Best portable printer reviews

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best portable printer? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. By consulting numerous expert review sites and owner feedback, we have been able to gather more than enough information on the best portable printer on the market. Out of all the products we looked into, the Canon PIXMA iP100 boasts the best features and functionalities to ensure genuine bang for the buck. The Canon PIXMA iP100, arguably the best you can get for the money, is a compact machine that delivers impressive lab-quality prints while letting you take it anywhere thanks to its easy-to-carry diminutive profile. Lightweight at 4.4 pounds, this would even be the perfect printer for truck drivers who need to print out black-and-white receipts and other documents on their routes, making fleet operations streamlined and consistently top quality. It has a patented print head that utilizes 1856 nozzles to produce excellent print quality for exceptional printouts that reflect professionalism. If the Canon PIXMA iP100 is unavailable or out of stock at your favorite seller, do try out the second best option, the Epson Workforce WF-100.



Comparison table:


ProductMax Printspeed Black WhiteDimensions (inches)PriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Canon PIXMA iP100
Best portable printer reviews
2012.7 x 7.2 $$$$A+AMAZON
Epson WorkForce WF-100
Best portable printer reviews
N/A12.2 x 6.1$$$AAMAZON
HP OJ 150
228.5 x 14$$$$$B+AMAZON
HP Officejet 100
228.5 x 11$$$BAMAZON
PanDigital PANPRINT01
-11.3 x 8.4$$CAMAZON



Buying guide


Pint-sized they may be but portable printers provide the best solution to the mobile businessman or entrepreneur who needs to ensure that they have the capability to deliver printouts of documents for clients fast, efficiently and on demand. A portable printer is even a machine that will work in hotel room settings so you won’t have to be dependent on hotel amenities to reproduce documents when needed. Weighing anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds, portable printers should be purchased wisely by taking note of the following aspects.

2.Canon PIXMA iP100


Print quality

You really can’t expect much in terms of print quality when talking about printers for vehicles, right? Wrong! There are still portable printer manufacturers who uphold good business sense by staying consistent in their product lines, from the largest to the most compact models. When evaluating print quality, you should make sure the individual letters are legible and fully formed, showing no breaks or bleeding into each other. The largest fonts should be filled in with a solid, consistent black, especially the bold ones. There should be no traces of a brownish or muddy bluish tone to ensure a professional look to your documents. There should be no noticeable offset, even the slightest, in the tops and bottoms of characters. If there are, it’s a sign that the printhead is misregistered.

The level of detail of the printer should be in such a way that the original image being used is actually the exact level you expect it to be. To illustrate, for digital camera images, such elements as leaves and grass viewed from a distance can turn mushy and soft, so when those elements are badly rendered in the printout, it doesn’t mean the printer is deficient. You should just look at the more essential aspects in the printout, including fine lines that should be in focus.

There should be detail as well in shadow and highlight areas, with no clipping but just solid blacks and whites. Watch out for print artifacts, which are items that look wrong or out of place. This is especially important when assessing how good the portable printer is for pictures.




Portable printers are made just big enough to deliver a standard 8.5-inch-wide printout using color inkjet printing technology. The print speed can hardly be top-notch but the machine enables you to perform printing tasks on the go, so there’s not much to complain about. However, it would certainly be a welcome bonus if the machine you buy is both a printer and scanner for laptop use. It would certainly kick up the versatility factor up a notch since you can digitize documents or create copies of them effortlessly.



Photo printing performance

Perhaps you won’t be doing a lot of photo printing on the go but it wouldn’t hurt to get a portable printer that, although not completely addressing the aesthetic demands that full-size printing is able to adequately provide for, is still able to churn out decent enough color photos when needed. This is especially ideal when the portable machine is used for laptops in business or school. Color accuracy lets you tell whether colors are well-balanced, pleasing and vivid without being oversaturated. Skintones should not be overly warm or cool. A good printer for producing plenty of black and white photos should have a dedicated black ink tank. Should there be any inconsistencies noticeable across print resolutions and paper types, they should not be too pronounced or shockingly so. If you want to be able to use the printer for phones as well as for laptop mobility, you should make sure it works for document as well as for photo printing.

