Best Radar Detector under 100


How to Select the Best Radar Detector under 100


Buying the best radar detector under 100 may look like a daunting task. There are many models available on the market today, and even more are being launched every year. Yet which one’s the right one for your needs and preferences? We’ve compiled a list of things to consider if you want to get one of the best radar detectors for the money.

Best Radar Detector under 100


The first detail to analyze is the matter of your budget. How much are you willing to spend on such a unit? Do you want a basic model, or are you willing to purchase a high-end one? Technology has evolved a lot over the years, which has led to the decrease in prices of models that were once considered cutting-edge. Read some customer reviews to make sure you buy a top-notch yet affordable product.


What type of radar detector do you want to buy?

Units can generally be split into two main categories. There are classic radar detectors and laser detectors. The first ones are able to discover the radar gun of a police car nearby. The second do the same, but they can offer the user the ability to alert other drivers of various incidents, such as dangerous intersections or red light cameras.


Extra features

Voice activated units are becoming more and more popular, as is the case with the ones which can be utilized with smartphones. Some models are cordless or can be mounted on the dashboard.


Top Rated Radar Detectors under 100


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models out there. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike. Furthermore, they’re thought of as being dependable, affordable and convenient, as well as capable of excellent performance.


Cobra XRS9370 Radar/Laser Detector


1.Cobra XRS9370This is a compact model that is generally considered best radar detector under 100. You don’t have to take our word for it, just read some of the customer reviews.

The Cobra unit is fast and powerful and is capable of detecting the latest Radar Gun POP. Moreover, it can be utilized by European users, as it detects the Ku Band Radar Gun currently used by Police in Europe. Even if you’re from the United States, it really doesn’t hurt to be safe than sorry, as you never know when it will be coming in the USA.

In spite of its rather small size, the model is capable of detecting 14 radar or laser bands, and it’s able to do that at a greater range than other models or its predecessors.

Buyers can select between the two provided modes. One of these two is especially designed for the city while the other is best used on the highway.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this item.

Most of the people who have bought it claim that they were impressed with the variety of functions and features available on the Cobra XRS9370. According to some, it works really well and provides great results.

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Beltronics Vector V940 Radar Detector


2.Beltronics Vector V940Compared to its Cobra counterpart, the Beltronics is a tad more expensive. Nevertheless, this is a laser/radar detector, which automatically suggests that it is a little more complex than the classical variants.

The laser sensors, combined with the digital signal processing, are capable of providing long-range performance. False alarms are just a useless concern with this model, as their number is significantly reduced.

The model features a 280-LED alphanumeric display which is exceptionally bright and can thus be read even in direct sunlight. Yet another noteworthy feature of the Beltronics Vector V940 is the fact that it is impossible to discover using the VG-2 radar detector detection. This way, police vehicles are likely to pass right next to the user’s car without ever finding out that he or she owns such a device.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this unit.

This Beltronics product is easy to set up on account of the quick-release windshield mount and is small-sized enough for it not to become an inconvenient sight.

Customers are advised that the Beltronics Vector V940 is not compatible with the signals used nowadays in Europe. Taking into account that more than 170 people took the time to provide positive ratings, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the Beltronics model.

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Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance Radar Detector


3.Whistler Pro-78SEThe Whistler Pro-78SE is one of the most economical units of the line. It’s capable of a remarkable performance and is able to detect the laser Atlanta stealth mode. Probably the neatest advantage of picking this unit is that it has an amazing blue text display, which accurately notifies users of any changes in the detected signals.

Yet another reason for considering this model is the compatibility with the Whistler Intellicord. If customers go for the pack composed of the two, they’ll be capable of remotely controlling the radar detector. The functions of the Whistler Pro-78SE include city modes, quiet/auto, power on/off and dim/dark.

It sure is nice when the voice of a woman or a man notifies you of the detected signal. This unit has real voice alerts, which are activated when an X band signal is discovered.

Since driving can become a little boring and people can fall asleep behind the wheel, this Whistler radar detector has a Stay Alert feature. Right after engaging the feature, an alert is activated so that the driver is forced to press a button on the device within three to five minutes from activation.

The Whistler brand is offering a 1-year warranty on this device.

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