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A lot of people are trying to find the right tool during wood craftsmanship and artistic projects, in order to create an extra something special. This is where a high quality scroll saw comes can lend a helping hand. Once you start using a professional scroll saw you will be able to create great patterns on any of your creations, adding a touch of visual elegance. Well, the market is packed with scroll saws models which make it difficult to find the right model. Which is the right path to take in order to solve the dilemma? Getting the right information from the current best scroll saws reviews, will help you find the right device, ideal for your construction projects.


ProductMax cutting width (inches)Item weight (pounds)PriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Dewalt DW788
Best Scroll Saws reviews
Shop Fox W1713
Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner
SKIL 3335-07-RT Scroll Saw
Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series Scroll Saw



Dewalt DW788


Best Scroll Saws reviews

Dewalt always managed to release on the market high quality scroll saws, and DW788 model was designed with great attention in order to help you create detailed workpieces. Easy to use and with a user friendly configuration, this scroll saw manages to perform with precision, every time you need to. This powerful scroll saw is equipped with various performance speeds in order to give you an extra precision on any of the projects at hand. Furthermore the device stands on an integrated cast-iron table with a flexible dust blower that keeps the working area clean. In addition, the scroll saw incorporates a 1.3 amp motor which maintains 400 spm to 1.759 spm, all at your power.

“My quest for a reliable scroll saw ended when I came across this model from Dewalt. The reviews about it were excellent, the motor which powers the blade is powerful enough to make the blade cut any pattern, fast and exactly how I want it.” – Gregg Harold


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Shop Fox W1713


If you want to use a pro efficient scroll saw then you should take a closer eye on Shop Fox W1713, a model which seems to impress through sheer precision, during each of the work jobs you are on. Created out of a durable cast iron, the model features a high quality 1/8 horsepower and variable speed motor which offers an impressive cutting width of 16 inches. With a large cast iron table, the scroll saw gives you the right liberty in order to make even angled cuts. Another reliable feature of the machine is the dust blower that helps you clean the working table.

“I wanted precision from my scroll saw and through the Shop Fox W1713 this is exactly what I got. Another thing which impressed me was the cutting width which is set at 16 inches. The dust blower is another helpful feature which makes the working table nice and clean.” – Mike Gerrans


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Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner


The majority of the present best scroll saws reviews underline the efficiency and great operating system of Rockwell RK7321, a model very popular among construction firms. The model has a quick release wall mount that is very easy to transport on various job sites or even house projects. This powerful scroll saw can deliver a large variety of cuts, making it a versatile machine with the following cutting characteristics: up to 1-1/2 inches for wood projects, up to an impressive 1-1/4 inches for PVC projects, up to 3/8 inches for aluminum work sites, up to 1/8 inches steel projects and lastly 3-8 inch ceramic tile.

“The Rockwell RK7321 scroll saw is in my tool shed for some time now and to this point it has never failed me in any job I did with it. With it I managed to cut different materials from wood to steel and all of them precisely and right how I wanted them to be.” – Bob Curtis


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SKIL 3335-07-RT


SKIL 3335-07-RT scroll saw is exactly what you need in order to work with efficiency and save significant time. The model comes with an integrant dust removal system that manages to keep the cutline free of dust, dirt or debris from the job at hand. You will definitely work in a safe and clean environment. You should also know that the scroll saw has an articulated LED work light which creates a clearly lit work place. This powerful scroll saw has a reliable electronic speed control that helps the user cut a variety of materials without problems thus making the work easier.

“This scroll saw caught my eye because it had a very good quality to price ratio. Other functions which made me get it were the LED light for when the natural light fades and the dust blower so the cutline is kept free of dust and debris.” – Anthony Smith


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Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series


The majority of the current best scroll saw reviews, written by construction managers and home decorators, underline the efficiency of Rockwell RK7315, a model that brings great value to any workshop. This powerful 16 inch scroll saw comes with variable speed and also a steady 4/5” stroke that ensures you will be able to make clean and precise cuts. Furthermore the model has a 0 to 45 degree bevelling table that allows you to make specialized cuts on variable materials. It also has a blower that maintains the work area clean. Furthermore this scroll saw is powered by a solid 1.2 amp motor.

“For me this simple scroll saw is very reliable and since I got it I have been able to make, because of its features, exactly the patterns that I wanted. I even can take with me easily wherever it is needed because of its compact size. I recommend it as a realiable scroll saw which is very cheap.” – Mark Budley


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