Best Pre-Workout Supplements Reviews


Top Pre-Workout Supplements in 2018


I have had to go through a huge number of the best pre-workout supplements reviews before finding what can work best for me. I need the energy rush from fat-burning pre-workout supplements, as much as I need the performance-enhancing and muscle-building ingredients. A good brand also maximizes the results of the workout, with ingredients that include arginine, beta-alanine, caffeine, branched chain amino acids, taurine, creatine, citrulline mallate and glycerol.  No single supplement for pre-workout has all of those elements, so I have narrowed down the many choices to only these top brands.


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ProductFlavorsSizePriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Powder
Best Pre-Workout Supplements Reviews
Icy blue razz, green apple and more12 oz$$$A+Amazon
Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer Supplement
Acai berry, lemon lime19 oz$$$$AAmazon
BSN Inc. Noxplode 2.0
Blue razz, grapes and more40 oz$$$B+Amazon
Bullnox Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition
Watermelon, orange and more22.3 oz$$BAmazon



Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer


For immediate delivery of energy and sustained release, the Vega Sport easily belongs to the best pre-workout supplements in 2018. The Vega Sport drink enhances endurance, recovery and mental energy. It has low glycemic index, making you invulnerable to energy crash. The supplement is soy-free, aside from having no dairy and gluten ingredients.

Vega Sport is all natural and plant-based. Moreover, it was created by Brendon Brazier, the professional Ironman triathlete and award-winning author of performance nutrition manuals. The natural formulation has no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.


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Cellucor Micronized Creatine


This workout supplement is perfect for increasing your gym performances and build more muscle mass. The power of Creatine monohydrate will support your gym efforts and help you reach your goals faster. Thanks to the micronized formula, this product is easier absorbed into the body, helping you reach the desired results faster and easier, without additional efforts.

The unflavored formula represents the perfect base for you to mix it with other muscle building products or supplements to boost results. However, if you want to enjoy a good taste without mixing this supplement with others, you can choose between two different delicious flavors – fruit punch or icy blue razz.


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Betancourt Nutrition B-Nox Androush


The B Nox is a powerful supplement, specifically formulated to improve the natural testosterone response to workout routines. As a result, you will gain more muscle, and you will be able to promote harsher workout routines and enhance your performances.

The product comes in six different delicious flavors – from fruit punch to watermelon, strawberry lemonade, orange, blue raspberry, and grape. This way you will find your favorite taste, and you will prepare a delicious and nutritious beverage you can enjoy each morning.

All you have to do is mix one scoop of product with 240-250 ml of water half an hour before you start your training routine, on an empty stomach.


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BSN Inc. Noxplode 2.0


For providing full focus and energy, the BSN Inc. Noxplode belongs to the top rated pre-workout supplements in 2018. It enables the body to produce nitrous oxide that can be burned to build greater muscle mass. The Noxplode has superior formula that includes betaine, creatine, citrulline and beta-alanine, all working together for greater endurance and strength.

That’s a pretty powerful combination of great elements that empower you to push harder than ever before. Moreover, Noxplode supports your body’s ability to burn fat, aside from maintaining fluid and electrolyte equilibrium in your body.



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LEGION Athletics Pulse


The Legion Athletics Pre-workout supplement has been included in the best pre-workout supplements reviews due to several factors. It gives you sustained energy rush that won’t easily get wiped out. The Legion pre-workout supplement has betaine and beta-alanine that give you more energy to lift more weights, build more muscle and have more reps at the gym. Ornithine and citrulline mallate help you feel less fatigued even when you do tough workouts. The fruit-punch flavored supplement has no artificial sweeteners and additives, only scientifically-formulated ingredients in safe proportions.



Cellucor C4 Extreme Powder


Best Pre-Workout Supplements ReviewsWhat makes the Cellucor C4 one of the best pre-workout supplements in 2018 is the nitrate-producing ingredient, which is a premium compound that promotes amazing muscle mass and enhances the effectiveness of the supplement. The powder dissolves easily in water for better absorption by the body. Other ingredients include creatine nitrate, which wakes up your mental faculties, fires up the muscles and makes your workout regimen more effective. The C4 Extreme has a consistent formula that goes down easily and sustains its power throughout your workout.  It also has great taste.



Bullnox Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition


For immediate neural response, trust the Bullnox Androrush pre-workout supplement to deliver. For unbelievable endurance and strength, anabolic stasis, cardio-vaso-muscular increase, stimulation of the endocrine system and a definitive energy rush, the Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition stimulates your different systems to work harder so it can use up all the energy and regulate androgen hormone production. Increase testosterone levels like never before when you enjoy this drink before your workout. Your muscles get pumped larger and stronger while you feel the power coursing through your veins as you exercise and complete your workout.