Best Pressure Washer under 200


How to Select the Best Pressure Washer under 200


A pressure washer can save you time on your outdoor cleaning projects, and it is possible to find one at an affordable price. In this buying guide we have included informative tips that will make it easier for you to find the best pressure washer under 200.

Best pressure washer under 200


There are two types of pressure washers to choose from, electric and gas. While gas models are generally priced higher and designed for larger jobs, electric pressure washers are affordable and perfect for use at home. These models are also quieter than gas powered pressure washers, though it should be noted that you do not want to handle the power cord wet hands.



You also want to consider the amount of pressure (PSI) that the unit can handle, since this will indicate what jobs it is capable of handling. Most electric pressure washers are rated 1500 to 1900 PSI, which is perfect for cleaning outdoor furniture, along with walkways and stairs. These light duty models can also handle larger jobs, but you might want to consider an affordable pressure washer capable of 2000 to 2800 PSI if you want to finish faster.



The best pressure washers will also include all of the features you need at an affordable price. Adjustable and interchangeable wands are easy and convenient to use, along with included detergent tanks that can be switched with the press of a button. Angled wands are also ideal for cleaning hard to reach places, and added brushes are always convenient.


Most Reliable Pressure Washers under 200


While we can’t choose the right unit for you, we can show you the best pressure washers under 200. Affordably priced and convenient to use, you can clean everything from automobiles and siding to patio furniture with these pressure washers.


Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer


1.Sun Joe SPX3000With its powerful 1800 watt motor and capable of a maximum 2030 PSI you can easily clean rust and dirt off of everything from outdoor furniture to automobiles. The 14.5 amp motor provides you with plenty of power to finish the job quickly and easily, and is quiet enough to use without disturbing your neighbors. You will also appreciate the 35 foot electrical cord that makes it easy to move around while you are cleaning.

This pressure washer is designed to be easy and convenient to use and includes a long reaching 20 foot hose, along with a wand that can be fully extended to 34 inches. Perfect for cleaning siding on two story houses, the pressure washer also includes two tanks for detergent. The large dial makes it easy to switch between the tanks, and you will also love the easy to press trigger on the handle. With the automatic shut off that helps conserve water, along with the ability to connect to your garden hose there is very little not to like about this pressure washer.

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AR Blue Clean AR112 Pressure Washer


2.AR Blue Clean AR112This pressure washer is perfect for smaller jobs around the house, and with a maximum 1600 PSI you can even remove rust and tar from driveways and sidewalks. It is designed to be convenient to use, and you will appreciate being able to finish faster. The pressure washer includes a 30 foot electric cord that won’t restrict your movements, and the 20 foot hose has plenty of reach for removing dirt and grime from awkward places.

It also features a durable and safe construction, along with its affordable price. The plungers are constructed from tempered steel for long lasting performance, and the safety valve will automatically stop the pressure when the trigger is no longer pressed. Since the nozzle is adjustable you don’t have to stop and change it in the middle of a job, and the included injector kit makes it easy to add detergent when needed. Perfect for almost all of your outdoor cleaning jobs, your neighbors will also appreciate the quiet induction motor.

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Karcher K 2.3000 Pressure Washer


3.Karcher K 2.3000Rated “best in its class” for performance and with tests showing that the innovative technology used on the nozzle provides a quick and powerful cleaning, it’s not hard to see why many home owners depend on this pressure washer. The electric motor is quiet and efficient, and you will appreciate the 1600 PSI when you are powering off tough dirt and grime.

The pump is designed to be self priming for convenience, and you will also love how easy this pressure washer is to use. The handle is in the upright position to make it easy to maneuver around your yard, and the hose simply locks into place so you can get started. The included wand lets you switch between water and detergent as needed, and this pressure washer also includes a bonus sprayer for even more cleaning power.

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