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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best pulse oximeter? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. After having studied numerous owner feedback and claims of value for money by manufacturers and reviewers alike, we have been able to gather enough information on the best pulse oximeter on the market. Out of all the products we’ve looked over in our own research, we have found the Deluxe SM-110 to be impressive enough to deserve high ratings because of its newly redesigned features such as the two-way display that enables the user to read in two different directions. This FDA and CE approved machine delivers reliable and accurate readings of blood oxygen saturation levels fast, while making measurements of your pulse displayed conveniently and viewed easily on the large digital LED display. Designed for optimum use by sports adventurers such as skiers, mountain climbers, bikers, scuba divers and other individuals who want to monitor their pulse and SpO2 levels while indulging in their activities, this tool can be used by adults and children and comes with a carrying case and neck cord for problem-free portability. If you can’t find the Deluxe SM-110 at your favorite online store, we recommend you go for the second best product on the market, the Concord Generation 3.



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A pulse oximeter is a medical device for measuring blood oxygen. There are handheld models of this machine that are also able to measure pulse rate and calculate heart rate. There are various types of oximeters ranging from the really sophisticated ones used in emergency and operating rooms to the ones designed for home use. The following elements should be looked into when buying this kind of equipment.

1.Deluxe SM-110

Machine type

Handheld oximeters are designed for medical use in hospitals, ambulatory health facilities, EMS, and institutes due to their slightly more sophisticated design and greater accuracy in readings. They can also be used in the home. A cable connects the probe to the screen. The probe is attached to the index finger of the person to obtain readings. Although great for spot checks, this machine also serves well for continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation in the blood.

A portable or finger model is popular for home use. Small and rectangular shaped, this type clips to the finger and has a display screen mounted on the probe itself. A finger oximeter is battery operated and is applicable for spot checking by caregivers, clinicians and patients as well.

Bigger than a handheld model, a tabletop pulse oximeter has sensors that enable spot checking and continuous monitoring. The size makes this type suitable for medical facilities, hospitals, subacute and home care settings. A wrist worn sensor is wireless and generally used for continuous monitoring, as when your doctor wants your oxygen levels monitored on a daily basis or during sleep, making it ideal for overnight monitoring. The wristwatch design enables easy viewing of readings on the wrist monitor, with the probe placed on the index finger and connected to a small wire that is in turn connected to a small monitor on your wrist. For kids, a fetal pulse oximeter should handle the task quite well. It is built to provide a snug fit on small fingers, while there are models that attach to the head or foot should the child’s fingers be too small.



Accuracy and Readability

You will want a pulse oximeter to be FDA approved to ensure that it can perform within a reasonably effective and close range as a trusted standard model of the FDA. Some models come with a warning light that indicates when there is inaccuracy or interference in readings, which will help you be alerted if your level is below normal readings or if the device itself is not working properly. To ensure that your reading is accurate, validate it by comparison with that of other people, such as those in medical clinics or your clinician’s office. Data reading by pulse oximeters is carried out utilizing similar mechanisms despite differences in manufacture. Majority of models are able to output readings within only a few seconds with an accuracy rating of ±3%.

Viewing the displayed data can be affected by the size and color of the screen. Displayed measurements should not prove to be difficult to read especially for monitoring purposes when there is a need to compare initial and successive readings. You should pick a model that has a display that won’t be troublesome to view and read.



Ease of Use and Other Features

Whether the pulse oximeter is for kids or for athletes, it should operate with simple insertion of a finger into the sensor and then pressing a single button. The device should offer effortless operation and the data is displayed in a variety of ways for hassle-free reading. For generating various statistics, you may want a model that is able to store previous readings and includes a timestamp for each. With multi-person memory, the machine is able to store readings for two or more persons. You can also store readings to a computer so your doctor can analyze it further if the device comes with computer interface. Some models are equipped with a software program that allows analysis of collected data. The device should be easy to store in its own storage case. With Bluetooth technology, information can be recorded and shared for clinical use. Some devices record continuous readings for analysis and printing using specialized software or a computer for clinical or lab analysis.

