Best Roller Stick Reviews


How to Choose the Best Roller Stick


Sore muscles from over exercising or even sitting in one place for too long can be easily soothed with a convenient roller stick. Designed to be effective at easing pain and rejuvenating tired muscles, it is also incredibly convenient and easy to use. There are several types and styles of roller sticks to choose from, which can make it difficult to find the right one for you. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best roller stick in 2017.

Best Roller Stick


The best roller stick reviews suggest choosing one that is constructed from durable materials that can include plastic or hard wood. Both types of roller sticks are effective at rubbing away muscle stiffness, along with easing the various aches and pains you can experience before or after a workout. Plastic roller sticks are often flexible which can make it easier to use, especially if you are trying to massage hard to reach muscles. Wood roller sticks may lack the flexibility of some plastic models, but you do have the advantage of being able to apply more pressure during the massage.



According to the best roller stick reviews the design should also be considered. Not only are the several colors and patterns to choose from, you also want the stick to be designed to be easy and convenient to use. Longer rollers are often easier to use on larger thigh and calf muscles, while shorter models can effectively ease lower back and should pain. Roller sticks that are designed with convenient handles are generally easier to control, and you might want to consider choosing one that features non slip grips.



There are some features that you might also want to consider that can make the roller stick more effective, and easier to use. Hard metal rods in the center can give you the extra pressure you need to work out tightly knotted muscles, and included instructions are always appreciated. Some roller sticks also include convenient carrying cases so you can easily pack it with the rest of your workout gear. As an added advantage some roller sticks also include a lifetime warranty, along with an affordable price.


Top Roller Sticks in 2017


While we can’t choose the right one for you, we can show you the top rated roller sticks for 2017. Designed to effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, maybe one of these roller sticks is exactly what you need to use before and after your workouts.


The Stick G-1750 Travel


1.The Stick Travel Roller StickFeaturing a white and red design and sturdy plastic construction, this roller stick will help ease and prevent muscle fatigue and pain. Considered the “second shortest stick” at only 17 inches, you will love how easy and convenient it is to pack. Its shorter length makes it easy to use on airplanes to prevent muscle fatigue from sitting to long, along with making it the perfect size for calf and thigh muscles.

This standard roller stick is constructed from a durable hard plastic that is also flexible, so you can easily bend it around the back of your legs and arms. The center features spindles that rotate against your muscles to effectively work out any knots and kinks. It can help strengthen and prevent injury to your muscles, along with speeding up the healing process.

You will appreciate the comfortable handles at the ends that provide a secure grip when you are rolling the stick against your muscles. It also includes a 90 day money back guarantee, along with a one year warranty that protects against breakage and damage.

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Elite Sportz Equipment MS22 Muscle


2.Manual Massage Sticks MuscleYou will love how relaxed and energized your muscles feel after using this sturdy roller stick. It features a sleek black and silver design, along with a matching travel case. Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, this durable stiff roller also features an affordable price.

The sturdy roller is designed to effectively relax tight muscles and ease cramps and pain. It can prevent painful muscle injuries when it is used before workouts, and ease the aches and fatigue you feel after sitting in place for too long. The stiff roller features a rotating center that is specifically designed for tight, knotted muscles, and you will also appreciate the two handles that provide a comfortable and secure grip.

This roller stick is also designed to be easy to wipe clean, and the included travel case will protect it from dirt and spills when it is packed in your gym bag. Listed as a “best seller” on Amazon and considered an effective massaging tool by athletes and consumers, it’s easy to see why this roller stick can often be found in and out of the gym.

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Supremus Sports Muscle


3.Supremus Sports MuscleOne of the first aspects your notice is the durable and stylish construction. This wood roller stick is designed to last through years of use, and includes a lifetime warranty. It also includes a money back guarantee if it does not improve muscle pain and fatigue, and you will appreciate the included instructional book. Clearly outlining different muscle groups and how to use the roller stick to relieve fatigue and aches, you will love having more energy and less pain.

Recommended for use before and after your workouts, this stiff stick features a solid metal bar in the center that will rub away tough aches and pains without you having to apply a lot of pressure. Measuring 18 inches in length is can easily reach lower back muscles, and still be convenient to pack. It also features rotating parts in the center that can relieve tight knots, along with painful muscle cramps.

The two handles are designed to provide you with a secure and comfortable grips, and since it is a little longer than other models you can easily reach almost any muscle. It can you save money on visits to a professional masseuse, and with repeated use you can prevent muscle injuries. Affordable and effective, it’s not hard to see why this roller stick is a popular choice with consumers.

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