Best Rowing Machines reviews

Top rowing machines in 2018


If you work too much and don’t have enough time to exercise, then it’s best to invest in a home exercise device that can remedy the situation. This is where a high quality rowing machine can help out, putting you on the path of enhanced general health. As you probably have noticed, the market offers a wide array of models and it’s important to select the one with the most advanced features. This is where some of the current best rowing machines reviews can stir you in the right direction. With pro efficient and advanced rowing machine you will be able to work out better than ever and implicitly strengthen your body.


Stamina Glider 1050


Best Rowing Machines reviewsStamina Body Trac Glider rowing machine will challenge you to become a health and stronger person, within a short period of time and without the hassle of going to a gym. With a footprint of only 23.5 inches wide by 46 inches long, thus offering a roomy space to work out, this rowing machine will help you take better care of your abdomen, legs, arms and back. Easy to use, portable and compact, the model can be folded for a quick storage system. It comes with comfortable pads and a molded seat, while the steel and aluminum composition keeps it resistant.

“For perfect abs I really recommend getting a rowing machine. It works other muscles as well, but the abs I guarantee will be rock solid. I have for myself the Stamina Glider 1050 which I recommend for you as well if you want to have a full and defined 6 pack.” – Arianne Purcel

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Concept 2 Model D


Performance is at your doorstep. Concept 2 Model D rowing machine will help you strengthen your body and optimize your energy levels on a daily basis. This bestseller rowing machine is ideal for indoor training exercises. This device promotes solid cardiovascular workout systems which enhances the general fitness level and tonify your muscle groups. It comes with PM3 Performance Monitor that precisely tracks some key aspects from your workout: pace, speed, distance, calories and also watts. The rower also incorporates pre-set and customizable workouts, which enhances the general physical exercise routine, anytime you want. Easy and powerful, this rowing machine can help you feel a lot better.

“A rowing machine like this really helps me stay in perfect shape, having no excess fat anywhere on my body and having abs to die for. Unlike other rowing machines it doesn’t produce loud noises, it just makes you make them when your pushing as hard as you can.” – Laura Chamberlain

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Kettler 7978-900


Do you want to stay in shape and feel the perks of more energy flowing through your body? If the answer is yes then you should start using Kettler 7978-900 rowing machine, a model which strengthens the body’s abdomen, legs, torso and back. Receiving a strong positive feedback from the latest best rowing machines reviews, this device has 2 hydraulic cylinders that maintain continuous resistance. Combining comfort with efficiency, the model has a training computer that delivers information on your progress. The rower measures 49 x 31 x 10 inches and has a 250 pound weight acceptance stance.

“I wanted a complete workout at home because I don’t really like going to the gym and through this rowing machine I can achieve it. I feel comfortable throughout my workout when I sit in its seat and after I’m done I can easily find a storage place because it has a compact size.” – Rachel Morgan

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Velocity Exercise CHR-2001


If you desire to slim down fast and improve the way you look and feel then we recommend a fast way: Velocity Exercise CHR-2001 rowing machine, highly popular in the US, especially among men over the age of 40. In the comfort of your home, you will be able to work out, by accessing the programmable magnetic rowing system. It incorporates Drum Magnetic Control system that fully works with the existing electronic tension control which progressively diminishes the resistance, in order to deliver the best exercise pattern. The model has a large and easy to read LCD display that helps you monitor the exercise program.

“I want to have the best workout possible in my home and through buying the Velocity CHR-2001 rowing machine I have achieved just that. I feel great now that I am using it constantly and because it is so reliable, in my opinion, I recommend it.” – Frank Saul

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Water Rower Ash S4


Most of the current best rowing machines reviews underline the efficiency and great fitness program of Water Rower Ash S4 model, which can expand the regular exercise program. It works around 84 percent on the muscle mass, helping and tonifying the muscle groups. The model has a low impact effect, removing the body weight pressing down vulnerable spots such as ankles, knees and hips by maintaining a fluid movement pattern. The rower is made out of solid ash and also carefully stained with honey oak, thus maintaining greater consistency in colour and durability. It was a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds which is quite impressive.

“I find the design of this rowing machine with the wood touch and all, really refreshing and it does to some extent replicate the feel of actually rowing. But the main reason I bought it was for a complete workout and for that it delievers exactly what I need.” – Matt Hutton

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