Best Rack for Wine Glasses Reviews

If drinking wine is also one of your favorite weekend activities, then we are sure you already have a list of favorite products that help you support this Bacchic passion. But where to store all your glasses and wine bottles if not on a custom-made rack? So, if you’re looking to enhance your living room, bar or restaurant with the best rack for wine glasses, find out that there are plenty of items to choose from. In our opinion, one of the best products available on the market is the Mixologist World Under Cabinet because the company provides a complete wine glass kit. The item is solid enough to hold 18 glasses of wine and can be easily installed by following the provided instructions. If the Mixologist World Under Cabinet is not available for purchase, you can always count on the J&J Wire Contemporary Holder as a great alternative.



Buying guide


Whether you own a bar, a restaurant or you’re a simple wine lover, choosing the best wine glass rack is not an easy task, especially with the countless models available for quick delivery nowadays. Luckily, our following comprehensive shopping guide will help you pick the best rack for wine glasses according to your own needs and features required. So here is what you should look.

Industrial or home use?

We know that a long rack for wine glasses will make your loft look cool and ready for party, but you should consider its feasibility in the long term. How often are you holding parties? Do you have so many friends to require a special shelf only for wine glasses?

We consider that racks for wine glasses should mainly fit into bars, restaurants, and any other similar properties where large groups of people usually meet to have fun, drink, party, and talk. If you are the owner of a small apartment where most of your friends drink from beer cans, there is no need to invest in such an item. However, you could opt for a wine holder and drying rack instead which is able to support around 4-6 glasses of wine. This will still look nice and won’t occupy too much space in your living room or kitchen either.

In other words, dimensions are really important if you plan on choosing a unique rack for wine glasses to fit your home or living room. We suggest opting for cool designs and a mix of different materials such as wood, glass, and stainless steel for a touch of modernity and chicness.


Materials used

Again, depending on the size of your venue, you should also consider the materials used for your beloved wine glass rack. Keep in mind that restaurants and bars already have a theme and a specific interior design, so it is best for all your elements to match that particular style.

However, we do support reusing natural materials so we think that one of the best materials would be wood. It pretty much fits any type of interior decorations and styles, and it is also sturdy enough to support plenty of wine glasses and even bottles. Just make sure the reused piece of wood you’re about to hang is thick enough to support some stainless steel hangers as well.

If you’re thinking about decorating one of your living room walls, you can also opt for MDF, transparent poly fibers or even stainless steel and iron.



When it comes to specific designs, we suggest going through some wine glass rack reviews and special magazines available for sale. There are countless shapes, sizes, and designs specially manufactured to bring into prominence any dull space inside your home or venue.

Check out for items that are available for sale and look for potential racks that could fit into your home, bar or restaurant. You should also ask for some professional opinions from interior decorators and architects to make sure you picked the perfect rack to display your wine glasses and bottles.

One of the coolest designs to experiment with are in the shape of honeycombs, Christmas tree branches, and abstract geometrical figures. Either way, it is best to seek for a fully customizable item to make sure it will perfectly fit your wall. Again, we suggest choosing wood, iron or stainless steel as these are the most durable materials and will certainly raise the interest of any visitor or client.



Top Racks for Wine Glasses in 2018


Although there is no shortage of design ideas when it comes to wine glasses racks, below you will only find the top three products we consider being the best items to start with.



Mixologist World Under Cabinet


If you’re looking for a true bar organizer, Mixologist World is the perfect company to seek inspiration from. The item we are discussing provides the ultimate wine experience and features all the “ingredients” you will require.

Apart from the wine glass rack, you will also receive all required installation hardware pieces, a machine-washable cloth for polishing, installation instructions, and a box to easily store the item whenever you’re not using it.

With this particular wine glass cabinet, you can now forget about complicated installations that might take hours or even unsafe storage solutions that could endanger your health. The product is made of safe and solid chrome iron and can help you store up to 18 glasses of wine at once. This ingenious solution will find its perfect place in your bar, restaurant, or even in your living room if you are regularly throwing large parties.

The 6-step instructions provided will help you easily mount the rack on the wall and enjoy your own storage place in a matter of minutes. Forget about small racks that can only store 6 or 12 glasses of wine. This particular product aims for large venue locations where it can shine brightly.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.93)




J&J Wire Contemporary Holder


If you want to take your passion for wine in the comfort of your own home, this particular item is perfect for storing your favorite bottles of wine along with the most exquisite wine glasses. The ingenious design will create a contemporary atmosphere and will certainly become the resistance piece of your living room or wine cellar. 

The product features a durable iron construction so it can hold up to three bottles of wine and two wine glasses without any problem. It can be easily mounted on the walls or any other strong surface. Additionally, you can add other similar hooks if you want more storage place for your wine glasses.

The item is made in the United States, so if you purchase it, you will also be supporting the local economy.

In order to come with that black powder coat exquisite finish, the sturdy iron was first cured under extreme heat. As a result, this wine holder is the perfect solution for your most important bottles of wine.

The item comes in one piece meaning you won’t have to assemble it. However, all accessories and mounting hardware are not included in the price so you will have to purchase them additionally.

Buy from Amazon for ($65.9)




KOHLER Collapsible Holder


This item is perfect for small households with wine lovers. If you don’t have enough storage space in the kitchen or your living room, this KOHLER product will fit you perfectly as it collapses to as little as 1.25 feet so you can easily store it even in the narrowest places.

The rack is large enough to accommodate up to 6 standard size glasses of wine at the same time or 4 oversized wine glasses. The maximum height of the wine glasses should not exceed 10 inches.

The item also features a pillow pattern design to allow and enhance airflow. As a result, your glasses will stay clean and stemless on the base. You can use it in your regular kitchen cabinet to organize your glasses or on your kitchen counters to put it on display. This way you will always have easy access to your favorite wine accessories.

What we liked the most about this particular item is that it works both as a wine glass holder and a dryer. This way you will always have clean and clear glasses to serve wine to your friends or family members whenever they come visiting.

Buy from Amazon for ($29.95)