Best Raclette Party Grill Reviews

How to Buy the Best Raclette Party Grill


A raclette grill can easily become indispensable at a party, since it allows guests to cook their own tasty dishes using their preferred combinations. Raclette is a term originating in Switzerland, where it is the name of a type of cheese, as well as of a type of meal that is greatly appreciated there. A raclette grill usually comes with different compartments for cooking various dishes, cheese and vegetables. All in all, these grills are quite fun, which is why they are such a welcome addition to parties. If you want to get the best raclette party grill 2018 currently available, this guide will help you out by providing you with some important information on what to look for in such a grill.

Best raclette party grill

Cooking surface

Do not forget that a raclette party grill should be used by more people at the same time. Depending on what kind of parties you love throwing, get a grill with a sensible cooking surface so that everybody gets a chance to cook their own tasty treats. Consider the number of guests you intend to have over to better appreciate what kind of cooking surface you will need.


Non stick coating


Some kind of non stick coating is a must today for cooking devices, including grills. Teflon is a common choice, but ceramic coating is starting to gain ground. For a raclette party grill, non stick surfaces are a must, since you will be cooking meat and vegetables, and melt cheese, and you must make sure that burned food will not be on the menu.


Variable heating

Modern raclette party grills now come equipped with variable heating options, so you can cook, for instance, meat on the top surface and see about getting the best texture of melted cheese on the bottom surface, at the same time.



A great raclette party grill should take into account the ‘party’ factor. Nice extras, like raclette dishes, spatulas and a manual with handy recipes for the person in charge of the gathering, are all great to have and it can turn your great party into an absolutely awesome one that everyone will talk about weeks after it took place.


Top Raclette Party Grills in 2018


Finding a great product, with so many of the top rated raclette party grills 2018 being sold right now on the market, is not exactly easy. We want to lend you a helping hand, by offering you a list with the most appreciated raclette party grills that consumers absolutely love at the moment.


Swissmar KF-77073


1.Swissmar KF-77073 Raclette Party GrillIf you are looking for an authentic experience, go for a raclette made by experts, the first who introduced these great cooking devices into the US. Swissmar is the manufacturer who pioneered this party practice in North America, by starting to sell raclette grills on their newly established market. The Swissmar KF-77073 Raclette Party Grill is one of their latest models, and, like the others before, it does not disappoint, as it is perfectly capable of offering you and your guests a tremendous experience.

The model is ideal for 8 persons, so if you are planning a party with multiple guests, you can hardly find a more entertaining alternative to this grill. The cooking surfaces are non-stick, so you do not have to worry about burned food. The top combines with a crepe top, so you create any kind of dishes you want. All your guests will have their own dishes and spatulas at their disposal, so they can have fun while cooking their favorite dishes. These accessories come with heat safe handles, to avoid any unpleasant accidents.

All of the best raclette party grill reviews appreciate this model from Switzerland for its versatility and its ability to accommodate multiple guests so you can throw the party of your dreams.

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Hamilton Beach 31602


2.Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party GrillAre you looking to offer your guests a unique experience? Then try the Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette Party Grill that comes equipped with all the needed utensils so you can turn your party around and make it a blast.

A raclette party grill is not just a cooking device; it is a great conversation starter. People will feel much more at ease while being brought together like this, and they will be able to enjoy relaxing conversation while having fun with the food. There is hardly a better way to break the ice than by bringing a raclette party grill to your gatherings.

The model reviewed here has two tiers. The top tier is ideal for cooking meat and vegetables, while the bottom tier is designed for melting cheese. 8 food trays are available for your guests, so they can combine their favorite ingredients on their plates. Cooking paddles are also provided, making the entire experience a really enjoyable one.

Along with your purchase, you will also get a booklet with recipes, so you can make fun suggestions to your guests. Enjoy a nice meal with your friends, Swiss style, and be prepared to have a really great time.




West Bend 6130


3.West Bend 6130 Raclette Party GrillAnother model mentioned by the best raclette party grill reviews is the West Bend 6130 Raclette Party Grill. Whether you and your guests like fondue or prefer other types of cheese based recipes, you will surely find this cooking device quite handy from turning your party into an awesome experience for everyone invited.

With enough room for 8 people to cook their own dishes, Swiss style, the raclette grill is a nice addition to any party you intend to organize. The two tiers are designed to offer you and your guests a perfect experience. The top tier is ideal for cooking meat, grilling veggies or just warm up already cooked meals. The cooking surfaces are non-stick, so all the food made with the grill will taste amazing and will also be healthier than fried meals.

You can adjust the temperature depending on how fast or slow you want to cook the food. The grill is also easy to maintain in good working order, since the parts can be washed in your dishwasher.

Convenient and fun to use, the West Bend 6130 Raclette Party Grill is a great purchase and it enjoys many positive reviews from buyers who appreciate this nice party starter.

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