Best Printer for College Reviews

How to Select a New Printer for College


Whether you’re in a science-, engineering-, or arts-heavy degree, you’ll have to complete an incredible amount of paperwork. Without your own printer, your assignments and notes are at the mercy of some clunky, old school printer that may or may not work when you need it to. That being said, computers and printers should be at the top of your to-buy list for college. Fortunately, 2018 brings in quite a lot of new printers that may fit your needs and your budget. To help you narrow down your choices, this buying guide shall show important aspects you need to consider when looking for the best printer for college 2018 has to offer. This guide also comes with a list of printers that actual users recommended. After all, the best printer for college reviews come not from people who know only technical aspects of the printers in question, but people who have actually used them to pass or fail a few subjects.

Best Printer for College

Printer Type

With more and more affordable laser printers available, a lot of students immediately jump in and purchase the cheapest laser printer they could find, only to find that the replacement cartridge costs just as much as the printer itself. Remember that laser printers often have almost empty cartridges that warrant a replacement after just a few prints, which means that a laser printer may not be the best option for students on a budget. Inkjet printers will suffice in most cases. Since you’re probably going to use the printer often, you won’t have to worry about the ink cartridge drying up. In any case, because inkjet printers are usually smaller and have much lower initial costs compared to laser printers, inkjet printers are ideal for college students.


Printing Capacity

It’s important to consider how well and how fast a printer prints; remember that there will be days and nights when you’ve foregone food, sleep, without so much as a second to spare for any delays because of the requirements piling up. That being said, you’ll want to find a printer with a reasonably high ppm (pages per minute) printing capacity, as well as a high resolution if you need to turn in schoolwork or print handouts that contain pictures with intricate details.



One of a cramming student’s worst nightmares is having a printer that eats up the last page of his term paper that’s due in a few minutes. Contrary to the myth of all printers being able to smell fear and panic, and malevolently jamming up in the most inconvenient times, there are printers that are quite reliable and rarely succumb to paper jams. Don’t worry because best printer for college reviews will let you know which printers aren’t likely to give you that trouble.


Top Printers for College in 2018


There’s a perfect printer for every student; there’s no single type and brand of printer that wins in all the aspects mentioned above. There are, however, printers that come close for a lot of college students and warrant taking a closer look at. In the next section, we shall talk about top rated college printers known to have reliably served countless students throughout their college lives.


Epson Expression Home XP-420


1.Epson Expression Home XP-420 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & CopierNeed a modern printer that has all the bells and whistles of a high-end printer, minus the sky high price tag? Then you’re going to love the Epson Expression Home XP-420 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier. As the name suggests, this product can print, scan, and even act as a photocopier! What’s interesting about this printer is that it allows you to print from your memory card, phone or tablet, which is handier than what a lot of people think. It has a massive 100-sheet paper input tray that doesn’t stick out and add too much bulk to the printer. Another nifty feature is an option to scan pictures to Facebook and the cloud directly, which is useful for sharing and storing handouts.

Despite all these features, the Epson XP-420 is surprisingly small and compact compared to printers with the same sets of features. What you’ll have to watch out for, however, is the noise that it emits; if you have roommates, take care not to print too late at night or too early in the morning. Also, the ink cartridge that this printer comes with obviously won’t have as much ink as a new ink cartridge, so prepare to buy an ink cartridge really soon, especially if you need to print frequently. Other than these minor inconveniences, this product is jam-packed with features and is a great choice for students who prefer printers that can do it all.

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HP DeskJet 1010


2.HP DeskJet 1010 PrinterLooking for a no-frills printer that just does the job and does it well? The HP DeskJet 1010 Printer might just be what you need. It has a compact design that allows it to fit in even the most cramped dorm room desks. While it has a rather flimsy feel to it, especially the door, but this is to be expected especially since printers aren’t meant to be carried around on a daily basis.

What people love about this printer is that it prints quickly without using up all the ink quickly. In fact, even the ink cartridge that it comes with lasts surprisingly long. Take note, however, that the manufacturer of this product has decided to cut costs by not including a USB connector. Fortunately, you can buy one for $5 or less. What some students don’t like about this printer, however, is that it would sometimes take two or more pieces of paper instead of one when it prints. This, however, is a minor problem that could easily be fixed by using high quality paper meant for inkjet printers.

In any case, the HP DeskJet 1010 Printer, despite not having much features to boast, remains a favorite by many college students due to its ink- and space-saving properties. If you’re looking to save both money and space, you should check this printer out.

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Canon MG2520 Color


3.Canon MG2520 Color Photo PrinterThe Canon MG2520 Color Photo Printer has both a scanner and a printer, therefore making it a viable option for students on a budget. To cut the costs down, the Canon MG2520 does not come with a USB cable (the company assumes you have an old one lying somewhere). You can, however, purchase one for about $5 or less. What annoyed a lot of people, however, is that this printer does not come with an ink cartridge, as opposed to most printers available. While some people view this as an ill-mannered cost-cutting move, the logic behind this is quite sound – printers that come with ink cartridges often have almost empty levels of ink anyway; you’d be forced to spend more just for an almost-empty cartridge.

What people love about this product, however, is that despite its compact appearance and light weight, it manages to print and scan quickly and efficiently. Also, the ink heads don’t go dry as quickly as other printers in the same price range do. This means that even after a few weeks or months of disuse, this printer will quickly spring back to action with a press of a button. In any case, if you were expecting wireless connectivity and other fancy features found in high-end printers then you’ll most likely be disappointed. If, however, you’re looking for a printer that’s reliable, cheap, works well, with the added bonus of being able to scan, the Canon MG2520 is worth a try.

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