Best Radio Scanner reviews for 2018


Radio scanners are very popular among hobbyists who are passionate about listening to emergencies as they happen, police alerts, weather alerts and so on. If you just want to know when a hazardous situation is threatening your area, or you simply find listening to this type of channels interesting, a radio scanner will help you get in touch with all the frequencies that are legal to listen to. That being said, not all radio scanners are the same and you will need to do a bit of shopping around. The following top 10 radio scanners will help you decide on the best model for your needs.


Uniden BC345CRS Clock/Radio Scanner


1.Uniden 500The capabilities of this radio scanner are truly great. With a memory capable of storing 500 different channels, there will be no emergency call you won’t be able to hear anywhere you go. A cool feature of this Uniden radio scanner is that it lets the user organize the 500 frequencies in 10 different banks, so you do not have to wade through them to get where you want. The model comes equipped with regular AM/FM radio, and an alarm clock that wakes you up to your favorite channel.

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Uniden Handheld Scanner BC75XLT


2.Uniden Handheld ScannerA portable device, the Uniden Handheld Scanner BC75XLT is ideal for outdoor adventures. Monitoring all the police, firefighting and NOAA weather transmissions is really a breeze with this handheld radio scanner. There are many reasons why this Uniden model is considered by many to be the best radio scanner out there. Equipped with the Close Call technology, it identifies local signals fast, so you do not have to wait too much until you start hearing the local stations and emergency services. It can also hold up to 300 programmable channels.

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Uniden HomePatrol-2


3.Uniden HomePatrol IIEarning a well deserved place in our top 3 models, the Uniden HomePatrol-2 is a good fit for the 21st century radio scanning hobbyist. Being equipped with a touchscreen, it is modern looking and its slick style adds to the appeal. It can search for both digital and analog radio channels and it covers both the US and Canada, making for an ideal choice when you want to cross the border up north. Because it is battery operated, you can take it with you on trips, long or short.

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Whistler WS1025


4.Whistler WS1025This desktop radio scanner is a favorite among consumers due to its specific features. The Lock-out function, for instance, comes in handy, when you want to skip certain channels or frequencies, to make your search more efficient. The Tune function allows you to identify new channels that are not already listed in the scanner’s memory. As a true hobbyist, you certainly want to back up your data on your PC. The Whistler WS1025 lets you do that, as it is PC programmable. Add the Scan Delay to all these, for a perfect experience when scanning for new channels.

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RadioShack® PRO-405


5.RadioShack® PRO-405A more classic looking radio scanner, this desktop model can hold up to 200 channels in its memory and allows the user to split them into 10 different banks. With just one touch, you can activate the search function and listen to a specific channel of your choosing. Weather alerts can be listened to on this radio scanner, and the FM radio is a good addition, since you may want to listen to regular stations, once in a while. 153 popular channels are already preprogrammed, offering you plenty of choices.

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Icom IC-R20 Sport-06 Wideband Radio Scanner


6.Icom IC-R20 Sport-06Listed among the top rated radio scanners available on the market at the moment, the Icom IC-R20 model is favored by many because it can monitor two frequencies in the same time. As a portable, handheld device, this Icom radio scanner gets the job done fast and easy. Obviously geared towards hobbyists, the Sport model comes equipped with a band scope that lets you identify signals around a frequency that you are monitoring. The same function lets you listen to a certain signal while continuing to sweeping a range, in search of another.

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Whistler WS1010


7.Whistler WS1010This analog handheld scanner is ideal for enthusiasts who want to pack such a device with other trip supplies, to enjoy a great adventure. Equipped with the Lock-out function, it makes identifying the channels you want with great ease, since the device will automatically skip over the channels you want left out. The Scan Delay helps hearing the reply when a new channel is found, before moving on with the search. Great for storm watchers, the Whistler WS1010 is a recommended choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable gadget.

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Radio Shack PRO-652


8.Radio Shack PRO-652Radio Shack is known for creating some unique designs for their scanners, and the Radio Shack PRO-652 is no exception to the rule. However, there is more than meets the eye in this particular model. With an incredible memory – it can hold up to 39,000 objects – it also delivers very clear audio, and it is appointed with LED and sound alerts so you will never miss on anything interesting taking place around you. For identifying digital channels, there is hardly a better choice than the Radio Shack PRO-652, as consumers can vouch for.

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Radio Shack PRO-650


9.Radio Shack PRO-650There will be no emergency situation you won’t get a hold of right on time, if you get the Radio Shack PRO-650. The one touch service gets you updated with all that is transmitted on the marine, police and fire departments and SAME weather alerts are readily delivered to the device. With 153 preprogrammed popular stations nationwide, the Radio Shack PRO-650 is a great choice for anyone who wants to be up to date with everything happening around. The fixed AM/FM mode allows you to listen to regular radio, as well.

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Radio Shack PRO-649


10.Radio Shack PRO-649Handheld radio scanners have their charm. They put you on top of things, and they let you listen to all emergency transmissions in your area. For hobbyists, this is better than TV, and the Radio Shack PRO-649 is a great provider of all the excitement associated with police and fire department activity. If you want to know all about the weather and its changes, this device connects you right away with all the weather alerts you need to learn about. Nothing will go under your radar, once you start using the Radio Shack PRO-649.

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