Best Resistance Band Reviews

Tips for Buying the Best Resistance Band


Getting the best resistance band of 2018 may look like a daunting task. The market’s filled with good, dependable products, which is why any customer can end up feeling baffled. If you are having trouble deciding which model you should pick, we’re here to help. Check out the buying guide that we’ve put together to help you correlate your needs and preferences with the features you might be looking for in a product.

Best Resistance Band

Why get a resistance band in the first place?

Out of the many benefits of purchasing and using a resistance band, we’ll emphasize the most important ones. The price is probably the first reason to get such a workout accessory, as most models are reasonably affordable. Secondly, resistance bands are portable and comfortably fit in a suitcase, which means that they can be utilized even when you’re traveling to another city.

Versatility is yet another core feature of these items, as workout routines are bound to get a little boring if they remain the same, every day. Resistance bands can be utilized for stimulating a certain muscle set or for completing general exercises, that solicit the user’s entire body.

Achieving exercise goals can happen effectively and quickly on account of using these workout accessories, as some models are known to challenge users in an adequate fashion. The right resistance level and the correct tension in the band can help a user’s muscles to benefit from enough exercise.


What type of resistance band are you looking for?

While most models on the current market are made of rubber or of a combination of rubber and other fabrics, resistance bands can largely be split into two categories: basic and tube models.

The basic ones are wide rubber strips and they differ in length depending on the desired resistance level and on the intended use. The tube kind is made of rubber or cord and is a little more complex compared to its basic counterparts. These considerably vary in length and attachments, and their handles can be made with foam or plastic. The foam ones are traditionally preferred, as they somehow manage to prevent blisters in spite of continuous use.


Resistance levels

There are four main types of resistance levels, and they range from light to extra-heavy. It goes without saying that the light ones address the needs of absolute beginners or elderly users, while the extra-heavy ones are fit to use by strong and experienced buyers.



The neat thing about most models is that the color usually depicts the resistance level. Thus, orange varieties are generally extra small, while the black ones are either medium or mega large. The larger the size, the greater the resistance level.


Top Resistance Bands in 2018


In order to make your buying journey a breeze, we’ve compiled a list of the most acclaimed bands on the current market. All of the following have acquired the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers and have been granted some of the best resistance band reviews. They’re affordable and dependable.


Black Mountain Set


1.Black Mountain Resistance Band SetThe neat thing about getting this product is that it comes with a series of bands with various colors and resistance levels, ranging from yellow to black and red. All of the bands included in the pack have a length of 48 inches.

The set includes an exercise chart, a carrying bag, a starter guide, a door anchor and an ankle strap. The product has cushioned foam handles, which makes it reasonably comfortable to use.

The Black Mountain set is among the top rated resistance bands we’ve come across, and it comes as no surprise that it has received some of the best resistance band reviews.

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DynaPro Direct


2.DynaPro Direct Resistance BandsDynaPro Direct is one of the most well-known manufacturers of exercise and fitness accessories, and this product is no different to the brand’s quality standards. It’s one of the most inexpensive bands we’ve come across. Customers have the freedom to choose from any of the available color variants, ranging from green to blue.

The bands can either be purchased separately or in a set, which includes 3 colors for 3 different resistance levels.

The manufacturer is offering a 1-year limited warranty that covers the product in case of any defects in quality or materials.

The model has gathered over 750 positive reviews.

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SPRI Es501R Xertube


3.SPRI Xertube Resistance BandJust when we thought resistance bands couldn’t get more affordable, we stumbled upon this one. Most online marketplaces sell the variety for a little less than fifty bucks, but Amazon customers can get it for half the price, provided that they take advantage of the retailer’s sale discounts.

The band is made of high-quality rubber which is known to offer progressive resistance. Buyers can purchase any of the five available colors and resistance levels, ranging from yellow to purple.

The length of the tubes varies according to the resistance level, with light and very light measuring 44” and heavy and ultra heavy measuring 53”.

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Valeo Medium Resistance Tube


4.Valeo Medium Resistance TubeThe Valeo is a simple to use band that speaks to the needs of average users. The product can be used for improving endurance and coordination and it is a great help when it comes to developing core strength.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one features cushioned foam handles, which considerably increase the comfort on the part of the user.

Buyers state that while it might not be the right model for turning users into Mr. Universe, it’s a winner if you’re looking for help with toning. Most customers speak highly of how easy it is to use and assemble or disassemble.

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Athleema Set of 3


5.Athleema Set of 3 Loop BandsWe’ve saved the Athleema set for the last as it might be a little out of the budget of some people. It’s different compared to the models showcased above, as loop bands can be utilized for any type of workouts in the leg and arm area.

The bands are made with high-quality latex, which considerably contributes to the overall item durability.

The set contains three loop bands: a green, light resistance one, a blue, medium resistance one and a red, heavy resistance one. The carrying bag is included in the pack.

Most of the reviews that we’ve analyzed have emphasized that this product offers great value for the price.

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