2.Deluxe SM-110

Battery Life and Device Durability

The durability of the device is determined by its intended application. You won’t need a sophisticated and rugged machine for personal use, especially when you just have to take intermittent oxygen readings such as for exercise and similar activities. Battery life need not be long either for such purposes. However, with continuous monitoring, you will want to secure a solid plug-in device or one that provides extended battery life to prevent frequent replacement of the fuel cells.
The buying guide above is designed to give consumers a concrete idea of what kind of machine to look for when monitoring their pulse, SpO2 and heart rate. There are plenty of models to choose from, so refer to the buying guide to have an easier shopping experience. Better yet, choose from the best pulse oximeters described below.



Top pulse oximeters in 2017


For people that work in hospitals or sport enthusiasts finding the proper oximeter can be a nightmare. This device is mainly used to monitor a person’s O2 saturation. With precise data over oxygen saturation doctors understand how to manage their patient’s blood pressure. On the other hand, athletes use such data in order to gradually manage easier physical pressure during exercises. Taking into account the sheer amount of problems people face while trying to find the best oximeter, we took the liberty of analyzing 30 of the most popular models. After 70 hours or tests, we were able to safely draft the best pulse oximeter reviews on five models.



Santamedical SM-110


Best pulse oximeter reviewsMore and more nurses are trying their best to find an efficient pulse oximeter. For precise data on oxygen saturation, we recommend the SM-110 Pulse oximeter from Santamedical. This high quality device feels comfortable on the finger and includes a special neck strap for proper management. The oximeter can also be used in a wide range of sports like hiking, mountain biking, skiing and many more. It requires 2 “AAA” Alkaline batteries in order to run. The model has a user-friendly LED display where users can see the PR and SP02 levels. It has a light design, weighing less than 50 grams!



Buy from for ($18.95)




Concord Emerald Fingertip


Most of the current best pulse oximeter reviews underline the smooth efficiency of the Emerald Fingertip from Concord. This model was designed for athletes and personal use, ideal to precisely monitor oxygen saturation and also pulse rate. The device includes a carrying case, batteries and an around the neck lanyard! Furthermore, it features a special shock resistant rubber cover for enhanced resistance during prolonged use. As so many satisfied customers pointed out, this oximeter is not suitable for medical use. It is backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty! The device offers 30 hours of use with the two included “AAA” batteries.



Buy from for ($18.95)




Contec Medical Systems 50-DL


With the best pulse oximeter in 2017 anyone can obtain clear data on oxygen saturation. To this particular end, we recommend the 50-DL pulse oximeter from Contect Medical Systems. With a small design and user-friendly interface, the model delivers accurate readings on oxygen levels. It has a soft carrying case which allows users to carry it around. With a simple touch of a button, the device becomes operational. It is important to know that the pulse oximeter is not for medical use but for athletes. The model requires 2 “AAA” batteries in order to run. It offers 30 hours straight of precise monitoring!



Buy from for ($13.57)




ChoiceMed Fingertip


A top rated pulse oximeter in 2017 comes from ChoiceMed, the Fingertip Pulse oximeter with lanyard. This model is great for people that want to safely monitor oxygen saturation. It has a simple operating system which delivers fast and real-time check-ups. The device will monitor pulse signal strength, PR and SpO2 levels. People love this oximeter for its reliability in offering great data. It was designed for sport enthusiasts like skiers, hikers, bikers, joggers and bodybuilders. s. Furthermore, the device works for all that want to measure oxygen saturation and also pulse rate. It needs only 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries in order to function!



Buy from for ($16.27)




Facelake Blood Oxygen Monitor


One of the best pulse oximeter in 2017 comes from Facelake, the Pulse Oximeter! This powerful device is the ideal device for people that want to know exactly their oxygen saturation levels. The device’s display shows PR waveform, SPO2 and bargraph levels. The model features an adjustable audio alarm which keeps people connected to their goals. This high quality oxygen monitor automatically powers off if the finger is no longer connected to the device. Now, the sleek design makes it amazing to wear during any physical endeavor. Athletes can definitely use this high quality oxygen monitor in order to perform better than ever.



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