Best RC car reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best RC car money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of info about the best RC cars on the market by looking at the value offered for the price, the owner feedback, as well as the overall brand and unit quality. In addition, we referred to several expert review sites to find out what they have to say about the critically acclaimed alternatives. Out of all of the products we have looked at, the Traxxas 36054 Stampede XL-5 is the best as it has a remarkably powerful motor for a miniature monster truck. What’s more, it can even reach speeds such as 30 mph, which is downright impressive for such a product. Also, the Traxxas has a built-in cooling fan that makes it possible for the motor to keep running even when it’s being utilized continuously. If the traxxas 36054 Stampede XL-5 is out of stock, we suggest considering the second best alternative on the market today, the Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy.



What to Consider When Buying a Top RC Car


These days, it seems to be more complicated than ever to purchase one of the best RC cars out there. With so many models in the marketplace, any buyer can end up feeling just a tad baffled. That’s why we’ve decided to take the hassle out of your buying process by putting together a helpful guide that can assist you in making the right choice. Just remember, it’s often times crucial to consider your needs, preferences, and requirements before choosing one unit over the next.1.Traxxas 36054

Car type

The type of the car you want to buy is probably the first factor you need to have in mind. You’ll have to choose between street, drift, buggy, truggy cars or trucks. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Take street RC cars, for instance. They’re the best if what you want is a model that runs fast on paved or flat surfaces. However, they might not raise up to par when used in your backyard. Drift, buggy and truggy cars are excellent options to take into account if you want both onroad and offroad driving. Probably the biggest, baddest and fastest are monster trucks. Even so, they’re not the excellent option on the road, but they do very well in the woods and on grassy surfaces.



Nitro or electric

Many units are electric, but several nitro options still exist and should be analyzed as well. For example, nitro RC vehicles have longer run times and sound better, according to some people. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than their electric counterparts, and can smell quite bad as they run on gas. While we’re at it, here’s another inconvenience. You’ll have to always purchase gas if you choose a nitro product. The benefits of electric RC cars are close to countless, as these cars are more affordable, require less maintenance, and don’t smell like anything. Even so, there are disadvantages to this type as well. For example, an electric RC vehicle works for as long as its battery allows it to. While it might have fast acceleration, the run time is somewhat limited and one does require to wait for several hours in order for the batteries to be recharged.



Type of motor

Nowadays, you may find two kinds of motors: brushed and brushless. While brushed ones are certainly cheaper, they might be less effective in the long run, as most lack a lot of power. On the other hand, brushless alternatives are fast, efficient, and have enough power in order for the car to keep running for a longer amount of time. Another difference between these two kinds that is worth mentioning is that brushed motors usually have an expiration date and tend to last as little as six months. On the contrary, with proper care and maintenance, brushless motors could just as well be used forever.



Battery type

Obviously, nitro options don’t rely on batteries for anything. But if what you intend to purchase is an electric car, you need to be aware of the fact that there are two types of batteries one may go for: LiPo or Ni-Mh. LiPo are more convenient on a broad array of levels, as they’re usually considered as the batteries of the future. They’re versatile, powerful and more reliable, even if they do pose a risk to the operator’s safety as they can explode if they aren’t charged properly. By contrast, Ni-Mh are less expensive compared to their LiPo counterparts and are typically thought of as being more safe. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Ni-Mh can’t even come close to the reliability of a LiPo battery. If you’re looking for performance and an overall better battery life, choose LiPo, even if it costs ten dollars or more than a Ni-Mh option.2.Redcat Racing Shockwave

Price and brand

Some of the biggest companies in the industry of manufacturing top-notch remote controlled vehicles are TRAXXAS, Exceed, HPI, and Tamiya. It goes without saying that choosing a product from one of these brands will cost a pretty penny, but if durability and high quality is what you are looking for, be sure to choose no other. For instance, some of the cheapest RC cars are now being developed by shady manufacturers based in Asia that don’t offer warranties or any kind of servicing on their units. What’s more, most of these names have no US headquarters, and so communication with customer support might be non-existent.

Some of the best remote controlled cars are showcased below.



Top RC cars in 2017


A great remote controlled car can brighten up the day of children and adults alike. There are so many interesting and fascinating models out there that selecting a single product is more than challenging. Taking into consideration the fact that some people find it hard to find a captivating model, we decided to study the market. Going through some of the best RC cars on the market was a delight. We tested over 30 of the most efficient products out there for over 80 hours. After correlating the data from each quality test we drafted the best RC car reviews on five pretty amazing models.



Traxxas 36054 The Stampede XL-5 Truck


Best RC car reviews For any little boy having an amazing monster truck that can be controlled from a distance represents a dream come true. This is why we recommend the 36054 Stamped XL-5 Truck from Traxxas. This powerful monster truck has a fierce new look and is powered by an impressive Titan 12-turn 550 modified motor. It uses 7-Cell Ni-MH power cell battery in order to properly run. Due to the powerful racing Magnum 272 transmission system this truck can reach speeds over 30 mph! Furthermore, it has incorporated a special cooling fan that maintains the motor cool and ready for more!



Buy from for ($215)




Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy


Choosing the right RC car ensures that your little one will be happy and busy for hours. This is why more and more parents want to invest in the best RC car in 2017! Obviously when it comes to quality RC cars, Redcat can’t be overlooked.The Racing Shockwave Nitro buggy incorporates a Nitro 2.67cc Vertex engine which makes it ideal for long racing sessions. The device has special composite disc brakes for proper control over each terrain surface. Furthermore the RC car uses 2.4GHz radio technology for data transmission and impressive control!



Buy from for ($159.99)




Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car


The current best RC car reviews underline the superb design of the Grasshopper from Tamiya. This high quality remote control car is perfect for kids that love racing. It is very easy to assemble! Due to the lightweight design, the Grasshopper is very easy to control. The car offers a unique driving experience! It has a durable plastic body, completed by a bathtub resin monocoque chassis for proper control during each drive. The RC car has a solid frame which can handle even the toughest of terrains! In addition to the high quality racing theme, the car incorporates strong wheels for proper grip performance on dirt.



Buy from for ($109.99)




Maisto R/C Rock Crawler


A top rated RC car in 2017 in the hands of a racing fan can offer hours of joy and excitement. Maisto RC Rock Crawler is a great addition to any home where kids support NASCAR or Formula 1. This advanced off-road control truck incorporates 2 motors and high-end suspension for an enhanced driving experience. The truck is 12.5” long and features sporty rear and font suspension, ideal for handling rough terrains. It uses tri-channel transmitter which allows 3 people to play with the vehicle at the same time. Boys and girls can take the car outside and play for hours!



Buy from for ($45.38)




XQ/RASTER Remote control Lamborghini


A growing number of parents want to offer their children a great RC car, especially on Christmas day or birthdays. One of the best RC cars in 2017 is the XQ/RASTER Lamborghini, a unique toy that simply delights children. The car measures 1/18scale, incorporating advanced radio control frequencies for proper maneuvering. This powerful RC car can be used on different types of terrains. This Lamborghini car uses 4 “AA” batteries for a prolonged driving experience. Furthermore the remote control includes a 9 volt battery which works in unison with the car for the excellent driving precision. Parents should know that the car is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.



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