Best Rowing Machine under 300


How to Select the Best Rowing Machine under 300


If you are looking to get in shape, but you have no idea how to start, there is no better way than finding a piece of gym equipment for home use to help you out. Total body fitness is not a goal easy to achieve, and, according to experts, only a few activities can involve all your muscles, one of them being rowing. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a rowing machine for home use.

Best Rowing Machine under 300

Static or foldable?

In case you do not have an entire room in your home dedicated to gym equipment, you most probably want a machine that can be accommodated in the limited space you have at your disposal. Foldable models are the best, because they can be stored away with ease, but there are some static models that do not take up too much room, either.


The type of resistance

In order to get your muscles to work out, the machine must deliver some kind of resistance. Air resistance models come equipped with a flywheel, and they are considered the best rowing machines around. However, they can be noisy, and water, magnetic and hydraulic models are also considered good choices.



Check the general construction of your machine. It must be able to withstand some intensive usage, so it can truly serve you to get in shape.


Top Rated Rowing Machines under 300


A good and reliable rowing machine for your home can be a great investment in your health. We want to help you find the best rowing machine under 300, so you do not end up spending too much money on this type of equipment. The next three models are the most popular at the moment.


Stamina 35-1399 Air Rower


1.Stamina Air RowerThis air rowing machine is one of the best you can purchase right now. Offering the highest resistance possible, the Stamina Air Rower helps you get your body in shape, without all the drawbacks of other types of exercises that tend to strain your joints, in exchange for getting the necessary cardio workout.

It is easy to keep track of your progress when using this machine, because it comes equipped with a monitor display on which you can read the distance, the time spent rowing, as well as the number of calories burned in the process.

Another thing you will surely appreciate about the Stamina Air Rower is the comfort it offers to the user. The seat is padded so you do not feel any strain when you want to spend more time rowing. The footplates are large enough to accommodate even taller users and the angled seat rail ensures that the gliding is as smooth as possible.

There are many other aspects that contribute to the reputation of this machine as the best rowing machine under 300, such as its built-in wheels, the ability to fold and the floor protectors it comes along with.

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ProForm 440R Rower


2.ProForm 440R RowerIt is not exactly easy to stuff all the gym equipment you need in a small room or apartment, but, if you choose the ProForm 440R Rower, you will have no regrets. This great product combines the advantages offered by vigorous rowing with the ability to use the machine as a strength training station.

The dual action system offered by this rowing machine is greatly appreciated by users. When rowing, you offer your body the necessary cardio workout to increase overall health. However, for those who want to get in great shape and increase their muscle mass, at the same time, a simple, straightforward rowing machine is not enough. Here comes the ProForm 440R Rower that offers all the benefits of a full fledge gym equipment at a very affordable cost.

The ergonomic handle is a great plus, because it will make your rowing activities so much easier. When you are done with your cardio workout, all you have to do is to stand up and use the low pulley station placed at your disposal.

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Phoenix 98900 Power Rower


3.Phoenix 98900 Power RowerUsing a magnetic resistance system that minimizes noise and provides a smooth and comfortable workout, the Phoenix 98900 Power Rower is one of the best machines for home fitness you can purchase at the moment. Especially if you have very little room to accommodate a piece of gym equipment, you will love how easy it is to fold and store away this model.

The magnetic resistance provides some great benefits. First of all, you can enjoy both low resistance exercising and high resistance exercising, so this is a good fit for anyone who wants to maintain their level of fitness. It is up to you to adjust the level of resistance as you see fit, in order to get the type of workout you want. The LCD display offers all the necessary information to keep track of your fitness goals; details on distance, time, speed and calories burned are readily provided.

Be aware that the maximum weight supported by the machine is 250 lbs.

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