Best Pressure Washer for Foam Cannon


Top rated pressure washers for foam cannon in 2018


I need a pressure washer that I can use for a lot of functions – residential and commercial. I’ve been looking for a pressure washer that I can use not just for cleaning my car but a number of other stuff as well. So I scouted the internet for what seemed like forever and I finally got a list of the best pressure washers for foam cannon. The top rated pressure washer reviews led me to the market’s best sellers and I compared each item for all its features and advantages.


Karcher Modular Series Electric Pressure Washer


1This is a very durable and non-corrosive pressure washer that sports a dirtblaster spray wand which gives off 50% more pressure. Basing from the top rated pressure washers reviews, this item is very lightweight and compact electric pressure washer can deliver more than 30x more pressure while using 80% less water compared to a garden hose. You will find its adjustable height handle very convenient as it extends to allow you easy handling and maneuverability.

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Campbell Hausfield PW1825 Electric Pressure Washer


2Being the best pressure washer for foam cannon, this electric pressure washer is the most ideal tool that can efficiently clean siding, driveways, automobiles, lawn equipment, and many more. It has the power of a pressurized water jets, with 1800 PSI and 1.5 GPM. There is a swivel adaptor on the hose fitting that easily connects it to your garden hose. Plus, its instant start-or-stop feature prolongs the life of the pump as it automatically shuts it off when the trigger is disengaged.

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Powerstroke PS80516B Gas Pressure Washer


3The Powerstroke PS80516B is an ultra-compact pressure washer with a powerful 140cc motor. It is designed for precision of 25 to 40 degree with its HP fan nozzles which comes with a quick connect nozzle coupler. The features of this Powerstroke PS80516B include a convenient onboard hose, a trigger gun, a wand, and a nozzle storage compartment. With all these features for a reasonable price, this is absolutely the best pressure washer for foam cannon ever.

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AR Blue Clean AR112 Electric Hand Carry Pressure Washer


4Coming from a company that has been manufacturing the highest quality lines of high-pressure pumps for over 50 years, only great things are expected from the AR Blue Clean AR112 gas pressure washer. This model is equipped with a long-lasting induction motor, a 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump, and a gun-wand assembly that comes with an adjustable spray head. All of these combined make up one of the best pressure washers in 2018.

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Snap-on 870552 Electric Pressure Washer


5The Snap-on 870552 is a great little power washer. It can clean the siding of the house, concrete sidewalks, pressure treated steps, garage doors, and cars. This washer combines the most advanced features with the durability and performance that will truly impress you. It is designed for small to medium cleaning jobs. The 870552 generates a water pressure of 1600 PSI. You can adjust the flow and spray patterns for more ideal cleaning.

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