Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners reviews


Top robotic vacuum cleaners in 2018


Cleaning the floor is a difficult task, it requires effort, energy and a lot of time. Vacuum cleaners had helped millions of households alleviate the burden but with the advancing technology, the robotic vacuum cleaners, they will do the job for you. The industry of robotic vacuum cleaner has been a rave the moment it came out. Still, some people are new to it and sceptical to the innovation. Here is a guide of finding out everything presented by all the best robotic vacuum cleaners reviews.


iRobot 770 Roomba


Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners reviewsAnother from one of the respected brands in robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturing is the iRobot 770 Roomba Vacuuming Robot Vacuum System. Combining efficiency with high technology quality performance, the iRobot Roomba has made several households happy, receiving good feedback from users. Effective cleaning coverage can be achieved with its navigation system and particle filtration system, which gives this robotic cleaner the ability to clean wide areas efficiently. It also comes with side brushes that spin to make sure that it will not leave dirt or debris from tight corners, pet fur and other unwanted elements. Its adjustable feature lets you clean surfaces such linoleum floor, carpets, rugs and even wood or tiles.

“It really does pay off to start reading reviews before you buy something. This was the way I came across this robotic vac for pools from iRobot. Not one strand of hair or piece of dirt remains after it cleans and this can only make me extremely proud about the aspect of my pool.” – Matthew Johnson

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iRobot 650 Pet Series


Even with pets inside, and all their fur falling out on the floor, the iRobot 650 Pet Series robotic cleaner will take care of it. The 650 Pet series has an automatic cleaning head that is created to clean carpets or hard floors fast. The iRobot by-product is designed to clean up every day of the week that enables you to clean the floor whenever you want it without having to watch over it. Brushes are replaceable, two extra filters & cleaning tools also comes with its basic package.

“With having a pool also comes responsibility so in order to keep it clean to have a nice aspect I invested in the iRobot Roomba 650 robot pool cleaner. It is amazing how technology advances, allowing this little cleaner to clean my pool in a perfect manner.” – Frank Wallace

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Mint Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic


Considered as one of the stars in all best robotic vacuum cleaners reviews, the Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor cleaner model will clean your floor as quick as minutes without making any effort in your part. This vacuum cleaner sweeps and mops a hard surface that includes vinyl, tile, wood, and laminate. Just set the robotic cleaner and let it do the job. Cleaning systems pre- installed are pre- moistened disposable and re- usable microfiber cleaner and dry cleaning system; the following are included in the basic package. The robotic vacuum cleaner uses North Star navigation which helps Mint cleaners from tracking, thus completes an effortless cleaning experience.

“The Mint Evolution robotic cleaner gets to every corner, cleanes every stairwell of my pool so I am completely happy with the money I invested in it. I even go one step further and reocmmend it for whoever is in need of a pool cleaner.” – Andrews Scott

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Mint Evolution Robotics Plus Automatic


One of the trusted when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaner production is the Mint Plus. The Mint Plus automatic floor cleaner is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaner out in the market with the PerfectEdge technology that practices versatility on mopping and sweeping of hard surfaces. The Mint Plus cleaner can be programmed to sweep or mop mode. It also has a cradle for charging that makes it reliable and efficient at most circumstances.  Mint Plus automatic floor cleaner is perfect for households that require now and then mopping without compromising the quality of the floor surface.

“A friend recommended me this robotic pool cleaner and I took its advice and got it. I must thank my friend for giving me the idea of getting it and I must point that this device does an amazing job of cleaning my pool whenever I need it.” – George Farrel

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Neato XV-11


Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System is proven to clean professionally and meticulously, leaving the floor spick and span clean with spots nowhere to be found. The robotic device will clean and cover all the area that you wish to be cleaned, with sensors that search for nearby furniture, stairs and other obstacles; no need for a supervision. The Neato XV-11 model is equipped with room positioning system that is capable of 360 degree laser- beam vision of the room that is perfect in mapping the room, detecting walls and doorways.

“Being such a hugely popular robotic pool cleaner was the main reason for me purchasing it. After having it I understood even more why it is so popular, because it is such a high quality device which makes my pool look like brand new.” – Max Graham

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