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For millions of housewives in the US, the kitchen represents a culinary platform where freedom and intuition can create delicious treats for guests and family. Even thou the food preparation process leads to tasty dishes that people love, it seems that taking care of the adjacent smell needs to disappear. Well, this is where a professional range hood can lend a helping hand. Once you manage to install a high quality range hood in your kitchen, you will be able to cook without worrying that the smell will spread all across the house. Consulting the present best range hoods reviews represents the quickest way to find a suitable model, ideal for your kitchen.


Broan QS130SS range hood


Best range hoods under $200One of the special brands that create high quality range hoods is Broan. To this end, seeing QS130SS from Broan among the best range hoods under $200 comes as no surprise. This model has a quite operating system of 1.5 sones, set at normal speed. It has 2 speed fan, accompanied with 2 levels light setting that uses halogen lamp which gives you greater control over the device. Made out of stainless steel, the range hood will be durable and resist the constant pressure from smoke. In addition to its sleek appearance, the model is HVI 2100 certified, for the performance displayed on various usage.

“I wanted to get a range hood so my kitchen doesn’t get full of smoke when I cook different stuff. The best option for me was the Broan QS130SS with its excellent characteristics. I also like its appearance which is modern and sleek at the same time.” – Jane White

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Broan 413004 range hood


You are probably looking for an efficient range hood but which is also affordable. Well, after detailed review on Broan-NuTone 413004, we recommend this range hood as a future integrant part of your kitchen. Regarded as one of the best range hoods under $100, this model can be installed as a non-ducted device with charcoal filter. In addition, the hood comes with a 75-watt cooktop lighting which allows you see better how the food evolves. With a futuristic look, the device can blend with ease in any kitchen. Made out of stainless steel, this range hood resists to external harmful agents.

“The Broan 413004 range hood was impressive when I read its features and after I installed it over my stove it impressed me some more. My kitchen now is smokless when I am cooking and I manage to have this luxury after paying a very affordable price for it.” – Robert Jones

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Broan F403023 range hood


With a stunning contemporary design, Broan F403023 range hood will add a touch of elegance in your kitchen, while also suctioning steam and food smell. You have the possibility to install the device vertically, non-ducted or horizontally. It has 2 speed control, for various food preparation situations and light lens for additional lighting conditions while cooking. The model has an aluminum filter that can be converted to non-ducted, once you remove the convert plate from the front of hood and safely installing the non-ducted filter. It is a silent range hood with 6.5 Sones or 190 CFM performance that permits you to go about your business, making it one of the best range hoods under $50.

“This range hood is very reliable and in the time I have owned it, I haven’t had one problem with it, doing its job properly. The whole device runs very quietly so I don’t disturb anyone while I am cooking. I think every kitchen should use a range hood like this.” – Mary Cooper

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Broan 413001 range hood


If you are looking for an efficient yet affordable range hood then you should use with confidence Broan 413001, a model present in thousands of American homes. Regarded by many as one of the best range hoods under $50, this model needs to be installed as a non-ducted, accompanied by a charcoal filter. Furthermore the range hood has a 75 watt lighting cooktop system which permits you to see better how the food evolves. It also comes with a rocker type fan and a precise 2 speed fan control settings which gives you the possibility to customize the whole cooking experience.

“My experience with this range hood from Broan has led me to believe that this device for my kitchen has a very high value. The 2 speed control comes in handy depending on what I cook and seriously I couldn’t want anything more from a range hood.” – Rachel Otten

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Broan F403604 range hood


According to the present user testimonials and technical studies it seems that more and more people consider Broan F403604 as one of the best range hoods under $100. This 4-way convertible model can fit with ease into most of the current applications, being also very easy to clean. The range hood has a dishwasher safe aluminum grease filter which limits the apparition of problems. It is HVI certifies and it includes a 7 inch round adapter and 3-1/4 inch by 10 inch adapter. Made out of stainless steel with precise finishes, this advanced range hood will blend perfectly in any kitchen.

“For a very resonable price I have managed to get my hands on this range hood which delivers some nice performances, making my kitchen smoke free when I am cooking some delicious stuff. The cleaning process is simple as well so I don’t waste too much time doing it.” – Alice Moore

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