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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best radio scanner money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Radio scanners are much loved by enthusiasts who want to listen to the conversations held over the radio by public services, the military and the like. With so many models on the market, however, getting the best emergency scanner is not exactly an easy task. To come to your aid, we decided to make a thorough research involving owners’ feedback, experts’ opinions and solid data such as sales figures. The following two radio scanners came up on top and they are the ones you should consider buying. The Uniden BC75XLT is clearly a consumers’ favorite with hundreds of positive reviews available all over the Internet. Many call it the best digital police scanner, as it does an amazing job at receiving frequency and helping you listen to emergency calls and the like. The model locates with ease the preprogrammed services, so you can use it as you want. Being a handheld model, it is easy to carry around. 300 channels are available, so this is quite a high performance scanner. The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT is the second best choice in case the model above runs out of stock exactly when you want to make a purchase. This one is made by the same company and has 500 channels you can assign.



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Buying guide


Radio scanners go by many names, including police scanners and race scanners, depending on the specific interest of the person using them. Handheld devices are preferred, because of their high portability, and because the user can use them anywhere they like. These devices are sold in both brick and mortar stores, and virtual shops, so they are easy to get. What may not be as easy, however, would be to choose the best one for your needs. If you are looking for the best handheld police scanner, then you will find the next buying guide useful.1.Uniden BC75XLT



The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a handheld radio scanner is what you want to use the scanner for. There are many professionals who use these scanners in their work, such as journalists, crime investigators and weather trackers. Of course, there are many other enthusiasts who just love using these devices in order to be in touch with events, monitoring the weather and so on.

Monitoring police and military communications is possible with the help of a radio scanner. You will be able to hear law enforcement officers talking to one another about suspects, investigations and so on. All this can be pretty exciting and many love doing this just for fun.

If you are interested in weather, or you simply want to be warned ahead of time of extreme weather changes such as tornadoes and severe storms, you will find that there are radio scanners capable of tuning in to weather channels. Hobbyists and weather trackers alike can take great advantage of such devices in order to stay up to date with weather changes in real time.

Race car monitoring is another activity you can engage in when you are using a radio scanner. With the help of a good quality scanner, you will be able to listen to what the drivers are saying during a race. Service communications can be followed, as well.



Number of channels

While looking at the specs of a radio scanner, you will notice that one of the features listed is the number of channels. Ideally, this number should be as high as possible, so you can store your favorite channels in the memory of the unit. This will also help you monitor more communications at a certain moment, so you can easily switch from one to another. For instance, in case of emergency, you will be able to listen to the police, the fire department and other emergency services, so you can follow the needed instructions in order to get out of a difficult situation.

When shopping for the best frequency scanner, you should always keep an eye on the number of channels that can be stored by the unit. This will help you save time and energy, since you will not have to reprogram the radio scanner each time you want to listen to a certain frequency.2.Uniden BC125AT


Additional features

There are certain features you will want and need in your radio scanner. One such feature is the search mode that basically allows you to search for frequencies that are not listed. If you have certain frequencies that you want found by the unit, this feature will come in handy, since you may not find them in local listings or frequency books.

Various search modes may be available on the model you want to use. For instance, modes like direct search and band search are available on certain models. Limited search may also be available, so you can adjust your search for certain frequencies. This way, you will be able to find some new frequencies and this hunting like process can be pretty exciting.

Do not neglect another feature, such as scan speed on your radio scanner. This number tells you how fast the scanner can go when searching for channels. It usually illustrates the number of channels per second the scanner is capable of identifying. As expected, a unit with a high scan speed is of better quality and it can offer you more accurate results within a short time. If you are wondering what the average speed for a regular scanner is, 25 channels per second is something common. Those who are into radio scanning as a hobby may find this enough, but professionals usually go for models that can scan 50 channels per second and more.



Top radio scanners in 2018


A radio scanner is used to monitor certain frequencies, two or more at a time in some cases. This device is often used by journalists, crime investigation units and so on. More and more people are making monitoring certain frequencies a hobby and are buying more advanced scanners. You have a multitude of options if you decide to purchase one, and this may prove confusing in some cases. As a solution, read the best radio scanners reviews and you will find the top models in 2018.



Uniden BC75XLT


Best Radio scanners reviewsThe Uniden BC75XLT has a compact design and this allows the user to have it with him, everywhere he will go. With it you will have at your disposal 6 pre-programmed service searches, which can prove to be a great advantage. The backlit display is large enough and you see clearly all the frequencies, save them if they are the right ones and many more options. Also this radio scanner has a large memory space and a user can save up to 300 channels. These features have convinced our team of experts to give it the number one spot on our list.




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Uniden BC125AT


The top radio scanners reviews believe the Uniden BC125AT is a very reliable scanner, perfect if you are constantly on the road because it has a compact design. This scanner can assign up to 500 channels different alpha numerical names, thus proving of immense value when you are trying to organize them. Also, it is fitted with the superior close-call RF Frequency Capture mode, giving you a wide range of possibilities. This model will even allow you to listen in to the civil and military aircraft bands.



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Uniden BC355N


The Uniden BC355N is a base mobile scanner which can prove to be very useful for journalists or people who follow different frequencies as a hobby. The scan speed of 100 channels per second makes it superior to most other scanners in the market. You will have a wide range of frequencies from which to choose from, from amateur radios bands to emergency bands. The display has a large size, allowing the user to see the numbers of the frequency clearly. We consider it to be a reliable scanner, worth being on our list.



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Uniden BCD396XT TrunkTracker IV


If you are looking for a top handheld scanner, you should seriously consider getting the Uniden BCD396XT because it has the right size and capabilities. Its ability to access an astonishing 25,000 channels, thus it has made experts and customers alike to consider this model as one of the best radio scanners in 2018.  Another advantage is its GPS feature. This option will allow you scan quickly nearby agencies, proving very valuable in many circumstances. You won’t need any programming to capture close transmissions thanks to the Close Call RF feature.



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Uniden BC345CRS


With the Uniden BC345CRS you will be able to scan up to 90 memorized channels per second, so you don’t waste any time and you are informed about everything that occurs, relayed to you by frequency you are following. The large internal memory will let you memorize up to 500 channels. You even have an Alarm clock at your disposal, plus the very helpful Public Safety Scanner and Weather Scan. Be always informed about everything that is going on around you with the Uniden BC345CRS, a model highly regarded by the best radio scanners reviews.



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