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A radar detector can help you avoid speed traps and expensive red light tickets, but finding the right one can be difficult. There are several types to choose from, and not every radar detector will include the features you need. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to confidently choose the best radar detector in 2017 and avoid getting caught in expensive speed traps.



As stated in the best radar detector reviews the type of device will make a difference in your decision. Some radar detectors are designed to only detect speed guns, while others include GPS capabilities that let you know where all of the red light cameras are located in the area. There are also radar detectors that cannot be “seen” by other detection devices, and are ideal for areas where it is illegal to use one. You can also find radar detectors that are designed specifically for motorcycles. Some of the best radar detectors in 2017 can be discreetly installed underneath the hood of your vehicle, instead of visibly mounted on your windshield.



The best radar detector reviews all suggest deciding on a budget that you are comfortable with, but it is also important to remember that a cheap model might not be accurate. Lower priced radar detectors often send alerts for any type of signal, which can include ones sent from home and business alarm systems. Higher priced models are generally more sensitive to the type of signal, and will send out fewer false alerts. Some of the best radar detectors in 2017 are affordably priced and capable of clearly alerting you to distant and nearby threats, though you may have to sacrifice some of the extra features.



The best radar detector in 2017 will include all of the features you need, at an affordable price. Some of the extra features to consider include GPS red light camera mapping, and the ability to be undetected by other devices. Some affordable radar detectors feature a convenient cordless design, while others can even display text messages and sound voice alerts. One feature you do want to consider is the device’s ability to pick up multiple bands, which will ensure you never get caught speeding by a radar gun again.


What Are the Most Reliable Radar Detectors in 2017?


Even though we can’t choose the right radar detector for you, we can show you the top models. As stated in the top rated radar detector reviews these sensitive devices are affordable, reliable, and will keep you out of any speed trap.


Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector


1.Escort Passport 9500ix Radar DetectorOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is the bright blue display that can also be adjusted for easy viewing. The small high resolution screen can be seen in any lighting, and you also have the advantage of the clearly audible voice alerts. Detect radar and laser guns, along with speed cameras, all with this easy to use digital device.

You will appreciate its compact size that takes up very little room on your windshield, and the mount is designed with a convenient release button for quick and easy storage. The included manual will walk you through the set up, and you also have the advantage of the intuitive learning system that eliminates false alerts. Set your own preferences and mark specific locations, and with GPS capability this radar detector will also measure and adjust its signal according to your speed. This helps to minimize the number of false alarms, while still being able to alert you in plenty of time to avoid any upcoming speed traps.

This radar detector also includes free updates that keep track of the latest red light cameras, and speed traps. It features multiple band protection, along with 360 degree coverage. Easy to set up and install, you’ll love never having to worry about speed traps or getting a traffic ticket in the mail again with this radar detector.

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Valentine One Radar Detector


2.Valentine One Radar DetectorEasy to install and use, this radar detector is also effective and reliable. It mounts easily to your windshield and the included cord ensures that you never have to worry about finding replacement batteries. It is also easy to update, and you will love being able to detect radar signals from multiple directions with this device.

Considered one of the best performing radar detectors, you will appreciate its ability to detect the strength of the signal, along with its direction. You have the advantage of the two antennas that face forwards and backwards so you even know how many radar devices are being detected. With exceptional reception and an easy to use design, it is easy to see why this radar detector consistently remains a consumer favorite.

This radar detector also includes a suction cup mount, along with a convenient kit that gives you the option of connecting the device directly to your vehicle for more permanent placement. Detect speed and red light cameras, along with radar guns with this device, and make it through your day without getting a traffic ticket.

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Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector


3.Cobra XRS9370 Radar DetectorYou can enjoy complete 360 degree laser and radar protection with this compact device. This radar detector features a sleek and durable design that is also incredibly easy to use. The brightly lit screen is easy to read in any lighting, and you will love how clearly it displays the detected band.

It is easy to drive with confidence knowing that this powerful device is capable of detecting all of the bands, including the latest radar guns in the POP mode. With technically advanced circuitry you can detect signals faster and farther away, which gives you plenty of time to slow down before entering the speed trap. You also have the advantage of being able to detect VG-2 devices.

This reliable radar detector can become “invisible” when you are in areas where the device is prohibited, and it will still send alerts to warn you of upcoming traffic cameras and speed traps. It also features a convenient mode for cities and highways which helps to eliminate distracting false alerts, and the convenient side dial makes it easy to control the volume.

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