Best Professional Hair Clipper Reviews


Top Professional Hair Clippers in 2018


The best professional hair clipper reviews available are a valuable source when you are a hair grooming professional for both humans and animals looking to enhance your repertoire in the business. They are especially helpful since you can get usage data from actual testers of the product or people who understand technical information. What people further love is the price information they can get from such articles. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so unless you are a true professional that understands the demands of the job you do, you can never quite put your finger on what product precisely meets your personal standards.


Oster Professional Classic 76


Best Professional Hair Clipper ReviewsThis product is American made to cut through even thick hair that’s been sprayed wet to facilitate cutting. There are thirteen different blade sizes that you can choose from, and this range alone makes it the top professional hair clipper in 2018. Change the cryogen-x quality blade quite easily in less the time it would take you to locate a different pair of haircutting scissors. The clipper’s shell is tough so accidental dropping does not damage the entire machine. Thoughtfully added in the package are clipper grease and blade oil so you don’t get inconvenienced by stuck-up components.

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Andis AGC 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper


The ultra-edge blade on this implement makes for an efficient clipping job on your pets every time. The blade is engineered to operate at 25% higher torque for more clipping power. Users can also opt to get separately sold ceramic blades for a wider choice. Regular oiling of the blade is required to keep this clipper working continuously and for longer. This is also because animal fur or hair tend to be less clean than human hair. The supplied clipper oil is safe for animals.

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Andis 22545Professional Pet Clipper


The shell is tough so this product can be used when your pet is unusually frisky every time it gets its hair groomed. The #10 blade is premium Ultra Edge for better cutting power. The motor is protected from overheating without need of air vents and fans that suck in hair, which can cause bothersome clogging. What makes this the best professional hair clipper in 2018 is its usability with either Ceramic Edge blades or Ultra Edge blades. Few products in the market have that quality!

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Wahl 8786-600 Professional Animal Cordless


The motor runs noiselessly so your animal gets smoothly clipped hair without getting traumatized by a loud operating noise. The best professional hair clipper reviews find this German-made product less hassle to use because it does not have any wires that can be a nuisance when one is working with an animal customer that simply won’t stay put. The soft storage case makes it safe to use with frisky animals around. Run time is continuous thanks to the pair of rechargeable NiMH batteries in the package.

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Oster A5 Turbo Professional Animal


With careful periodic checking, you can feel safe using this product because it runs cool and thus is comfortable to grasp in your hand till you complete that grooming session. The universal rotary motor is powerful enough to handle a pet grooming job. The cryogen-x blade is geared with anti-microbial silver ion coating so pets are kept safe. This best professional hair clipper in 2018 makes blade changing in the middle of grooming a sure breeze. Highlight your versatility on the job with this professional animal grooming tool.

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