Best RV toilet Reviews


If you need an RV toilet but don’t know where to start your search from, let an expert give you some valuable pieces of advice. Read these lines and see if you don’t find something that catches your interest. We’ve done our homework and gathered information based on the feedback given by different specialists and previous customers. Out of all the products we’ve studied we’ve come to the conclusion that the one that meets all the requirements is the Thetford 42060. Stylish and lightweight, this portable toilet is outfitted with a special mechanism that wipes the toilet clean with every flush. Plus, it provides an antimicrobial seat that inhibits bacteria and mold growth. If you can’t find this toilet available for sale, check the Leopard Outdoor Products A0201003.  



Buynig Guide


While you’re on the road, it is quite a challenge to find a suitable bath for your personal needs. Purchasing the best portable toilet for RV use is a sound investment that requires a proper research. If you need to know what features are mandatory for this type of products, see our presentation below.  

Easy installation

Because you’re on the road, you need a product that doesn’t take forever to install. Or even worse, one that requires additional elements that can be bought only from specialized stores.

This is why you must check if the toilet fits most RV models and if the space they occupy is smaller. It’s true that larger units are more comfortable, but they need more space and lack portability.

In order to keep bacteria away, you need a portable toilet that can be easily cleaned and emptied. You can’t have a product that needs more than a few minutes to take it outside the RV and after the cleaning process, to put it back inside.  

Ease of installation is a huge deal otherwise you would be satisfied with a public toilet. Don’t be misguided by the looks. Instead, make sure you carefully read the product description.  


Extra features

According to best RV toilet reviews, you should get a unit that matches your needs while on the road. If you plan to go on short trips, you’ll be more than satisfied with a portable toilet that can be easily emptied and cleaned. For longer holidays, you might consider vacuum flush toilets that are connected to the water tank with the help of a hose.

Most people choose the best composting toilet for RV based on the fact that they don’t require installation and are easy to clean.  

Other features you might be interested in can be the flushing system, hand sprays, and spouts. There are many good RV toilet options that allow you to flush the toilet with the help of a pedal or button.  

If you need a comfortable seat, see if the height is adjustable and watch out for the composition material. It is better to opt for a toilet that has useful features that could come in handy when you’re far from home and need proper hygiene conditions.  



The reason you choose to buy an RV toilet is that you want to use a clean toilet for your human needs. This is why hygiene is more than important because you can’t have a toilet that leaks or have flushing malfunctions.  

Given the fact that RV’s don’t provide much freedom of movement and space is limited there’s a big risk of spreading bacteria.  

Plus, just imagine having to live in a small area that smells like a toilet. Choose wisely and look for products that are easy to clean and are not prone to being an environment for infections. There are many chemical treatments on the market that allow you to disinfect the toilet and completely remove the dirt periodically.  

It is advisable to look for RV toilets that have sealed valves that remove the risk of leakage and spreading the odor in the entire vehicle.  



Top Rated RV Toilets in 2018


Besides the features listed in the guide, we’ve managed to make a product list of suggestions that we believe meet the criteria. Take a look and see if one of them suits your needs and personal preferences for a good RV toilet.  



Thetford 42060


With a stylish and contemporary design, this RV toilet from Thetford is a wonderful option for anyone looking for the same comfort provided by their own bathroom.

The unit is outfitted with a lightweight china bowl that can be easily cleaned if you add an optional water-saving hand sprayer. Nevertheless, it has a powerful flush that fully covers the entire bowl area. Every flush ensures a proper wipe clean due to the flushing valves.

The china bowl is made from porcelain compared to similar items on the market that provide toilet bowls featuring plastic materials.  

You’ll definitely appreciate the size of the residential seat that you can customize according to your style and preferences.  

The toilet is quite easy to install because it comes with rear tank connections that were specially designed to help you set up the product faster and to allow you a facile maintenance.  

In addition, the toilet seat is treated with an antimicrobial cover that enables bacteria and mold growth.  

After using the toilet, you can flush it by tapping your foot on the pedal that is conveniently located underneath the toilet bowl. This feature is extremely useful especially for seniors or for those who suffer from back injuries.  

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Leopard Outdoor Products A0201003


The New Invention portable toilet from Leopard Outdoor is one of the best products on the market because it has a sturdy build and weighs no more than 11 pounds.

Practical and easy to use, the toilet comes with 3-directional flush sprays that ensure a proper coverage of the entire bowl surface while flushing the water.  

This unit has a capacity of 3 gallons of fresh water and 5.2 gallons of waste carrying which allows you to use it for a longer period of time without having to worry about filling or emptying.  

Quite reliable against bacteria growth, the product is outfitted with sealed gate valves that do a great job at ensuring protection against leakage and bad odors.  

One of the most important features this portable toilet has is the handles placed ergonomically on both the lower and the upper compartments. This feature allows you to transport the toilet effortlessly and the cleaning process becomes bliss.  

Moreover, there are two side latches included that keep the waste tank connected to the flush tank during transportation.   

Besides, the unit provides a storage bag made from heavy duty waterproof polyester that can be washed. Also, it protects the toilet against dust and moisture.  

When you don’t use the toilet, you can store it conveniently thanks to the collapsible design.  

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Thetford 92360


The Thetford Porta Potti portable toilet has a sleek and curved design that looks quite similar to regular home toilets.  

In addition to having a comfortable seat height, you also get an integrated toilet paper holder which more than handy.

Another useful feature is the hidden flushing controllers that are battery powered. This means that it will ensure a powerful flush, different from other similar composting toilet models.

It provides special indicators for waste level and clean water which is quite practical in knowing when to empty or fill the compartments.  

Well built in order to prevent any leakages or bad smells, the unit is outfitted with a handle for the water tank and an optional kit for holding it down. Every time you need to empty the tank, there won’t be any incidents because this handle makes sure you grab it firmly.  

Unlike other portable toilets, this unit has a pour-out spout that enables the waste is directed properly during the emptying process.  

The integrated holder ensures the restroom paper is affixed to the portable toilet. When you’re not using the toilet, close the compartment to keep the paper clean and safe from moisture and bacteria.  

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