be very important for a buyer, we should not forget that the main goal of a portable fan is to displace air. The air circulation capacity of a fan is essential when you are making a choice, and the best portable cooling fan must be the one that can offer you consistent performance. This capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute and it stands for how much air is displaced when the fan blades are moving. The air thus circulated becomes cooler, so the higher the capacity of the fan, the cooler the temperature will be and the faster the results.

2.Efluky Mini USB

Nice features

There are several features you may want to have in a portable fan. For instance, a remote control can be quite handy when you want to control the speed of the fan or to turn it on and off. Some models are even battery operated, and they offer great mobility, since you do not have to rely on an electric outlet, something that may not be available while you are traveling. The best portable battery operated fan should offer some good runtime, so you can enjoy nice breathable air for as long as it is needed. In case you opt for a corded model, you should seek for a model that comes with a long enough cord so that you do not have to compromise in regards to where you want the fan to be placed. Some nice extra worth mentioning here are represented by radio and MP3 player functions that lets you enjoy some nice music while cooling off. Safety should not be neglected, either, so pick a model that comes with slip resistant feet.


So, there you have them, all the important features to keep in mind when shopping for this type of fan. To help you even further, we showcase below the best portable fans currently available on the market.



Top Portable Fans in 2018


From the best portable fan reviews you can see online, you will most likely find more than one common product that has earned raves among users and product testers. From the huge reservoir of opinions and ratings, you might be able to pick out more than one product that you can try out for yourself. It is wonderful that majority of sellers and dealers maintain good housekeeping policies. Such policies may include return policies to protect the interest of the buyer. However, it would ultimately be for the interest of the buyer to get a good product that they will love from the start-and love enough to keep.



Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force

This fan has a dome type fan guard, which may prove a bit hard to clean. But the quality of circulated air is finefor mid-sized rooms with windows closed like those in a dorm. It can produce a relative amount of noise, but that’s just the fan doing its job. Several users have not minded this at all.  It is versatile, as it can serve both as a table fan and a floor fan. That quality may yet make it the best portable fan in 2018.



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Efluky Mini


1.Efluky Mini USB

When you travel and you need to keep cool, regardless of how hot the weather is, what you need most is a portable fun. This mini model is a great choice, as it is designed specifically for outdoor use and for travel. Especially if you are traveling with a small baby, this fan will prove handy, since it will ensure proper conditions for the child to sleep well. Because it is so small, the model can be recharged via USB, from a power bank or any other USB port you may happen to have with you. Sporting three different speeds, the fan comes in handy, and it can offer up to 8 hours of usage, on the lowest setting.


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Another model competing for the title of the best portable mini fan is the O2COOL®. You can use this portable fan for your traveling needs, and it can come in handy whether you are on the go or you spend your nights in a hotel. The fan can be powered by an AC adapter – that is supplied with your purchase – or you can use 6 D-Cell batteries. Battery running time is up to 40 hours, but keep in mind that you need to purchase the batteries separately. The 10 inch blades are very powerful and they will displace enough air so you can feel comfortable.



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Honeywell HY-048BP


This vertical fan has a slim frame so it doesn’t take a lot of room. The design is unique, even revolutionary for an appliance that works to circulate air. The way it is packaged is unconventional but attractive nevertheless. It oscillates gentle air around the room up to about 25 feet away or so. It pushes air more strongly than other products in its class. The remote control is a plus for people who hate getting up to push buttons on the fan itself. Good enough for a medium-grade fan.



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Lasko 2521


It is made of plastic, which may be a concern for some people, but the less-than-sturdy construction is precisely the reason why it is lighter than its metal counterparts. What could earn this product the title of top portable fan in 2018 is the tri-speed oscillation from low to high. It can be  switched off using the zero button from any of the three  other air circulation speeds. It also runs quietly, so there is risk of not being aware it’s there at all when the room is heavily darkened.



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Lasko 3520 Cyclone


Best Portable Fan ReviewsThis is a great fan to have when you just want it to do the simple job of equalizing the air in the room during the hotter months. It may not exactly be popular enough to make it land in best portable fan reviews, but for those whose air cooling needs are quite moderate, it should be able to come up to expectations. What could prove a downer is the noise it makes, a soft “white noise”, as others have put it. But those who are not bothered by this fan’s way of releasing its power can find the product satisfactory.



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Epica 10″


With this product, you have the option to either plug it into a standard AC outlet or go mobile and put in8 “D” size batteries. It’s a fan you can bring anywhere, which is why it should make a good addition to being the best portable fan in 2018. The base is U-shaped to give itgreater stability. The fan folds onto the base, so the fan can be brought on trips or stored quite easily. It packs versatility in a lightweight frame, weighing only over a pound or so.



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