3.Canon PIXMA iP100



Aside from getting a portable printer and scanner combination, one thing you may want to have in this kind of machine is versatile connectivity. Using USB, all printers can connect to a computer. Models designed for office use come with an ethernet port that allows wired networking. Any class of today’s printers ought to have WiFi capability, which facilitates home setting but will also allow flawless interface for mobile devices such as for iPhone in an office environment. WiFi is essential today even if you will be the only person in a home and will need no sharing. Many models now promote wireless printing using WiFi with built-in servers, infrared and cloud printing to deliver greater mobility. Today, you can send a picture or message for printing by making it an attachment to a message that is then delivered to a special email address carried by the printer.

Mobile printing capability is what a portable printer can offer. Although print quality, speed and other factors may not be comparable to what a full-sized machine can give you, it still pays to make sure you’re getting a unit that adequately addresses your needs at the price you are buying it for. Here are the best portable printers showcased below.



Top portable printers in 2017


There are thousands of business people that need a professional portable printer, designed to print fast anywhere, anytime! Today’s market on portable printers is impressive, offering new models that print documents, business cards, photographs and much more. The trick is to select the right model! Since the selection of portable printers is so vast, we took the liberty of drafting the best portable printer reviews on five special products. Each printer was selected after 80 hours of intense studies on printing speeds, resolution and wireless connectivity. The screening process involved tests on over 30 of the most popular printers in 2017!



Canon PIXMA iP100


Best portable printer reviewsWhen it comes to professional photo printers, people can always trust Canon models! We recommend the iP100 Mobile Photo printer from Canon. This powerful printer is perfect for business men and women that travel a lot. It delivers impressive photo print quality with high resolution. The device can print in less than a minute a 4 x 6 inch print of any document. This particular model from Canon represents a great addition to photographers and vacationers. It weighs only 4.4 pounds! The printer delivers amazing photo prints at 9600 x 2400 dpi! This photo printer includes a patented print head which includes 1.856 precision nozzle ejects ink.



Buy from for ($279.99)




Epson WorkForce WF-100


1.Epson WorkForce WF-100

Offering the lightest printing solution for your on-the-go lifestyle, the Epson WorkForce WF-100 works for tablets, smartphones and for your iPad and iPhone. This machine addresses the need for a portable printer and scanner by simply offering WiFi Direct so you can print contracts, invoices and more straight from your portable device, a capability that professionals on the go need to keep them on track. Able to print photos and documents while on the move, this printer is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you have all the power you need to support a mobile professional life. Recognized as the world’s smallest and lightest mobile printer, this model offers quick-dry inks and fast speeds to promote mobile productivity.



Buy from for ($199.99)




HP OJ 150


The current best portable printer reviews underline the printing efficiency of the OJ 150 Mobile from HP. This printer is perfect for any home or away office. The model incorporates a 2.36” color touchscreen in order to safely copy, scan and print different documents in record time. It uses the world’s fastest inkjet technology for precise printing. The printer features wireless options which allow people to print documents directly from their tablets and smartphones. Powered by a powerful lithium ion battery this printer can print up to an impressive 500 pages on a single charge. Furthermore, the printer is Energy Star qualified!



Buy from for ($298.9)




HP Officejet 100


Finding the best portable printer in 2017 requires patience and also access to quality information. For amazing printing results, we recommend a great product from HP, the Officejet 100 Mobile printer. This device will deliver professional printing quality on different types of documents. The printer allows anyone to print a wide range of files directly from their smartphones or tablets. It features a smooth built-in Bluetooth technology which never fails to print documents in the right quality framework. The printer is powered by a safe lithium ion battery which can print up to 500 pages on a single charge.



Buy from for ($336.33)




PanDigital PANPRINT01 Zero Ink


What is the ideal photo printer? Well, one of the best portable printer in 2017 comes from PanDigital, the PANPRINT01 Zero Ink printer. This powerful device uses ZINK Zero Ink technology which delivers amazing printing results with minimal effort. It doesn’t use ink cartridges! The color photo printer allows people to print different photos, documents and projects fast and easy. Due to its super portable design, this printer is perfect for sharing different photos in a physical form. It can print in color 4” x 6” in only a couple of seconds. Furthermore, the printer includes a USB cable and also an AC Adapter!



Buy from for ($37.99)




Canon LK-62 – Not available


It is important to have access to a professional printer that can handle different printing tasks without problems. A top rated portable printer in 2017 comes from Canon, the LK-62 which is a great addition to any business individual. It is powered by a safe rechargeable battery which maintains the printer running smoothly. Thousands of people use this printer in order to print different pages in a short amount of time. The printer measures 11.4 x 6.9 x 2.1 inches and weighs only 14.4 ounces! This portable printer is a great addition to any business that wants to print a wide range of documents fast.