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If you intend to create high quality music and sound, an indispensible item you should have is a preamp. The main role of a preamp is to take the audio signal generated through a microphone or a musical instrument and provide it with proper definition before being amplified and processed through an output device, be it headphones or speakers. People who are serious about making music have their clear preferences regarding how the best preamp 2018 should look like, and from their reviews, we also managed to select the most important features to look for in such an item. Preamps are great for creating an outstanding home theater experience as well, since they can render the audio signal output much clearer and more accurate.

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Tube preamps versus solid state preamps

When you are purchasing a preamp for making music, you will have to quickly become familiar with the slang used by the manufacturers. For instance, an important difference between various preamps sold on the market is related to the circuit design they use. There are two major types: tube preamps and solid state preamps. While you may not be terribly interested in how these preamps are built, what you need to keep in mind is that tube preamps are useful for rendering so called warm sounds, accompanied by deep bass and open highs. Solid state preamps, on the other hand, are considered the weapon of choice by professional musicians, as they can handle a more diverse sonic palette and higher sounds without causing any distortions.


Channel configuration


Another thing you will learn about preamps is that they can come in a few different channel configurations. A single channel configuration helps save space, while dual channel configurations are ideal for stereo recordings. Needless to say, multi-channel configurations are preferred by those who are putting together mobile recording gigs.


Your audio source

Do not forget to keep your audio source in mind when selecting a preamp. For instance, if you are going to record lead vocals, tube preamps are more recommended than solid state preamps. For recording the sound of an electric guitar, ample headroom is required, and the list can continue.


Top Preamps in 2018


If you are searching for the top rated preamps 2018, search no further as the following models are the ones scoring high in consumers’ preferences everywhere. Gifted with high performance and sturdy designs, they can help you obtain the sound quality you are after, no matter what type of audio source you are using.


Behringer MICROPHONO PP400


1.BEHRINGER MICROPHONO PP400Are you looking for a high quality preamp? Consider the BEHRINGER MICROPHONO PP400 that offers high performance in an ultra compact design. Capable of transforming your audio signal into a line level signal, this great state of the other preamp is capable of dealing with all magnetic pickups without a glitch. Equipped with dedicated RCA and TRS connectors, this tool is great for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their sound.

This unit is designed and produced in Germany, by the reputable manufacturer Behringer. Turntable signal can be more difficult to render with the proper settings in order to compete with the outstanding sound accuracy of today’s standards. This preamp helps you listen to old vinyl, without losing anything on sound accuracy and quality. The noise levels are kept to a minimum, so there will be nothing to detract from your enjoyment.

Praised by the best preamp reviews, the BEHRINGER MICROPHONO PP400 brings the glory of vinyl back. Forget about MP3s and CD players; this small unit helps you travel back in time and enjoy the richness of sound that made rock and roll possible back in the days. The sound is high quality and rendered with great accuracy, for your pleasure.

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ART TubeMP Tube


2.ART TubeMP Tube Microphone PreampA great tool for musicians, the ART TubeMP Tube Microphone Preamp is another model worthy of being included in this thorough selection. Offering superior preamplification, this unit will help you enjoy great sound quality and enhance the performance of all your music projects with great ease.

People writing the best preamp reviews about this particular model mention that great smooth sound rendered through the unit. The warm, so called fat sounds, delivered are very useful for musicians, no matter if they record lead vocals or they exercise their electric guitars.

For instance, if you want to add a little more presence to your lead vocals, there is hardly a better unit than this one. Costing only a fraction of the price other models demand, it offers great functionalities and you can play a little with its adjustments in order to obtain the sound quality you are after.

Interested in learning what others have to say? There are many who praise the ability of this preamp to help your voice sound as realistic as you would normally speak. The high accuracy of sound provided highly recommends this model. Using the input and output controls will help you regulate clarity and volume for all the effects you need.

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PYLE-PRO PP444 Ultra Compact


3.PYLE-PRO PP444 Ultra Compact Phono Turntable PreampFor outstanding sound performance, it is highly recommended to use a good quality preamp. The PYLE-PRO PP444 Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Preamp fits the bill nicely, and it is one of the least expensive units you can purchase at the moment. If you are starting to play around with making music or sound, you will find this entry level model to be right up your alley.

You can connect this preamp with a turntable and enjoy how much better the sound output is delivered via your receiver. You will also appreciate the quiet operation of this model and how it manages to eliminate unwelcome noises from your recordings. The fidelity of the sound rendered is essential for the success of your sound projects, which is why purchasing such a tool for your recordings is highly recommended.

The dedicated RCA and output connectors are very helpful, and a power adapter is included with your purchase so you can hook up your preamp with your existing electricity system in place.

When you connect your preamp with your turntable, you will successfully manage to turn phono signal into line level signal, for more clarity and accuracy.

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