Best Power Amplifier under 500


How to Find One of the Best Power Amplifiers under 500


Getting the best power amplifier under 500 is a complicated thing to do, as nowadays consumers have the ability to choose from many models, with various features. High-end power amplifiers often cost over $1,000, but if you pay attention to a set of characteristics, you can get a good quality model without completely ruining your budget. Here are some considerations to ponder on.

Best power amplifier under 500


Gain is generally measured in decibels. Gain is the core feature of all amplifiers, at it allows the device to increase the power of the signal. The greater the gain setting, the more sensitive the amplifier, and manufacturers usually specify this detail as the voltage gain.



Power is a crucial detail, which sometimes makes the difference between an amp you love and one you loathe. Watts are traditionally expressed per channel along with the provided ohms. More watts are synonymous with a higher overall performance, as well as more sound.



Although it might not look like the most important thing in the world, brand reputation sets the quality standards in a top-notch amplifier. Some of the most trusted brands are Pyle-Pro, Behringer, Crown, Kenwood and Yamaha. Even if you are looking for a bargain, it is recommended you stick to a world-known manufacturer.


Most Reliable Power Amplifiers under 500


To make matters easier, we have selected three of the best power amplifiers we have come across. All of the following models have gathered the appreciation of sound engineers and home users alike. They are known to be convenient, dependable and durable. Furthermore, they offer good value for the price.


Crown NXLS2000-0-US


1.Crown XLS 2000W AMPAs previously stated in the buying guide, Crown is a well-known manufacturer of high-end power amplifiers. Since power is a compelling factor whenever buying a good amp, we’ll put your mind at ease by saying the XLS 2000W has it all. At 8 ohms, the device renders 375 watts per channel. At 4 ohms, it’s capable of offering 650 watts per channel, whereas at 4 ohms bridged, it provides 2100 per channel.

The model is known for its excellent performance, which is combined with a lightweight design, as this Class-D amp is lighter than 12 lbs. The entire weight of the unit is a relevant matter, as sound engineers and professionals have to carry it from one event to the other. Amplifiers manufactured by other companies generally weigh around 40 pounds.

Let’s see what customers had to say about the unit. According to many buyers, this Crown model is the best power amplifier under 500. A whopping 90% of the people who have purchased the model claim it is the best bang for the buck.

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Behringer Europower EP4000


2.Behringer Europower EP4000Although considerably more affordable than the XLS 2000W amp, the Behringer Europower provides twice the power of the first. At 2 ohms, it offers 2 x 2,000 watts, while at 4 ohms it renders 1,400 watts. In bridge mode and into 4 ohms, it features an incredible 4,000 watts. Both channels on this unit have independent gain dials.

The device comes with an accelerated transient response system, which is known for offering both clarity and punch. The gain controls of this model are detented, thus allowing users to benefit from remarkable sensitivity and the utmost precise setting.

A noteworthy feature that’s certainly hard to say no to is the exhaust fan in this amp, which keeps both channels cool, even during extended use. The 2U rackmount chassis is made of 100% steel, which considerably contributes to the item’s durability.

The main difference between the Behringer and the Crown stands in the weight of the devices. Unfortunately for users, the Behringer weighs almost 39 pounds, which may be an inconvenience for some buyers.

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Pyle-Pro PEXA8000


3.Pyle-Pro PEXA8000 19When it comes to power, this Pyle-Pro model is a winner. This is a rack mountable amplifier that offers up to 8,000 max. With distortion-free, clean power and a high-performance ring transformer, this device takes the cake.

The PEXA8000 has a blue LCD display which is responsible for telling users any info related to internal temperature, power and levels. This way, the buyer is capable of making the amp even more long-lasting, although the hardcore fan cooled aluminum heatsink already does a great job.

As is the case with other products of the line, this amp can be operated both in stereo and in bridged mode.

Versatility is an innate feature of the unit, as every channel has ¼” inputs, Speakon and binding outputs. This allows customers to connect the device to virtually any sound system on the market today.

Noise is an unbearable inconvenience, and most of it is eliminated by the digital SMT technology circuitry, the already mentioned ring transformer and the top-notch audio of this amp. Furthermore, Pyle-Pro’s ground lift switch makes it impossible for ground loops to produce any hum.

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