Best Rifle Scope under 500


How to Select the Best Rifle Scope under 500


If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best rifle scope under 500. It’s difficult to make a choice nowadays, when new models come out every year. The manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, with the wide variety of products that are available out there. We’ve put together a short list of features to consider if you want to get the right scope for your needs.

Best rifle scope under 500

Three core details

Simplicity is what matters the most, particularly if you’re browsing through the best rifle scopes. It’s way easier to magnify a target with the help of the reticle on a scope than it would be if you were to use an iron sight. Magnification and accuracy are two other factors to base your decision on, because they make the difference between a clean kill and a sloppy attempt. An adjustable ocular allows the user to set the image according to his or her sight.



Since an unreliable rifle scope can ruin any shooting, it is recommended that you stick to trusted manufacturers. The lens glass and coating are crucial, and brands like Schmidt or Swarovski are top end in both quality and price.


Read customer reviews

Rifle scope users are known to express their opinions in an honest and direct way, which is why you shouldn’t skip going through some reviews before finalizing your purchase.

Top Rated Rifle Scopes under 500


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most popular units on the market today. The following models are considered to be the best rifle scopes money can buy as they have gathered the appreciation of many buyers from all over the world. They are high-quality and affordable.


Vortex Viper PA VPR-M-06MD Riflescope


1.VORTEX Viper 6.5-20x50 PAThe Vortex Viper is the best rifle scope under 500, particularly if you are a long-distance shooter or hunter. Ranging ability is an innate feature of this unit, as it has a Mil Dot reticle which does a great job at estimating windage, range and even bullet hold-over.

The images provided by the Vortex Viper are crisp and clear, allowing users to benefit from a 95% light transmission. The precision-glide erector system on this model has been manufactured using top-notch resin, making it one of the most resistant items of the line. The Viper can withstand anything from temperature change to corrosion.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this product. With a whopping 92 percentage of 5-star ratings, it certainly would not be far-fetched to say that the Vortex rifle scope is among the most popular ones out there. The only mentions of some buyers are related to the fact that the Viper does not come with its own sunshade. Nevertheless, the last can be purchased separately.

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Millett 6-25 56 LRS-1 Tacticle Riflescope


2.Millett 6-25 56 LRS-1Normally, the Millett model is a quite expensive alternative, since most of the products manufactured by this company are close to one thousand dollars worth. Fortunately, Amazon customers can often benefit from sale discounts and get the model for less than 500 bucks. What does it offer to users?

This rifle scope features a 35mm tube that is responsible for providing clarity, strength and brightness. The magnification of this unit can be customized between 6 and 25x. The pack includes tactical rings. Although it has not been produced using resin, the Millett can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike the aforementioned Vortex Viper, the Millett 6-25 56 LRS offers buyers a sunshade.

Canadian customers must regrettably pick another model, as this item cannot be shipped internationally.

As for the rating, in spite of its higher price, the Millett has gathered the appreciation of 63% of the customers who have purchased it. American buyers state that the item collects light well and comes with neat, clear lenses.

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Armasight ORION 4X Gen 1+ Rifle Scope


3.Armasight ORION 4X Gen 1+The Armasight is different from the models we have described above. It is a night vision rifle scope that has a nifty 4x magnification and that can be mounted to any standard weaver rail. Other interesting features include an illuminated red cross reticle, a rubberized body and a totally water-resistant design. The brightness of the reticle is variable and can be customized by users.

The illuminator of the Armasight ORION is detachable.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

Buyers depict it as being dependable and high-performance, and some state that they have used it for many years and are yet to encounter any issue.

Other individuals praise the top wheel focus of the unit and accuracy of the shooting during nighttime. Some people claim that they have used it for killing hogs that were eating the feed for the deer. Since wild hogs are known to be nocturnal, it seems that the Armasight ORION was a great help when dealing with this particular problem.

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