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Top Shredders in 2018


Every home or away office should come equipped with a reliable shredder, capable of getting rid of unnecessary paper, discs, credit cards or even staples. There are many office shredders that can be used in order to safely dispose of various office items. Today’s market on these office instruments is flourishing, covering the needs of small and big offices. In order to make the selection process easier we took the liberty of studying 30 of the most efficient shredders. After 70 hours of attentive tests we drafted the best Shredder reviews on five special products that delivered impressive results. A good shredder can enhance office productivity!


Fellowes 3229901PowerShred 99Ci 17 Shredder


Best Shredder reviewsThere are thousands of office managers searching for efficient shredders. According to recent statistics it seems that the 3229901 PowerShred from Fellowes can safely dispose of credit cards, staples, junk mail, CD/DVDs and paper. It features SafeSense technology which automatically stops the shredder when user’s hands touch the paper opening. The device runs silently and has a spacious 9-gallon bin that safely stores waste. This advanced device incorporates a 100% Jam Proof system which makes sure that each operation runs smoothly. The shredder has solid steel cutters that safely cut through office waste.

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Fellowes Powershred Jam Proof 79Ci Paper Shredder


The current best Shredder reviews underline the smooth functionality of the Powershred from Fellowes. This powerful shredder is perfect for a home office! It uses 3 levels of safe jam prevention for a smooth, frustration-free operation. This advanced shredder can cross-cut up to an impressive 14 sheets of paper in one single pass! Furthermore the machine is strong enough to shred credit cards, paper clips, CD, DVDs, junk mail and staples. The shredder incorporates a 6-gallon bin which safely disposes of office waste. This office machine has a unique 100% Jam Proof system for proper shredding functionality!

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AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut


One of the best Shredder in 2018 comes from AmazonBasics, the 12-Sheet High Security model. This powerful device can be used in order to precisely shred CDs, DVDs, documents and credit cards with ease. Most of the current shredders cut materials in about 360 strips while this model does credit cards and paper in 2.235 pieces. Due to the silent shredding operation, the micro-cuts paper technology manages to dispose of different office materials in an efficient way. The shredder includes a spacious 6.7 gallon wastebasket which easily stores all the remaining pieces. Due to the advanced jam proof system, this device ensures fast operation.

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Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder


top rated Shredder in 2018 comes from Fellowes, the Powershred W-11C. This high quality shredder protects valuable information from ending up in the wrong hands. The machine is perfect for home or office use. This shredder precisely cross-cuts up to 11 sheets of paper! It can shred paper in unreadable tiny pieces of 5/32 inches by 1-3/8 inches. Furthermore the shredder is powerful enough to shred through credit cards, paper and staples. It features a roomy 5.5 gallon bin with a unique patented safety lock. The shredder has a powerful motor that can cut various office things without any problems whatsoever.

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Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder


With the best Shredder in 2018 people can take care of different junk mail, credit cards, paper and even CDs/DVDs. For high shredding performance we recommend the AS890C from Aurora. This powerful shredder will safely shred private documents and even sensitive information into tiny confetti. It can get rid of 8 pages per minute! The office machine includes stainless steel blades which precisely slice paper clips, staples, paper and also credit cards. The shredder incorporates a safe 125 sheet wastepaper basket. Due to the advanced stainless steel blades the machine safely shreds private documents within ease.

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