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If you are in the market for the best retro fridge money can get you, this short introductory paragraph should clue you in. Because we are well aware of how dreadful reading specialized reviews on the topic can be, we took it upon ourselves to make this process effortless for you. Therefore, after doing some extensive legwork, we have concluded that the Smeg FAB32UPGLN is the model that you should invest in. Apart from having a beautiful, classic design, this unit comes provided with a no frost system and a fast freezing function that you are prone to like. Moreover, the product features practical LED interior lighting and it is said to have a total storage volume capacity of 8.2 cu. ft. If the Smeg FAB32UPGLN is out of stock, check out the Elmira Stove Works Northstar 1952CR as it is a reliable, eye-catching unit that will surely meet your expectations.



Buying guide


If you are still trying to find the best retro style fridge but you find it challenging to navigate through the multitude of models that are up for sale, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Consequently, we have composed a list of key features that are worthy of your attention whenever shopping in this line of products.


According to reviews of retro fridges, one of the most relevant aspects that you should consider before making any purchase is the unit’s size. As expected, when selecting a model one should take the time to examine the space that one has available in the kitchen.

Therefore, you should start by measuring the height, width, and depth of various places that you consider suitable to place the model in. What is more, before you make a decision, don’t forget to take into account other aspects such as door hinge accommodation, easiness to clean, door opening space, etc. These measurements are particularly important if you have a small kitchen.

Even more so, before you place any orders retro refrigerators reviews suggest that you also make sure that you leave an inch of empty space between the fridge ad the ceiling as well as between it and the wall behind it. This way, the unit will be capable of getting plenty of ventilation and its motor and compressor won’t be affected in the long run.


Internal capacity

When it comes to picking a model that is sizeable enough, another aspect that you should have your eyes on is the unit’s capacity. Normally, this is measured in cubic feet. From this point of view, the specialists point to the fact that a good way to determine whether or not a model is suitable is by remembering that each adult requires approximately 4 or 6 cu. ft. of fridge space.

Consequently, a good retro fridge that is suitable for a family of four should have at least 118 cu. ft., while a couple that is fond of cooking could just as easily settle for a 16 cu. ft. model. Nonetheless, it is prudent that you purchase a product that has a larger capacity as you will find the extra space rather practical whenever cooking for a friends get-together.



Another aspect that you should bear in mind has to do with the model’s design. Hence, if you want to end up with the best retro fridge freezer, you should spend some time researching the pros and cons of each style available.

On the one hand, the units that feature a top freezer are affordable, compact, and easy to find on the market. Still, they might be difficult to use by children as they are prone to have difficulties accessing the upper part of the unit.

On the other hand, the bottom freezer units are considerably more practical. Due to the fact that the freezer is located on the lower part of the unit, you will have effortless access to it and you won’t have to hunch over every time you want to take something out of it. Likewise, these latter units are a bit bigger than that previously discussed items. Lastly, there are models that do not come fitted with freezers.

Last but not least, in order to end up with a reliable unit, one should also be aware of the additional features that some units contain. For instance, some models have shelves that are spill proof and fruit and vegetable bins that allow the user to control the humidity so that the products stay fresh for an extended period of time.



Top Retro Fridges in 2018


If you are yet not sure of what model to pick, we have decided to make this task even easier for you. Thus, we have selected a handful of quality models that are worth your time and money.





With a great price to value ratio and plenty of positive reviews, the Smeg FAB32UPGLN Refrigerator might be the unit for you. Thanks to its glossy finish and rounded corners, this model is said to blend well in both retro and modern kitchens.

Moreover, this 11.7 cu.ft. unit features a frost free system that is said to actually prevent the formation of frost inside it. As a result, by settling for this model you will not have to periodically defrost it.

Additionally, this product also comes fitted with a fast freezing option. By using it, you can set the device to bring the temperature of a certain compartment down in order to better preserve food.

Even more so, the model also contains an interior LED lighting system, a fruit and vegetable container, 3 glass shelves that are adjustable and a bottle storage shelf. Similarly, the bottom freezer has a total capacity of 3.5 cu. ft. and it features two practical drawers, including a fast freezing compartment.

The model is 75.85″ in height, it has a width of 24’ and it weighs 182.00 lbs. At the time we did our research, the unit had received positive reviews from both previous buyers and the specialists.

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Elmira Stove Works Northstar 1952CR


If you are searching for a model that will instantly draw attention to itself, then check out the Elmira Stove Works Northstar 1952CR. This sizeable unit has a total capacity of 18.2 cu. ft. and it is said to come fitted with glass shelves that are spill-proof and totally adjustable.

As a plus, this product includes a 5.11 cu. ft. freezer that is situated in the upper part of the unit. When ordering the device, one can also opt for optional left-hand hinges. Similarly, you might like to know that this model is also compatible with an ice maker as well as with an optional draft beer system.

The thing that makes this unit quite appealing is the fact that it combines a beautiful 50’s inspired exterior with a modern and 100% efficient interior. Similarly, it is worth knowing that the product was developed by a manufacturer that has been on the market for more than 40 years.

What is more, this free-standing product is highly efficient as it only uses 329 kilowatts per hour. When it comes to its dimension, we feel like it is important that we mention that this unit measures 36.2 x 30 x 70 inches and that it weighs 315 pounds.

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Another fabulous-looking fridge that you are definitely going to like is the Smeg FAB28UBLL1. This single door unit has received plenty of positive reviews and is currently regarded as one of the few efficient vintage models on the market.

The device is quite small in size as it has a total capacity of 9.22 cu. ft. Therefore, the model is suitable for a one-person type of kitchen. The refrigerator contains interior lights and no less than three adjustable glass shelves. Besides, the unit includes a bottle rack and a fixed glass shelf. A special dairy box and a distinct container for fruits and vegetables are also incorporated.

Furthermore, the door comes provided with 2 egg bins, 4 adjustable drawers that can be used for different purposes, two containers where one can store bottles and two cases that are covered for extra protection. Similarly, the freezer includes an ice cube tray.

Technically speaking, this unit belongs to the climatic class T and it has an energy consumption ratio of 305 kWh/year. The model measures 57½”h x 23⅝”w x 27½”d and it has a gross weight of 181.4lbs.

When installed, this product requires that a 6 7/8″ gap is left on the left side of the device in order to be able to fully open its door. If you intend to place it next to a wall, a larger gap that measures up to 12 1/2″ is necessary.

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