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What to Consider When Buying a New Shoe Organizer


When dealing with lots and lots of shoes, storage space easily becomes a real problem. A shoe organizer takes care of this issue, saving you a lot of space and keeping your shoes in perfect shape. Unfortunately, finding the optimal model is not as simple as it seems. Reading this article will get you all the necessary information needed, helping you buy the perfect shoe organizer for you.

Best Shoe organizer


Start by measuring your available space. Shoe organizers come in many shapes and sizes and it is best to know ahead how much room do you have available for it. Measure the width and height, but also don’t forget to inspect the available depth. With these measurements at hand, start selecting the right shoe organizers. Make sure to choose the ones that loosely fit inside your available space. As an alternative, consider buying modular shoe organizers. They can adjust in size, allowing them to easily fit in the desired space. Always remember to measure your available space before buying a new piece of furniture.


Storage capacity

Storing the shoes is the most important function of a shoe organizer. Regardless of its size, design or price, a good shoe organizer will accommodate as many shoe pairs as possible. Most of the best shoe organizer reviews rank models according to their storage capacity. Keeping all the shoes in a single organizer will free a lot of space. Before making a purchase it is best to find out how many pairs it can store. Ideally, a good shoe organizer must be capable of storing at least 10 pairs of shoes or more.


Storage quality

Shoes come in a huge variety of sizes and designs, and the perfect shoe organizer must be able to store all types and models without damaging them. Unfortunately this means that each pair of shoes must have its own space, giving it the best possible storage condition. More space for each pair means fewer pairs stored, and this may not be what we want in the first place. The top rated shoe organizers 2018 use clever designs that allow them to store as many pairs as possible in perfect condition.


Top Shoe Organizers in 2018


Reading through countless professional and user reviews, we found the most popular and highly regarded shoe organizers available on the market today. Each of these unique models ranks high on all reviews and charts, earning the praise of their users, making them the best buy shoe organizers of the moment.


Seville Classics Utility


1.Seville Classics ResinHighly versatile and simple to install, this shoe organizer is one of the most popular and loved models money can buy today. Using a modular design, the Seville Classics is capable of adapting to almost any type of available space, offering maximum flexibility and freedom to its user.

This shoe organizer takes modularity to a whole new level. With stacking frame modules and removable shelves, the Seville Classics is not only a simple drawer but a complete solution to all your shoe storage problems. Capable of expanding both vertically and horizontally, this shoe organizer will fit in any possible space, and it will even grow together with your shoe collection. Simply add more shelves and you will instantly have more storage space for all those extra pairs.

users to save a lot of money on the long run. With its extreme versatility and super endurance, the Seville Classics is regarded by many to be the best shoe organizer 2018.

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ClosetMaid 8983 Cube


2.ClosetMaid 8983 Cube OrganizerHaving a classic yet modern design, this wood shoe organizer offers a bit more class and style than most other models, allowing it to be used in any type of room. Unlike most shoe organizers, the ClosetMaid 8983 is esthetically pleasing and perfectly in tone with most of today’s home appliances and furniture styles.

Made from durable high quality wood, the ClosetMaid 8983 offers a natural look and feel to your shoe collection. Capable of storing up to 15 shoe pairs at once, this organizer is a perfect choice for all those who want maximum storage at a reasonable price. Durable and resistant, this shoe organizer will surely last for years, looking as good as it did the first day.

Simple to setup and install, this shoe organizer will be ready to serve you within minutes. With its stacking drawers, the ClosetMaid 8983 offers a lot of flexibility, allowing its user to place it with ease even under the stairs or in smaller storage rooms as needed. Smart, good looking and durable, this shoe organizer is one of the most popular and loved models you can find right now on sale.

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Home-Complete Organizer


3.Best Shoe Rack Organizer StorageUsing a more modern approach to shoe storage, the Best Shoe Rack is capable of accommodating more than 20 different shoe pairs at once without sacrificing the storage quality of each individual shoe. Easy to adjust, this shoe organizer will adapt itself to any type of shoe and boot, making it the perfect choice for large shoe collections.

Praised by the best shoe organizer reviews for its elegant modern design and superb construction, the Best Shoe Rack organizer offers maximum adaptability. Allowing its user to change the depth of each shelf, this shoe storage system is perfectly capable of storing not only shoes but also sneakers, boots and everything in between.

Made from extremely durable hardened plastic, the Best Shoe Rack is both lightweight and durable. Using a solid frame, this shoe organizer boasts an excellent level of stability, easily surpassing heavier and more expensive models. Perfect for anyone, this model is particularly suited for young and active users.

A favorite among customers, the Best Shoe Rack is an excellent purchase for all those who want a good quality shoe organizer. When it comes to storing a wide variety of shoes and boots, this model is one of the best you can find right now.

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