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If you’re here just to find the best recliner for back pain and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected much information about the best recliner for back pain by going over numerous expert review sites and actual owner feedback. Our painstaking research has led us to conclude that the Oslo Collection Mac Motion is the best because it offers value for money, coming as a full package with a recliner and ottoman, which bargain hunters can truly appreciate. The components are made of top grain, not synthetic, leather, to ensure durability. The adjustable headrest ensures customized use every time. If the Oslo Collection 52/LO3-32/103 is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the Southern Enterprises UP7673R.



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How to Choose a New Recliner for Back Pain


A recliner is generally considered a man’s classic piece of furniture, but who’s to say that the many stylish recliners on sale on today’s market is also everyone’s favorite chair? When browsing through popular online selling sites and furniture catalogues, there are essential aspects you should take note of in a recliner. Just some of those elements include the following.

best recliner for back pain


Two position recliners feature two positions (of course!), either upright, for comfortable sitting up, or fully reclined, a position you can sleep in. This design employs a footrest that you use to recline it completely. Cheaper than other recline styles, two-position models also come in limited colors and fabrics. They need plenty of room to allow full reclining position.

Rocker recliners are also designated as wall-saver units, the most popular recliner design. Allowing you to sit at various reclining angles, they are best for bad back sufferers. A rocker recliner can be positioned a bit closer to the wall compared to a two-position recliner, so it is ideal for small living spaces.

A push-back or flex-back recliner is a stylish piece of furniture that typically costs more than all the other types. Generally sold in leather, a push-back recliner comes with seat that you push back into to facilitate a reclined position, ensuring fantastic functionality when paired with ottoman.



Fit and Materials

Your recliner should fit you much like a pair of boots should give you a perfect fit. This will determine how much comfort you can expect from the unit. For tall people, a larger recliner will do the trick/ Thus, when other people use the recliner, it may not offer the same level of comfort as for the taller primary user. The seat width and depth should accommodate your build with sufficient room and comfort, too. Most recliners come in genuine leather or synthetic leather, which can be a combination of vinyl and leather. Top grain leather units coordinate truly well with living room decor and sets. Microfiber is another popular recliner material, thanks to its resistance to stains while being a pocket-friendly alternative to leather.




Aside from being equipped with lumbar support, some models also come with cup holders to maximize your reclining experience. Imagine having your favorite beverage at arm’s reach while watching TV, reading the papers or a good book, or just enjoying a conversation with family. Comfortable armrests round off the experience. Some models even incorporate a head pillow for a truly relaxing recline.


There are plenty of recliners on the market, making the buying experience a more challenging one for consumers. However, the information provided in the above buying guide should enable you to have an easier time making the perfect choice in a recliner. We highlight the best recliners for back pain below.



Top Recliners for Back Pain in 2017



Oslo Collection Mac Motion


1.Oslo Collection 52LO3-32103Truly a best selling product, the Oslo Collection 52/LO3-32/103 boasts premium quality Norwegian design with a matching ottoman for superior comfort. The recliner and ottoman package boasts top grain leather material, for superior durability and resistance to moisture and damage. The swivel motion of the recliner allows you to change the position of the unit to your preferred one every time, bringing you comfort without the need to lift the entire unit to change its orientation. The adjustable headrest lets you rest your head in complete comfort, effectively reducing neck pain when used for long periods.

The frame is made of tough hardwoods, with the bent arm frame complemented by a back cushion with wraparound seat to envelop you in softness. Enjoy resting and relaxing in this recliner with stable setting and adjustable reclining back for a customized relaxation experience. Use a single handle for angle adjustment. The MX-2 memory foam ensures lasting comfort and easy support.


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Southern Enterprises UP7673RC


2.Cafe Brown Leather Recliner with OttomanThe Cafe Brown Leather delivers the concept of luxury and comfort right in your own home. Comprising a recliner and ottoman, this impressive relaxation package allows you to rest in total comfort with its easy blending of traditional elegance and modern functionality. The bonded leather material ensures durability and a plush supple texture so you can rest in style. A superb plus is the smooth sliding table, giving you a unique feature that resembles a richly upholstered airline seat with cup holder for holding your favorite relaxation beverage or for simply keeping the remote close by. This ergonomically designed recliner and ottoman set will easily become the favorite seat in the house.

The recliner is equipped with a revolutionary mechanical glide system that locks your preferred recline angle into position for stability, The seat also has a 360-degree swivel so you can change the position without lifting the entire unit. The all-birch hardwood true “U” upgraded designer base delivers strong and sturdy support.


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Fjords Admiral


3.Fjords Admiral Small Leather ReclinerWeight tested to 300 pounds, the Fjords Admiral boasts an ergonomic Norwegian/ Scandinavian design with an innovative C-frame for ultimate comfort and style. This recliner and ottoman package delivers a comfortable relaxation experience every time. The plush back and head pillow are designed for support so you won’t get neck pain as well as back pain. Your legs and back can be fully relaxed while on the recliner and ottoman. Experience adequate support to your spine with the anatomically correct angle of recline for adjusting the unit. The seat, back, armrests and ottoman are manufactured with cold cure molded foam to ensure durability and non-sagging support.

The ergonomically designed chair delivers consistent comfort and support in either small or large size. The suppleness and texture of the chair is retained longer, so its physical appearance will not get altered even after years of use. The innovative gliding mountings on the chair deliver a customized recline positions every time. The weight of your body determines the appropriate reclining angle.


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