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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best pruning shears? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best pruning shears on the market by looking at what avid gardeners have to say, as well as experts in gardening, along with overall quality and social media comments. Out of the products we have looked at, the Tabor S-821 is the best you can find at the moment. Ideal for small hands, it is a good fit for women and younger gardeners. Made of high quality materials, this model will last for a long time. Its ergonomic design makes it a winner in many consumers’ books. In case the Tabor S-821 is no longer available or it is out of stock, the HIG 4801450 is a second great choice, similar in quality with the first.



How to Buy New Pruning Shears


Pruning shears are an indispensable item for someone with a passion for gardening. While they cannot cut through thick branches, they are ideal for shaping your bushes and small trees. For roses and other flowers with thick stems, a pair of pruning shears works like a charm. Reading the best pruning shears reviews 2018 has to offer taught us a lot about this piece of equipment for gardening. We want to share this information with you.

Pruning Shears HIG Extra Hardness Extra Sharp Garden


The first thing to consider when you want a pair of pruning shears is the design. We are not referring to how good or bad the product looks, but how it works. Bypass pruners, for instance, are the ones where two blades pass one over the other; this design is very popular and you will find many in this category. Anvil pruning shears are made of a blade and a flat surface that basically allows you to cut through small branches and stems like you would chop something on a board. Ratchet pruners resemble anvil pruners, but they come with an extra mechanism that allows you to proceed to cut through thicker branches by addressing the task at hand step by step.




As a gardener, you most probably know how important it is to protect your hands. Especially for people suffering from ailments affecting the joints, ergonomics play an important role. A pair of pruning shears for arthritic hands should be easy to manipulate and comfortable for use. You can recognize the models with good ergonomics by their curved blades, soft grip handles and a rotating handle that puts as little pressure as possible on your joints.



Blade quality

No matter how great looking or ergonomic a pair of pruning shears might be, it is of no use if the blades are not made of good quality materials. Steel is preferred because it can deal with tougher tasks, without getting worn down. Make sure that the blades are properly sharpened and that the material does not get chipped easily. Sharpened blades make a clean cut and do not damage the plant, while those you have to struggle with to cut through anything can be quite damaging for your garden.


Top pruning shears in 2018


Now that you are well informed on what aspects make a good product stand out, it is time to learn about the best pruning shears now available for sale. No matter which one you pick, you will benefit from a very good deal.



Tabor S-821


1.Light-Duty Professional Pruning ShearsThe Tabor S-821 is the ideal tool for gardening, especially if you have small hands and handling tougher stems or small branches is difficult for you. The model has an ergonomic design and the overwhelming number of positive reviews vouches for its functionality, too. The attractive design is not all; the Tabor S-821 is made to help you achieve any gardening task you want without over exerting yourself. The non-slip grip prevents any accidents from happening.

These pruning shears are made of premium materials. The blades are made of carbon stainless steel and are chrome plated, for maximum durability and cutting power. The handles, on the other hand, are made of aluminum and are lightweight and convenient for any type of gardener. Cutting through tougher branches becomes a breeze and you will love taking care of your garden. Created by a company with a great standing among gardeners, this is a highly recommended tool.


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HIG 4801450


2.Pruning Shears HIG Extra Hardness Extra Sharp GardenYour pruning work will be up to professional standards, once you grab this pair of pruning shears. You can use it to shape up parks, gardens and lawns with ease, and you will even have fun in the process. The blades on this model are made of Manganese steel, so they are durable and very sharp, and they will do quite a great work, no matter where you use them.

The safety switch lock is there for your peace of mind and for preventing any accidents from happening. The handles are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and not hard on your hands. This is especially a plus for people who suffer from joint pains on a regular basis. The pruning shears are highly versatile and they can be used for cutting through cardboard or thin metal, in case such tasks come your way. A full refund is offered to those who are not satisfied with the product.


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Bosch CISO


BOSCH battery pruning shearsThe two models presented above are both manual, so they still require a bit of effort from your part, although they have perfect ergonomics and they are very easy to use. An alternative to manual pruning shears is represented by the BOSCH CISO, an electric model that works on batteries. The included battery is made of lithium-ion and it can be recharged, so it is highly reliable.

Capable of pruning stems and branches up to 14 mm thick, this is a handy tool that will help you take care of your garden with great ease. A safety lock is present, so no one can start the unit by accident. Its compact design contributes to its ease of use, and the fact that it is battery operated means that you can use it even if you suffer from severe joint pains. Weighing a bit over one pound, the model is easy to handle.



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