Best Shampoo Basin Reviews

How to Select the Best Shampoo Basin


Starting your own hair salon can be a daunting endeavor and not everyone affords the expense. An alternative to renting a space and risking a great deal of money is to purchase the needed equipment and use it at home, in order to cut down costs. A shampoo basin is a simple, yet solid investment because it helps you wash your clients’ hair fast and easy. While reading the best shampoo basin reviews, we noticed several aspects that are more important when you are shopping for such a product. Here are the results of our research.

Best Shampoo Basin

Bowl size

One of the things to keep in mind when you are searching for a reliable shampoo basin is bowl size. This has to be large enough in order to accommodate the clients you intend to serve. The client has to feel comfortable while you are washing their hair and the bowl size has something to do with this. See if the bowl of the shampoo basin you want to purchase is deep enough, as well. Starting on the right foot is important when searching for client and getting the right shampoo basin brings its contribution to this purpose.



You will be using the shampoo basin for various tasks, and among them, there will certainly be rinsing hair dyes and the like. This means that you should opt for a shampoo sink that is made from stain resistant material and there is no easy way around it. Also, make sure that the material is lightweight, since you may be required to move the basin around.


Drain hose

Do not forget about the small aspects, such as the drain hose. This should be long enough to reach a working drain, and it must ensure proper flow of water, so you do not have to worry about too much water remaining in the bowl, while you are seeing about washing your client’s hair. Portable shampoo basins are great to have, but if you ignore details like this one, you will not be able to use it properly.


Top Shampoo Basins in 2018


If you are searching for the best shampoo sink 2018, the following list is created especially for you. We searched for the most popular models that offer all the conveniences desired in such a product and we managed to find three of them that already enjoy a lot of praises from users.


Best Choice Products Hair Treatment Bowl


1.Best Choice Products®If you are looking for a professional shampoo basin, but do not wish to spend a small fortune on one, you will not go wrong with the Best Choice Products® Shampoo Basin. Ideal for starting up your own beauty salon, this model complies with all your requirements.

First of all, its stain resistant bowl makes it a great choice for any kind of tasks you need to carry on with its help. The basin is height adjustable, which means that clients who are taller or shorter than average will not feel any discomfort while you are washing their hair.

The model is portable and you can move it around as you see fit. The material it is made of is lightweight and durable at the same time, so you will make a great investment if you decide to purchase this particular shampoo basin. Considered one of the top rated shampoo sinks 2018, this product is highly appreciated by many buyers.

Stylish and practical, the sink will look good anywhere you decide to place it. The bowl is large and deep, so you can see about your work without experiencing any hindrances. The extendable drain hose make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to start their own hair salon.

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Ableware 764302000 Easy


2.Ableware 764302000In case you are looking for a simpler model, the Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin may be right up your alley. The basin comes with an inflatable tray, so, when you do not need it, you can deflate and store it away, to avoid any clutter.

It is very useful to use one of these sinks when you need to tend to the needs of someone who has to remain in bed, due to illness or disability. The entire shampooing and rinsing process becomes much easier and you will love the convenience offered. Basically, you can take this shampoo basin with you, when you need to attend to clients who need home care.

The tray is very comfortable and it gently supports the head and the neck of the person being tended to. The double tube makes sure that no splashes and spills will cause any problems, so you can see about your work in a clean and efficient manner.

Last but not least, this inflatable shampoo basin is sold for a very cheap price. Even if you do not have the means to start a hair salon, you can offer services at your clients’ homes or yours.

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Duro-Med DMI Deluxe Inflatable


3.DMI Deluxe Inflatable BedAnother compact version of a shampoo sink mentioned by the best shampoo basin reviews is the DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin. Like the model described above, this one is inflatable, so it is highly portable, and you can take it along with you when you need to see to your clients’ needs.

When not in use, the basin can be deflated and stored away for further use. You will appreciate having a convenient tube attached in order to drain the water into another basin or a sink located close by. The included drain tube has 40 inches in length. Made of heavy duty vinyl, the shampoo basin will not deteriorate easily and it will serve you for many years to come. For the same reason, the basin is very easy to clean so you can keep it in perfect shape all the time.

The built in head pillow is a nice extra and it helps improve the comfort of the person being tended to. The basin is deep enough to accommodate all types of clients, so no one will experience any discomfort while you are washing their hair. For hair care specialists on the go, the DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin is a nice addition to their regular equipment.

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