Best Shoes with Wheels Reviews

If you want the best shoes with wheels, but you’re far too busy to spend minutes on reading our comprehensive buying guide, here is a short and to the point paragraph that will make things easier for you. The Heelys MOTION-K came up on top of all the competition as the result of your research and for all the right reasons. These shoes are very lightweight, and they will allow you to walk, run, or roll to your heart’s content. One cool thing about them is that you can remove the wheels and wear the shoes like normal footwear. Their stylish design makes them a hit with consumers so don’t be surprised if you manage to draw a few envious looks from your friends. In case the Heelys MOTION-K is out of stock, we warmly recommend the Heelys LAUNCH-K as your next choice, because they are almost just as fashionable and sturdy.



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Kids today have all kinds of means of entertainment, yet it still seems that there are manufacturers who can come up with new and innovative ideas to help them have even more fun. A great example is represented by shoes with wheels, which are, as their name indicates, shoes that have a small wheel attached to the sole, to help kids roll on the sidewalk without wearing a pair of roller skates. The invention is quite catchy and now there are many who want a pair of shoes with wheels to play on the street. Here is a short guide on how to choose a pair, along with a list containing the best shoes with wheels 2018.

Best Shoes with Wheels


Getting the correct size is the most important aspect, since even if they have wheels, these are still shoes, and shoes are not adjustable in any way. If you intend to purchase a pair of shoes with wheels for your kid, do not neglect the shoe size they usually wear. After all, these shoes are not much different from regular sneakers with the sole difference that they have a wheel attached that make them a lot more fun than the rest.



Since kids tend to be quite rough when playing, a good idea would be to pick a pair of shoes with wheels made of good quality materials. There are plenty of synthetic materials nowadays that can withstand a lot of wear and tear and also keep the total costs of sports shoes down. A good piece of advice would be to try a well known brand instead of going for no-name models. This way, the quality of the shoes is guaranteed and you will be satisfied with your decision.



Last but not least, the best shoes with wheels reviews mention design among the most important aspects to keep in mind when purchasing such a quirky pair of footwear. Sports shoes are nowadays considered a fashion statement, pretty much like any other piece of clothing, so it is not unusual for kids to choose their favorite footwear based on appearance, too.



Top Shoes with Wheels in 2018


For those looking to purchase a pair of shoes with wheels that is reliable and made of good quality materials, the following list will help them make an informed decision. Praised by most of the best shoes with wheels reviews, these models score high in consumers’ preferences, and they have all the ingredients for having a great time outside.


Heelys Motion – K


1.Heelys Motion Skate ShoeHeelys is one of the best known manufacturers making shoes with wheels and their models never disappoint. Great for kids aged between 4 and 12 years old, the Heelys Motion Skate Shoe is indeed a model you should consider if you are a parent in search of the perfect gift. Made of durable synthetic materials, these shoes will allow your kid to have fun all day long, without breaking too soon. The rubber sole ensures plenty of flexibility, and makes these shoes a good choice as sporty footwear.

You will also like the exterior design. The laced up sneakers look modern and quirky and your kid will absolutely love them. Gliding to and fro all day long will easily become a favorite activity for your young one. Given the perfect toy, kids can forget all about computers, smartphones and tablets that make them way too sedentary in this day and age. But offering them the means to exercise outside while having plenty of fun is the best idea, as they will grow happy, healthy and more energetic.

When you want to transform the shoe into a regular sneaker, you only need to remove the wheel and transform it into a fashionable sports shoe.

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Heelys Launch – K


2.Heelys Launch Skate ShoeIf you decide to purchase the Heelys Launch Skate Shoe, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. The innovative design of these sports shoes allow the wearer to stick to the regular design, or enjoy the fun wheel hidden in the sole.

Roller skates may look too outdated, and kids, as you may well know, tend to get bored really fast. But, if you offer them a sports shoe that can also be used as a skate shoe, then you will manage to win their hearts forever. Featuring a quirky design and available in multiple colors and patterns, the Heelys Launch Skate Shoe is considered one of the top rated skate shoes 2018, and for all the right reasons.

First of all, they are ideal as sports shoes, since they are very lightweight, but durable at the same time. For any athletic activity, or simply for playing and having fun, these shoes are highly recommended. However, it is the small wheel hidden in the sole of the shoe that makes this purchase totally worth the money spent. If your kid wants to roll, like they are using a skate, they will be able to do so; and, when they are tired of gliding and playing, they can remove the wheels and use these sneakers as normal shoes.

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Heelys SPLIT–K


If you need a cool gift for your kids that will make them over the moon, then search no more because Heelys has some wheeled shoes that are worth your attention. One of the most reputable brands in the industry of manufacturing children footwear, Heelys knows how much children love to skate, so they came up with this model that is suitable for a broad range of ages, from 4 to 12 years. Made out of durable chrome-tinted synthetic upper leather, these shoes with wheels let your kids play all day long.

Moreover, the cup sole is vulcanized, and the outsole is made of a high-quality rubber that ensures the shoes won’t break too soon. There’s no need to worry about safety because the wheel can be removed and the shoes converted into regular ones. In addition, the full lace-up feature enables a snug and adjustable fit and the Wave Comfort Heel Bracket technology keeps the foot stable during the walking.  

These shoes are quite comfortable due to the padded collar and tongue made of a soft and breathable fabric. Providing plenty of stability and support, this footwear from Heelys can be purchased in a variety of color and design, according to your children desires and personal preferences.  

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Heelys Flash Chrome


3.Heelys Flash Chrome Skate ShoeThe Heelys Flash Chrome Skate Shoe is a very fashionable choice for kids that comes in different sizes for children from 4 to 12 years old. The outer appearance is bound to catch the eye, and if you want to surprise your child, you cannot go wrong with this particular model. The chrome like effect is very appealing and it makes for quite a fashion statement, especially if your kid already likes to dress to impress.

The small wheel placed on the sole of the shoe is responsible for all the fun, though. Kids can roll and glide and skate as they like, while wearing a pair of these innovative shoes that are pretty much toys at the same time. You will also save some money in the process, as the wheels can be removed from the soles, so the shoes can be used as regular sneakers.

Kids love creative toys and the Heelys Flash Chrome Skate Shoe easily falls into this category. The sneakers are lightweight and a great choice for any kind of outdoor activity. Not to mention, your kid will love showing off these stylish shoes on the playground and make quite an impression in front of their friends.

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