Best samurai sword reviews


Top samurai swords in 2018


If you are really passionate about samurai culture and you love using and collecting samurai swords you will have to spend a lot of time looking for truly unique weapons which fit the samurai way. If you’ve just picked up on this particular hobby, choosing the right sword will be a handful. There are many manufacturers who produce different types of swords, each special in their own way. We’ve taken the time to go through several of the best samurai sword reviews we could find in order to put together a suggestion list made out of five incredible items.


Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakazashi Knife


Best samurai sword reviewsThe Wakazashi is an amazing display of impeccable craftsmanship. It is considered by most as being the best samurai sword in 2018. It follows the lines of century old designs which spawned from the heart of Japan. Mostly built for smaller people, this is still a weapon to be feared. It is lightweight, perfectly balanced and very penetrating because of its unique tip. The handle which offers extra grip, is covered in green silk which will make it both highly maneuverable and also very eye pleasing when set on display. The price also includes a set of protective bags.

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Cold Steel Katana


This Katana is definitely a customer favorite. Built to cut through everything and also to fend off any attack, it is currently mentioned in all of the best samurai sword reviews. The best thing about it is that it feels really sturdy. From top to bottom, this weapon is impeccably built. It is perfectly balanced and offers great grip for both hands. It is sharp and very precise. It is affordable even if it will last you for a lifetime. It is just lightweight enough to feel allow even the less well-built people to use it but also heavy enough so as to get a good feel while you are holding it.

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TENRYU MAZ-021 Hand Forged


If you are not looking to collect samurai swords and if you don’t plan on getting the best samurai sword in 2018 just yet, we suggest giving the MAZ-021 a try. This had forged sword is the most affordable but also products of its kind. Even though it comes with authentic silk insertions and Real Ray skin covering the handle, it still manages to cost under $100. It is the best choice to make if you’ve just started learning about the culture and especially about samurai sword fighting. It is lightweight and nicely balanced so as to offer its handler all the control he needs.

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Handmade White Zetsurin Samurai Katana


This is one surprising product. Even though unbelievable cheap, it is certainly one of the best looking swords on this list. It is also one of the sharpest, having a 28 inch blade which can easily go through wood and also pierce the skin so be extra careful. Even though you can feel it is a product which came out of an assembly line and not out of a forger’s hands, it is still pretty authentic. It is perfect for collectors due to its unique design but it is also functional so you will be able to start your training with it.

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Ryumon RY-3040B Hand forged


The RY-3040B by Ryumon is one incredible weapon. Currently considered one of the top rated samurai swords in 2018, this is the closest you can get to what samurais experienced back when this was their most important possession. The 7mm thick blade is hand forged and mind-blowingly accurate in its cuts. The handle has a very high quality feel to it because of the silk and top grade Real Ray skin used to cover it. The full package includes a certificate, a cleaning kit and a sword bag which will help you as a collector, maintain it in proper shape for a really long time.

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