Best quality recliner chair reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best quality recliner chair money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the products on the market by looking at owner feedback, value for money and brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Kahuna LM6800 is the best because it offers you space-saving design, the real feel of zero gravity, a full body massage with the help of a computer body scan technology, and, of course, the L-track. You can add the detachable rollers, airbags and heating to all of that, which might make you realize that the unit can be purchased for an attractive price. If the Kahuna LM6800 is unavailable, you could consider the Shiatsu BM-EC161 as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


More than just comfortable chairs, recliners now incorporate technological advancement, and are available in a large product range, from the simplest, classic versions to the ones meant to give you the benefits of a massage salon. So we went through the best quality recliners reviews and put together this buying guide, addressing the main traits to have in mind when you’re making a decision.


There’s the traditional, two-position manual recliner or the power recliner. The manual recliner operates by pushing a button or using a lever, while its counterpart uses an electrically powered mechanism to do the job.

The rocker recliner is a favorite for both children and adults, and it functions just as their name states: they rock on arched tracks. It’s also got two relatives, the glider recliner, that moves back and forth on its tracks, and the swivel recliner, with a circular base and a full motion range.

The wall-saver or wall-hugger is the type most people who own small apartments prefer, as space saving is a priority. These recliners can be installed inches from the wall because only the lower part of the chair changes the angle.  

The push-back or flex-back recliner require no lever or button; instead, it uses the pressure exerted by the person sitting in it. It looks like a regular armchair when it’s not reclined, so it adds a bit of style.  



Basic recliners only need reclining and a footstool to be worth their name, but luxury reclining chairs you’re going to check out have a multitude of new features.

Truly pleasurable experiences come from recliners with massage options. These also vary, from neck and back massage to full-body massage and stretching.

Other recliners come with a self-heating feature, for your back or legs, to give you a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Another useful feature is the remote control, or even an attached or incorporated control panel which can help you chose among the various functions without getting up.



Don’t fool yourselves, size matters. Depending on how much space you have at your disposal you can choose a larger recliner, or you can just stick to what fits in. The larger ones will be more comfortable, off course.

The size and shape of your body are also a problem you should consider. The item usually has clear specifications of its length and width to help you estimate if you can easily slip in. 



You may opt for leather, which is stylish and durable and offers good comfort, and although it may scratch, it’s much easier to remove stains from it. But leather is much more expensive, and that will drive the price of your acquisition to a higher level.

Microfiber is cheaper, and you can use special substances to keep it from getting stained or to clean it with ease, but it rests on a product that is supposed to last for years.

When following our buying guide, do consider other factors for your future purchase, such as the money you are willing to pay, the style of your room and the space you can assign to the recliner, the user it’s intended for and their physical characteristics.



Top quality recliner chairs in 2018


If our guide makes you think that choosing the right product for you will turn into an ordeal, you can stop whining, because the best quality recliner chairs are showcased below.



Kahuna LM6800


The product offers three levels of zero gravity; it leans you back to a position where your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body, lowering the strain from your muscles and joints, bringing lower back pain relief, reducing swelling and many other benefits.

The zero gravity will allow you to feel weightless and while reducing stress levels, it will lead to a higher effectiveness of the massage functions and a deeper, more relaxed experience.

The Kahuna recliner is not just a relaxing addition to your living furniture, but an FDA registered medical device, provided with a computer body scan technology to make sure you get the right roller movements for your massage.

This recliner has the L-track massage system, air massage technology, dual foot rollers, double layer shoulder airbags, and heating. It is important to note that the foot rollers are detachable and washable so that you can sanitize them for a refreshing experience.

With Kahuna LM6800 you can enjoy the yoga stretching function and a feature that makes your arms stay in position for a true, full-body massage.

The Kahuna massage chair is one of the best-rated recliners thanks to the quality features, the large range of options and the convenient price.

Buy from Amazon for ($1899.99)




Shiatsu 161 


The Shiatsu recliner has a 60% increased massage area, targeting most pain-struck parts of the body: neck, shoulder, back, waist, hips, and your thighs. The L shape super long massage track guides the rollers along the neck and thigh.

This recliner is capable of simulating human massage and offering intelligent massage programs, each with a specific purpose: relax, extend, recover, refresh. The Shiatsu 161 comes with strong pressure cups that squeeze your arms and legs in an acupressure-like procedure.

The product has a large pressurized leather air pillow for the head and neck area and an OPTO sensor device to accurately find the shoulders of the person using it. For your stiff waist, backache or even stomach cold, the Shiatsu 161 is equipped with a waist heater.

The foot rollers are designed to massage the whole foot, with all the refreshing benefits: better vascular activity, improved immunity, relaxation and better sleep. The recliner also includes the kneading, knocking, or vibrating settings.

For the ones that are impatient to use this recliner chair, it’s good to know that it has a LED remote for a quick and silent recline to take you from a vertical position to the relaxing zero gravity orientation.

Buy from Amazon for ($929)




Shiatsu EC-06C


This Shiatsu recliner has various design and function elements that should bring it closer the massage recliner you desire. It has more than 30 airbags, built-in heat and an intelligent roller system and these all are put to work the smart way.

Massage functions, along with the major recovery program, extensive program and relax program, feature compression and percussion, that equates to the mechanized version of kinetic therapy, so you can recover the flexibility, mobility, and posture of your legs.

The product is pliant, which is a feature that enables it to follow the contour and shape of your back. Besides, it encompasses a neck massage program that targets stress relieving spots on your neck and uses kneading to reduce muscle pain and work out knots.

The feature that you will undoubtedly enjoy is that the the roller heads can reach your lower back, down to you tailbone, due to their extensive motion range; the massage they perform uses a high power vibration motor.

The air massage that the recliner renders is intended to offer better blood circulation and relieve fatigue; plus, it has adjustable levels. Increasing or decreasing the intensity level is made possible thanks to a control panel that can be utilized to select all the massage settings made available by this recliner.

Buy from Amazon for ($829.99)