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In the present, clean surfaces around the house represent a reflection of responsibility and communal spirit. Unfortunately there are many stains and dirt spots that can’t be cleaned with traditional means. So, this is why thousands of Americans, in order to keep their driveways, back yard, patios and front yards clean, are searching for advanced pressure washers, a device capable of getting the job done with no questions asked. The industry went through extensive lengths in order to deliver quality models. Getting reliable information from the current best pressure washers reviews will guide you through the huge number of models and select one, suited to your needs.


AR North America AR383 pressure washer


Best pressure washers under $200When it comes to cleaning instruments quality is mandatory to say the least in order to make any job a lot easier. This is where one of the best pressure washers under $200 can deliver the right amount of help in cleaning any type of stains: AR383 model from AR North America. This pressure washer was constructed out of copper, plastic and also aluminum. The basic package comes with the following accessories: gun, adjustable jet nozzle and also a precise high pressure hose. It also has a customizable spray head and a special detergent tank that keeps you ready to clean fast and easy.

“Certain things require a pressure washer, like for instance cleaning my car`s tires properly. With the AR North America AR383 I can do just that and much more. Also my driveway has never looked cleaner. All in all I recognize that this is a top pressure washer.” – Jack Lewis

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AR North America AR118 pressure washer


Are you searching for a powerful pressure washer? If your answer is yes then you should get to know more things about AR118 pressure washer from AR North America, a model considered one of the best pressure washers under $100. This model delivers an impressive water force of 1500 PSI and 1.50 GPM thus enhancing the quality and cleaning precision of any job. The device comes with an automatic safety valve, accompanied by a pressure shut-off located at the pump head. It also has tempered stainless steel plungers and also a powerful 3 axial-piston pump that redirects the pressure force wherever you need.

“I got this pressure washer from AR for a very low price and after I have been using it for a while I really have managed to make a good choice. I don’t find it hard to use and in the same time with it I am able to clean very well a lot of difficult jobs.” – Steve Horner

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Powerworks 51102 pressure washer


If you want to use one of the best pressure washers under $200 from the many available on the market then you should use with trust Powerworks 51102, a model enhances the quality of your cleaning tasks. The device has a powerful induction motor which powered by a 35 feet power cord and the highly acclaimed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, a feature that allows you to control better the device. It delivers 1700 PSI and also 1.4 GPM more than enough power needed to handle light and hard tasks. Furthermore the pressure washers include a 25 feet hose that gives you the much needed liberty to clean various surfaces.

“For my needs this pressure wahser is perfect for me, because it is powerful so I clean everything I want easily with it and also it has two wheels which allow me to move it easily from one place to the other. The low price is another reason for me buying it.” – Frank Jordan

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AR North America AR240 pressure washer


Do you want to tackle any cleaning job with ease and without frustration? Well, if you do, then you should get your hands on AR140 pressure washer from AR North America, a device used with confidence for cleaning jobs around the house. It is regarded to be one of the best pressure washers under $150, delivering an impressive force of 1750 PSI and 1.50 GPM. The device includes an automatic safety valve and a pressure shut-off based on the pump head, getting out of your way any type of stains. The pressure washer has a 30 foot long power cord that keeps it going as long as want to.

“The Powerworks 51102 pressure washer was bought by me because it had the power and the features in order to clean everything I want. I easily set it up and just plug it in a power source, press the button for starting the machine and I do my task.” – Rick Austin

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Karcher K 2.350 Modular pressure washer


It can be pretty hard to select a professional pressure washer from the countless presented in the industry by various advertisers. Still, as the current technical reviews pointed out, Karcher Modular pressure washer represents a great addition to any home lucky enough to host it. This powerful washer has solid wheels that permit you to transport it on various terrains. You can control the washer with ease, having total stop function on the trigger gun. It has a silent working pattern and consumes less power than one might expect. All things considered the pressure washer will clean out any surface you want without any problems whatsoever.

“The reviews I read recommended me this pressure washer from Karcher and they weren’t wrong at all about its high quality. The motor produces 1600 PSI which I put to good use when I’m cleaning my driveway.  The wheels make it easily transportable.” – Roger Thomas

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