Best RV Grill Reviews

In case you only want to know about the best RV grill, and you don’t have a few minutes to spare, here is the essential information you need for making an informed decision. According to reviews gathered from buyers and experts alike, as well as sales figures, the product that deserves to be on top of your list is the Coleman RoadTrip LXX 2000020945NP. Sporting 22,000 BTUs of heating power to supply all your grilling needs, this is a reliable grill that will never let you down during your travels. The grill surface is coated with porcelain so that nothing sticks to it, and the inserts are made from stainless steel, which makes them easy to wash. The frame structure is created for convenience, as the legs and wheels can be folded up for easy carrying. If it happens that the Coleman RoadTrip LXX 2000020945NP is no longer available, you can always go for the Flame King YSNHT400 RV Mounted, which is the next in line.



Buying guide


What could be better than having BBQ in your backyard? Most probably the answer is having BBQ while on the road with your RV. So many delicious recipes require a grill, and that is why these products are so popular. In case you are shopping for the best grill for trips, you will discover a lot of useful pointers in the following buying guide.

Cooking surfaces available

Your RV grill will take you as far as it can go, given its cooking surfaces. One desired trait in any grill is having enough room for grilling all the delicious ribs and burgers you want. However, that may not always be enough, and different cooking areas with different purposes may be a better choice. Let’s delve a little into what that means.

Two burners are better than one, for instance. While you make a line for burgers to get slowly roasted for the most delicious taste possible, it serves to have a second burner, where you can let the burgers to crisp.

Another thing you may like to see in your grill is a sear burner. A special area on your grill should be dedicated to this kind of burner, as this will use high heating energy to make all your burgers, steaks, and ribs look exactly like they were cooked by a professional chef.


Ease of cleaning

Do not neglect the importance of easy cleaning. Since we’re talking about BBQ here, that means that there will be a lot of grease to deal with. That is something that you will have to fight with after you finish all the cooking, and chances are you may not like it that much to spend time trying to take grime out.

Especially since this buying guide is aimed at RV grills, you might not like the idea of struggling with the grill when you have to clean it. In case you’re camping far away from sources of water for cleaning extensively your kitchen appliances, that really could be a problem.

The best advice is to find a grill with porcelain coating that will not have all the grease stick to it. That will definitely make your job easier when you need to clean the grill. It is advisable to get a grill with stainless steel inserts, as these will be easy to clean, as well. Pay attention to what materials are used for the making of your grill, and you will know what to choose.



Another important factor to play a role in how you should choose the best grill for RV is portability. First of all, you cannot have a grill that is too large. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should sacrifice everything for size. You should find the sweet spot between having enough burners, ease of clean, and portability.

The RV grill reviews available mention certain features that make some models more portable than others. For instance, a model that comes equipped with a collapsible stand will offer more benefits to enjoy, if you like traveling. Features like folding legs help a lot with portability.



Top RV Grills in 2018


If you are ready to pick a good RV grill, the following selection will help you make an informed decision. All these models score high in consumers’ preferences, and they offer good performance and reliability for the price.



Coleman RoadTrip LXX 2000020945NP


While looking for an RV grill for sale, don’t forget to take a look at the Coleman RoadTrip LXX 2000020945NP. This one offers a plethora of options, provided that you purchase the necessary equipment that comes as extra. You can use it as a normal grill or as a griddle, and you can buy stove grates to improve the original configuration.

The matchless lighting system is a plus, allowing you to start cooking quickly. Even if you have to cook in less than ideal weather conditions, you will find this model truly reliable. The grill comes equipped with the Perfect Flow technology that will keep the grill running even in inclement weather.

This grill is designed for portability. The stand collapses and the wheels fold up for easy storage and transport, so you won’t have any issues in this regard. You will appreciate having the side tables that slide in and out, on which you can keep all your cooking utensils close by.

The heating power of this unit is 22,000 BTUs, which means that you will encounter no troubles, no matter what you want to cook. The heat intensity can be adjusted, and the grates are porcelain coated, for maximum ease of cleaning and convenience. The stainless steel inserts contribute to easy clean-up, too.

Buy from Amazon for ($161.1)




Flame King YSNHT400 RV Mounted


You will find this model the perfect choice if you are the kind of person who enjoys having plenty of cooking surface at their disposal. The hanging rack that comes with the package is very useful for using the unit as a freestanding grill. A nice thing about it is that it can be mounted on the side of an RV or a trailer, and the bracket needed for mounting is included in the final price.

Bear in mind that since this is a mountable grill, it also uses the gas system of your RV. This is something to remember since models that come with their own propane cylinders are different. You will get the complete guide on how to properly mount the grill.

The locking pins will securely keep the mounted grill in place. The lid also comes with a dual locking system that will make sure that the grates will not get damaged during transportation. On the sides, you will find handles that help you when you need to move the grill from one place to another.

Sporting 214 square inches of cooking surface and equipped with the needed mounting equipment, this is highly recommended to the outdoorsman who moves a lot in their RV.

Buy from Amazon for ($99.99)




Smoke Hollow 205 Portable


The Smoke Hollow 205 Portable comes equipped with a 10,000-BTU burner made from good quality stainless steel. Besides heating power, the grill also offers a generous cooking surface of 305 square inches, so you can make all the steaks, burgers, and ribs you like. The model is designed to take along with you on camping trips, when tailgating, or for picnics.

As you can easily imagine, its portability is important. The legs on which the grill sits can fold up for compact storage and easy transportation. Another aspect that caters to this particular necessity is the hood that locks securely in place. You don’t have to worry that the grates may become damaged in the transportation process, as a result.

The stainless steel housing is durable, and also easy to clean, so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. The carry handle in front is another useful feature and lets you carry the grill around and place it on the perfect spot.

This model works with disposable propane cylinders of 1 pound, and you will have to purchase these separately since they are not included in the final price. For the ultimate camping accessory to help you cook delicious meals, don’t hesitate to invest in this one.

Buy from Amazon for ($74.88)