Best Powered Mixer under 500


How to Select the Best Powered Mixers under 500


Your PA system or recording studio deserves nothing less than the best mixer to run most efficiently and effectively. The mixer serves as the brain and the control center of your entire PA or recording system, with every audio signal received custom-blended with all the others so they all get optimally transmitted to the various components. What makes a premium powered mixer stand out?

Best Powered Mixer under 500

More Input Channels

You should never overlook the fact that you may need more input channels unexpectedly when catering to special occasions, or when eventual future expansion is not that far from your horizon. A presentation that uses a pair of microphones could still use an extra input for pre-recorded music, or another microphone for audience interaction. The best powered mixer under 500 with a four-channel system should be suitable for that purpose. It always pays to get a mixer geared with more channels than you think you’ll need.

Look into models with a USB input so you won’t be needing adapters or use up input channels when you have to play music from a portable digital device.


Variety of Outputs

Audio mixers have at least one set of main left and right stereo outputs. Those outputs would transmit to an analog-to-digital converter for recording, then on to the PC software or other recording device. Some models are outfitted with analog-to-digital converters as well as a USB or FireWire output for direct connection to a computer.

The main outputs of a live sound mixer transmit the mixed signal to the amplifiers for boosting. The signal is then sent to the speakers.

The best powered mixer under 500 can also deliver the music straight to DJ headphones or stage monitor speakers and not to an audience, thanks to auxiliary or monitor ‘buses’ that can be diversely configured from the ‘house mix’.


Powered Mixer Features

Powered mixers come with onboard processors and amplifiers, so a passive speaker or two may be all you need to complete your PA system, aside from cords and microphones. Most models come with a main amp plus a monitor amp, perfect for live bands or for playing small venues where portability and space are primary considerations.


 Top Rated Powered Mixer under 500


To ensure optimal ease of use, you need to get a powered mixer that matches unpowered ones in terms of EQ, effects processing and more. You can read about the integrated PA systems that incorporate every element needed, such as speakers, power amp and mixer, and that will take time. However, if reading is not exactly your cup of tea, check out these exceptional powered mixers.


Yamaha EMX212S Powered Mixer


1.Yamaha EMX212S 8 InputBuilt for simplicity without compromise, the Yamaha EMX212S 8 Input Powered Mixer boasts a durable, lightweight design. Offering the ideal combination of excellent sound performance and easy handling, the EMX powered mixer weighs in at just 10 kilograms, with conveniently located handles that ensure maximum carrying comfort. It is built tough to withstand the ruggedness of use on the road. The mixer boasts a selection of 16 Yamaha SPX effects with unbeatable quality, such as phaser, flanger, chorus, echo, reverb and distortion, to add an amazing final touch to any live presentation.

The built-in graphic equalizer is engineered for both the main and monitor channels, for effective control feedback or sound tailoring to match the program material and room acoustics. The mixer has a total of 12 input channels, with the four mono-aural mic or line input channels (including Phantom Power) supplemented with the other four pairs that can be used as stereo line inputs or mono-aural mic inputs. This ensures a versatile mix of input capabilities to match a variety of applications.

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Behringer Europower PMP1680S


2.BEHRINGER EUROPOWER PMP1680SThe Behringer Europower PMP1680S is a 1600-Watt 10-Channel Powered Mixer that features CD/TAPE IN RCA inputs for feeding in of external stereo signals from tape decks or CD players. The left and right ¼-inch output connectors can be utilized to accommodate various applications, such as connection of more power amps. The Behringer Europower PMP1680S comes with a Voice Canceller switch that removes the vocals from pre-recorded music to give instant karaoke experience. The mixer utilizes Class-D technology that includes a new switch-mode power supply, which reduces weight and heat considerably.

The new technology ensures incredible sonic performance and enormous power while being lightweight, giving the user and the audience an exciting audio experience every time. With more inputs available, you can connect more components to liven up every performance without boundaries. The PMP1680S comes with 8 premium quality built-in mic preamps for greater interaction when you want it. The cutting edge onboard FBQ Feedback Detection system reveals critical frequencies in real time for easy feedback removal, ensuring uncluttered, clean and pure sound.

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Phonic Powerpod 820 Powered Mixer


3.Phonic Powerpod 820 200W 8-ChannelThe Phonic Powerpod 820 200W 8-Channel Powered Mixer boasts a 32-bit multi-effect processor with 16 programs plus one main parameter control, giving you amazing command and audio enhancing capability. The Phonic Powerpod 820 boasts ultra-low noise pre-amps and 75 Hz low-cut filters that ensure high fidelity sound while eliminating unwanted sounds such as wind noise, stage rumble, P-pops and low frequency recording studio room resonance, so only pure, clear sound is delivered through the speakers. The dual ten-segment LED level meters plus high volume headphone output make monitoring of the mix superbly easy.

The Phonic Powerpod 820 is designed for use in clubs, project studios and other applications requiring power in a small space. The added Mini Stereo I/O makes it easy to connect your MD, MP3, computer audio and recording devices. The mixer can also double as a keyboard mixer, monitor desk or sub-mixer, providing versatile use. The two onboard paired stereo inputs, along with the four mono Mic/Line channels, are outfitted with individual phantom power to enable dynamic use with condenser microphones.

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