Best recliner chair cover reviews

Have you visited one too many websites trying to find the best recliner chair cover money can buy? Allow us to lighten the shopping load with this short but detailed paragraph. For us to collect as much information as possible on the best product, we consulted plenty of expert review sites for furniture covers and compared the ratings there with what actual users say. Our intensive research led us to what we consider the best one, the Walter Drake Leather Look. This product provides easy care thanks to its machine-washable polyester material. The antique gold nailhead trim provides a really nice accent to give a fantastic appearance to the covered seat. The extra-long flaps provide an optimum coverage to ensure that every critical chair component is protected. The covered elastic back strap works nicely with the non-slip gripper backing for a seamless, smooth and great-looking finish to any recliner chair. Should stocks of the Walter Drake Leather Look run short, don’t despair, as there is the Madison JER-LGRECL-PU that makes a good alternative.



Buying guide


Brand-new recliner chairs have a nice, showroom look that will eventually fade with time. However, because of the hefty investment you made on it, a recliner chair just can’t be thrown out when it has lost its smart, new look. The best solution is to get a recliner chair cover, but what aspects do you look at in your purchase?

The best recliner chair cover reviews give high ratings to products made of top-quality fabric

A range of various fabrics come with their own differences, advantages, and disadvantages and this becomes even more pronounced when we talk about recliner chair covers. The high-quality products come with polyester, polyester-spandex composites and/or faux leather and polyester combinations.

Polyester is remarkably strong and durable. It is also resistant to a large variety of chemicals. Polyester is resilient against shrinking, creases, mildew and abrasion. It dries fast thanks to its hydrophobic nature. Look for washable polyester covers for easy maintenance.

One of the biggest drawbacks of polyester is that it is not breathable. The material is typically considered uncomfortable against the skin. Because its fibers are not vulnerable to nature’s extremes, polyester holds its shape well and does not fade with sun exposure.

Because it is a synthetic fabric, polyester is not environmentally-friendly. It has an often-unattractive shine to it. Stains can be a huge task to eliminate on polyester.

Spandex is quite elastic and offers good resilience against perspiration, oils, and lotions. Lightweight and strong, the fabric is also durable aside from being smooth, soft, and easy to care for. The combination of polyester and spandex blends the strengths -and of course, the weaknesses- of the two materials.

Like polyester, spandex doesn’t really breathe well and is slippery on its surface. It is quite vulnerable to heat and will show the imperfections of the covered chair. Those are the reasons why you’d like just a smidge of spandex combined with a material such as polyester.

Something like 5 percent spandex for stretch and 95 percent polyester for ample coverage should be adequate.

Since faux leather does not come from an animal, it is an environmentally-friendly material. It is a great fabric for large project applications, such as upholstery covers. The material is versatile, easy to use, and works just like leather. It is easy to wipe clean.

Faux leather is not breathable and doesn’t age to the characteristic patina of real leather. It also punctures or rips more easily and doesn’t possess the same hypoallergenic property as genuine leather. In combination with fabric like polyester, the material may get stronger.


The best recliner cover for the money provides ample coverage for the recliner chair

If you are to choose between an intricate-looking chair cover and a simple one, you should unquestionably go for the latter. Simple covers mean fewer adjustments and problems on the fit. Elaborate embellishments will just pose problems along the way, such as too many accents that can detach with time, or too many curves and lines to actually fit the chair at all.

Look at products with the barest minimum of accents such as nailhead trims and nothing else. The product should provide a customized fit while covering all the vital components nicely and just at the right spots, and also while enhancing the chair’s overall look. You want extra-long arm flaps to ensure premium coverage.

Some even come with a covered elastic back strap plus a slip-proof gripper backing for a secure fit. You might want a cover with convenient pockets to hold newspapers or other reading materials and a variety of other items.


A good cover for recliner use should be easy to maintain

Not all fabrics are easy to clean off of stains and other unsightly things that may set in if left on the cover for too long. You want an easy-to-clean material on the recliner chair cover. Whenever possible, go for a machine-washable product for easy cleaning.

This means the cover can look like new even after years of use. The seams should not come loose easily, so you want a solidly-made cover as well.



Top recliner chair covers in 2017


As with any major decision, buying a recliner cover can spell the difference between giving your recliner an upgraded look or just buying a new recliner chair altogether. Hopefully, the information in the above buying guide helps you become a more informed consumer. We have also highlighted the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Walter Drake Leather Look 


If you consider how the Walter Drake Leather Look is designed for easy care, you will unmistakably not look at another recliner cover on the market again. This product is effortless to maintain with its machine-washable polyester material. You’ll love how you can just throw this product in the washer when it gets soiled and dirty from use.

Afterward, it will revert to its nice, clean look again to upgrade your recliner chair or at least give it back its former glory, so to speak. You will also love the antique, gold nailhead trim that provides a nice accent to the entire chair cover. The edges are nicely sewn for a seamless, neat, and clean look.

Available in chocolate and/or cognac hues, this product covers up the typically worn-out sections of a recliner chair namely, the seat, backrest, and arms. It works pretty much like an apron by protecting the often pricey upholstery from permanent damage due to stains, or simply keeping the unmentionable stuff on the furniture upholstery out of sight.

The extra-long arm straps provide ample coverage over the arms of the chair and even going beyond for added protection to the sides. The covered elastic back strap works with the non-slip gripper backing to deliver a smooth, non-slip coverage for your prized recliner.

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You will love the lovely, purple color of the Madison JER-LGRECL-PU that makes it a delicious-looking addition to any modern room of the house. This large recliner slipcover is made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex, for just the right amount and more-than-enough durable coverage for your prized recliner chair.

Aside from its lovely ice cream color, this slipcover is able to easily and quickly update the look of any room with its bright hue and seamless design. It goes well with the rest of your modern room decor while delivering a cozy and soft stretch over the chair for a smooth-looking seat, armrests, and backrest.

This chair cover saves you money on getting your recliner chair reupholstered when it is worn out, or when there’s an impossible-to-remove stain. It also saves the original upholstery from unwanted damage caused in the future by stains, rips or tearing. The investment you make on this product protects the one you make on your recliner chair, and for the long term too.

This product comes with a maximum stretchability of 30 percent to provide a customized fit for your chair. The soft and cozy knit fabric can be washed and dried in the machine, enabling effortless and convenient maintenance and cleaning.

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Sure Fit Vintage 198424120N


Made of faux leather and polyester, the Sure Fit Vintage 198424120N_RECLINER is an innovative furniture protector that upgrades a worn out recliner chair or simply protects new furniture from damage due to dirt and stains. You will love the faux-leather-and-polyester construction that combines the strengths of the two materials while overcoming their weaknesses.

The faux leather component of the fabric behaves in the same way as leather by being easy to wipe clean when needed and as applicable. Faux leather is a versatile type of material. It is versatile, easy to use, and works just like leather. Large upholstery projects like this recliner chair cover leverage the fine elements in faux leather.

The combination of faux leather with polyester makes the product stronger. The solid pattern won’t clash with your existing room decor and design. This recliner cover is machine washable for problem-free maintenance. You’ll love the rich brown color that provides a luxurious look to your recliner furniture.

This product also comes with a gorgeous, distressed look that makes it appear it has withstood the test of time and has attained a characteristic patina resembling that of old and worn leather. This makes the cover achieve less of an imitation-leather texture and more of the real thing. Impressive, right?

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