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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best shortwave radios money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best shortwave radios on the market by looking at what customers and experts have to say, along with their feedback on social media and specialized websites. Out of the products we have looked at, the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 proved to be the best. This is more than just a simple radio, since it can receive weather alerts and keep you in touch with the latest weather changes. Easy access to your favorite stations is provided since the unit can memorize up to 335 frequencies and it comes with a solid memory tuning feature. A solar panel is attached, so you can recharge the radio, and a reading lamp is included for your convenience. If the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 is no longer available for sale, we strongly recommend the Eton Grundig Satellit 750 NGSAT750B, as a solid second choice.



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Having a shortwave radio at home or a portable unit is very handy, because you can keep up with the news, listen to your favorite stations or learn about the latest changes in weather that may affect you. Getting a good quality unit can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are among those who use radios as a hobby that includes following weather alerts and the like. This short buying guide will help you identify the best features a shortwave radio should have to be indispensable for someone like you.

A.1 Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


First of all, you need to be clear about what kind of shortwave radio you would like to have. Tabletop models are very popular and there is hardly a home in the US without such a model placed somewhere around the house. They are also very reliable because they have a wide frequency range and power. They need to be plugged in order to work, unless you decide for a model that also works with batteries. You will just need a frequency guide for your favorite stations, and you will be set.


Portable shortwave models are also common and they are still popular, despite mobile devices now being able to take over the features of a shortwave radio. They are very convenient, because they are extremely cheap. Always look for models that are very compact, so you can take them on longer trips with you. Last, but not least, specialty units can be found on the market. You can tell them apart from the rest because they come with NOAA band frequencies. This means that they are emergency radios that will transmit any weather alert for your area as soon as it is issued by NOAA. Various extra features can be found in these radios, such as an emergency flashlight and the ability to recharge mechanically or otherwise.



Frequency coverage

The most important thing when you are selecting a shortwave radio is its frequency coverage. The wider the coverage, the more stations the unit will be able to pick. This is essential, especially when you want to listen to weather stations in an area where weather doesn’t mind playing tricks on the occasional traveler, or people who have lived there all their lives. Make sure that the unit you get is one with dependable frequency coverage, so you can rest assured that no vital information will fly by you.

Guide books for frequencies can help you a lot with seeing which stations are broadcast on what frequencies. If you have more extensive needs, it does not hurt to get a radio that can receive more than FM signals.



Single sideband receiver

You can tell a good unit from a not so great unit if the one you intend to buy can receive single sideband. This means that you can listen to amateur radio transmissions, as well as military ones. For those passionate about using radios for such purposes, this is a must have feature. You can listen to everything you want from weather stations, to transmissions as the ones mentioned above. There are even kits for adults that allow the user to put together their own radio and these are great for enthusiasts.

A.2 Eton Grundig Satellit 750

Signal strength

Last, but not least, you should be aware of signal strength when you are buying a shortwave radio. It is important to check the quality of sound and signal strength, prior to buying such a radio. A good piece of advice would be to search for manufacturers with a great reputation, because these surely make good quality units that will not let you down when you need to receive important transmissions.

This is a feature called sensitivity for radios. Basically, they can receive transmissions despite a weaker signal, because they are more sensitive to the broadcast power of various radio stations. For enthusiasts, a radio with good sensitivity is a must.

Now that you are well aware of all the important features to look for in a shortwave radio, it is time to get acquainted with the best shortwave radios on the market. They were chosen based on their characteristics, ratings and the feedback they got from users. If you pick any of the following, you will not regret your decision.



Top shortwave radios in 2017


In the rest of this article, you will know more about the products that have been gotten many of the best shortwave radios reviews. You will also know about some of their best features, which will make it easier for you to choose a model that can handle all your particular needs and demands.



Eton Grundig Satellit 750


Best Shortwave Radios ReviewsOne of the best things about this model, as it has been noted in the best shortwave radios reviews, is the fact that it is designed with 360-degree rotating antenna. With this, it is possible to pick up even weaker signals and hence, allowing you to enjoy hundreds of stations. You can be assured of the clarity of sound regardless of the station where you are tuned in. Aside from being a radio, it also has a dual alarm clock function. When it comes to connectivity, this can also prove to be an excellent choice as it will allow you to connect your music player and to listen to the contents of such.



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Sony ICF-SW7600GR


This can prove to be another excellent option that can be taken into account when looking for the best shortwave radios in 2017. The Single Side Band reception feature is one thing that has been lauded by many people about this model. Because of the latter, you can be guaranteed of optimum reception. This also makes sure that interference will be minimal. For your convenience, it is designed with an LCD display that will make it easy to know the station where you are listening. Lastly, it has 100 presets that will make it effortless to listen to your favorite stations.



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Kaito Voyager Pro KA600


Among other things, this model is popular for its Emergency Alert System. This makes it connected to the National Weather Radio and will provide you with immediate information on any weather condition that can prove to be hazardous. All that you need to do is to have it set to its Alert mode. More so, in the top rated shortwave radios reviews, many people were also happy with the 180-degree adjustable solar panel. This makes it an efficient option since it can function even without the use of the batteries. Lastly, it is also compact and light, making it easy to bring on the outdoors.



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Tecsun PL380 DSP


If you are still undecided with the perfect choice in this product category, this is another model that will surely not lead into regrets. The small size of this unit is one thing that many people liked, basically because it is convenient to be carried anywhere you are. More so, many were also happy with the different tuning modes that are possible. The functionality of thus unit is compared to a fast tuner, which makes it effortless for you to scan through the different channels that are available. It also has an alarm and temperature functions, making it more useful when you are travelling.



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Tecsun PL-360


The Digital Signal Processing technology is one of the innovative features of this shortwave radio that has received good feedback from many of its users. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for making sure that your listening experience will be more immersive as the audio is clearer. It also has an Easy Tuning Mode that contributes to its ease of use. It has a remarkable memory that will allow the unit to remember your favorite stations. The antenna that is used in this model is characterized by its high sensitivity that allows it to pick up even the weak signals.



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