Best retro turntable reviews

Are you searching for the best retro turntable but you just lack the time to go online and read specialized reviews? If so, this short paragraph should contain all the info that you need.  After taking the time to do the research on your behalf, we have concluded that the Electrohome Wellington EANOS502 is the product that you should purchase. This model is quite versatile as it can play vinyl records as well as radio, CDs and Mp3s. Moreover, this unit features a built-in stereo speaker that ensures that the music is heard clearly and loudly. Similarly, the device allows the user to connect to it by using headphones. If the Electrohome Wellington EANOS502 is out of stock, check out the 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable as it is a reliable model that you are likely to enjoy.



Buying guide


Knowing how to select the best vintage turntable for the money is a task that comes with its challenges. Given the fact that the market is now flooded with countless similar models that are up for sale, deciding on a unit is even trickier. To help you out, we have put together a short but comprehensive list of features that you should pay attention to before settling for an item.

Speed variation

One of the first aspects that you should consider if you want to purchase the best vintage turntable is the unit’s wow and flutter or, better yet, its speed variations. To put it in simple English, this feature is linked to just how well the turntable is capable of spinning the unit’s platter.

In case of variations from the speed of the record, you might experience what is normally called a wavering that directly affects the quality of the sound. Given these considerations, the specialists recommend that one settles for a ratio that is lower than 0.25%.


S/N ratio and playback speed

Other two features that you might want to have in mind while shopping for the best retro-looking turntables are the model’s S/N ratio and its playback speed. On the one hand, the signal-to-noise ratio is the one aspect that can help you understand how much background noise the unit will allow. Therefore, it is best that you settle for a model that comes provided with a high ratio (more than 65dB).

On the other hand, it is also advisable that you purchase a unit that supplies you with the necessary rotation speed. From this point of view, most models offer a capability between 33-1/3 RPM and 45 RPM.  However, if your vinyl collection requires 78 RPM, you should find a more capable unit.

Even more so, if you decide to buy a model that belongs to the latter category, most vintage turntable reviews recommend that you check whether or not the unit comes fitted with a special type of stylus that can perform well with wider grooves.


Tips and tricks

If you browse through the countless reviews of retro turntables that you can find online, one of the aspects pointed out by the specialists that will surely catch your eye is the fact that there are certain features that can be considered an advantage in any turntable.

Firstly, it is recommendable that you purchase an item that can be upgraded if necessary. What we mean by this is that some models have several components that can be replaced by newer ones that are more powerful than the original pieces. By settling for such a unit, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to improve and adjust the product in accordance with your needs and financial possibilities.

Similarly, it might also be a great idea to invest in a product that has a motor that is not close to the model’s plinth. This way, any type of additional vibrations that can interfere with the sound quality will be eliminated. As a plus, a high-quality cartridge is also a good long-term investment that you should consider making.

Last but not least, previous buyers of turntables claim that another essential feature that you should not ignore is the model’s versatility. Hence, it is desirable that you only purchase a product that can also be connected to modern devices such as your phone or tablet.



Top Retro Turntables in 2018


To help you select a reliable product, we have compiled a list of reliable units that are worthy of your time and attention. So, keep on reading and pick the one you like best!



Electrohome Wellington Record Player EANOS502


If you are looking for a unit that combines the high-quality of vintage turntables with the advanced modern day technology the EANOS502 model developed by Electrohome might be just what you need. This unit is often described as a 4-in-1 device that can play vinyl records, CDs, radio and that can be connected to basically any kind of smartphone by using a 3.5mm input or a USB.

Additionally, this product is constructed from mahogany wood, the reason why it has a beautiful, retro-looking design that you will simply fall in love with. As a plus, the included stereo speakers are said to produce a rich, ample sound that immediately fills a room and that delivers optimal performance.

The unit also comes supplied with a tipped ceramic needle that can ensure the production of a natural and warm sound. Moreover, the conical-shaped needle won’t harm your vinyl albums.

However, the feature that is highly regarded by the unit’s previous buyers is the device’s ability to convert your favorite records to MP3’s so that you can enjoy them while on the go. According to its current users, this model is classy and functional.

Buy from Amazon for ($199.98)




1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable


With great reviews from previous buyers and the specialists, the 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable is another unit that you should consider before placing any orders. This product sticks out from other similar products because it allows the user to switch between different RPM speeds (33 / 45 / 78).

Even more so, this device does not require that you purchase additional speakers, as it comes provided with the necessary internal speakers that do the job well. Consequently, this unit is space efficient and quite capable of delivering a high-quality sound. Besides, volume-wise, this unit has been described as sufficiently loud.

The model has excellent Bluetooth connectivity and it also features a USB slot. Similarly, this product’s volume can easily be controlled by using the integrated control knob.  The unit’s design can be described as basic, as it aims to allow the user effortless control over it.

This turntable has received positive reviews from previous users. The most appreciated features of the unit are its excellent design, its different input features as well as its powerful integrated speakers. Besides, the see-through cover that protects the vinyl is seen as a big plus as it is capable of shielding the record from being affected by dust.

Buy from Amazon for ($169.99)




Innovative Technology Victrola 50’s


If you are searching for a unit that looks like the old models, the Innovative Technology Victrola 50’s V50-200 might be something that you like. Apart from having a great price to value ratio, this model is highly regarded because it can stream music up to 33 feet away.

Even more so, the device has three speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM), the reason why many consider it a good investment. Likewise, the device also contains a built-in CD player, stereo speakers, as well as a radio (with Backlit Tuner). If you purchase it, you’ll be able to record from vinyl to MP3. This way you’ll have your favorite music with you at all times.

Among the features that make it a favorite among buyers, we feel like it is important that we mention its wireless Bluetooth connectivity and its ability to effortlessly digitalize old records.  Besides, the model is compatible with any recording software (Mac and PC).

Because the unit comes provided with an earphone jack, if you are not happy with the sound volume of the product, you can always connect the device to an additional pair of speakers. Still, previous buyers have said that the unit performs well and that the sound quality is excellent considering the product’s size and price.

Buy from Amazon for ($87.84)