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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best portable power bank money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the best portable power bank in 2018 by consulting expert review sites and looking into social media activity generated by different products to double check owner feedback. This has fortunately led us to the top selling portable power bank on the market, the Vomach Portable, which comes with an easy-to-carry wallet-style design while boasting an impressive 8000mAh capacity to capably handle any low power problem with a handy solution. This compact and slim power bank delivers emergency charging capability for a cell phone and other devices with a DC 5V input that have lost power in transit, perfect for perennially mobile individuals. If the ergonomically designed Vomach Portable is unavailable, we strongly suggest getting the second best option, the RAVPower Portable.



Hot to Buy a New Portable Power Bank


In this era when electronic devices are used on a consistently regular basis, you can’t afford to be caught with your smartphone or tablet dead in the middle of a meeting or just nowhere when you’re on your way to a very important business event. With the way powerful mobile devices eat up energy quickly, buying a portable power bank is always a sensible idea. Preferably, what you get should have gotten good ratings in the best portable power bank reviews. The following aspects should be considered in a power bank.

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Dependable charging capacity

The capacity of the power bank is measured in milliAmpere hour or simply mAh. Although you won’t be able to know how many times the power bank can juice up your device, remember that greater mAh ratings mean more charging capacity. Thus, if your smartphone comes with a 1500mAh battery, a power bank with mAh capacity should be able to give it one full charge. Do keep your own usage requirements in mind. Huge charging needs may require from 8400 to 11200 mAh capacities.



Compatibility with your device/s

Information on the size of the battery of your electronic device is included in the device packaging. It can also be provided online. The charger specs will also be imprinted on the USB adapter provided with the portable device. This includes the output current plus the output voltage of the adapter. With those two sets of information, you will be able to determine what size power bank you need to get at least a single full charge for your mobile gadget.

The charger specs of the charger for your portable device should also match the output voltage of the power bank. Most modern smart devices adopt a standard of at least 0.5V and 2.0A, so if your power bank has the same ratings, it should work for smartphone charging purposes and others. Some power banks can accommodate charging of any type of device from any manufacturer.



Dependable cell type

The type of cells used in the power bank is also an essential element. Thus, you may have a phone that comes with a non-removable lithium polymer (Li Po) 1440 mAh battery, which is usual for iPhone 5 models, or a 2600 mAh Lithium ion battery, such as what you would find in a Samsung smartphone. Lithium ion cells are cheap and are used in many affordably priced power banks. The more expensive lithium polymer cell delivers twice as much charge density per unit weight, making it more cost efficient.



Ensures your safety

You should get a power bank from a reputable brand since inferior quality lithium ion power banks can ultimately deliver unreliable performance and can also present a potential electrical hazard. A lot of times, cheap battery packs like the kind you find on the streets do not have properly listed mAh capacity or current draw. Those kinds of devices can get heated from overcharging and could explode. Check out models that come with over voltage protection (OVP),over-temperature protection (OTP) and over charge protection (OCP) to ensure resilience against energy spurts and overheating during the charging and discharging processes.


There is a host of choices on portable power banks so the consumer needs to be able to make an intelligent decision when buying this kind of device. The buying guide above is designed to help consumers be able to make a wise buying decision. We have showcased the top selling products below.



Top Portable Power Banks in 2018



Vomach Portable


1.Portable Charger Power Bank Vomach 8000mAhMaking life easier for the always mobile individual, the Vomach Portable is a lightweight device that delivers fast charging. Weighing in at just 6.24 ounces, this power bank juices up your device to give it enough capacity to deliver 4 hours of minimum rated talk time as well as 24 hours minimum rated standby time, helping you prevent a dead phone just when you need to make an extremely important call. This power bank ensures that your power-hungry phone is always charged and ready for use. It prolongs battery life too no matter where you may go.

Traveling without this slim power bank is unimaginable. It is equipped with 8000mAh capacity plus dual USB outputs to accommodate low power issues effortlessly. The power bank boasts Safety Protect features that provide solutions to overcharging, over discharging, over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit issues. It sufficiently protects your various electronic or digital devices from getting damaged when charging accidents happen.


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RAVPower Portable


2.External Battery RAVPower 16750mAhEquipped with a superbly high 16750 mAh capacity, the RAVPower Portable delivers full speed charging via its two USB ports for 2.1A max and 2.4A max, letting you charge various devices. This power bank allows simultaneous charging of two tablets. The integrated iSmart technology makes each port able to identify intelligently what kind of device is plugged in, enabling the unit to communicate with your portable device effectively. This ensures compatibility that doesn’t restrict the speed of charging.

Sleek and built with premium quality parts, this power bank comes with a smooth black matte finish that makes it withstand fingerprint smudges and light scratches. The full functioning flashlight serves you well so you won’t have to stumble in the dark. The 4.5a total output is one of the highest in the market, making this model more powerful and faster than competing units. This power bank can charge your different mobile phones from 4 to 6 times and your power-hungry tablets once.


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Anker PowerCore+ mini


3.Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAhEmploying advanced technology to deliver fast and safe charging, the Anker PowerCore+ mini is a lightweight, lipstick tube-design power bank that you can take anywhere. It is an upscaled version that uses premium quality Panasonic battery cells to ensure reliable performance and exceptional safety. It features PowerIQ technology that enables it to detect your device intelligently and ensures fast charging as well. The convenient LED indicator light notifies you how much charge is left to eliminate the guesswork.
Equipped with a Multi Protect Safety System, this power bank offers short circuit protection, surge protection and other advanced safety features to ensure that your devices are kept from damage during the charging and discharging processes. A cable is included in the package but you can opt to use your device’s original charging cable or a third-party certified cable. This power bank is compatible with Android and Apple phones, tablets and other USB-charged devices except for a few models such as iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, iPod nano, ASUS tablets, LG G2, and some GPS and Bluetooth devices.


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