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If you’re here just  to find the best skateboard and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have spent a lot of time reading reviews from buyers and experts, as well as comments on social media, in order to find out the best of the best. According to our research, the best model around is the POSITIV. Created for a team of pros that includes known names like Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Sandro Dias, this is a skateboard designed to comply with the tough requirements of Skate One. You will know you will be riding like a pro when you are on this skateboard. Built for durability, the skateboard is created from fusing together multiple plies of wood that are afterwards covered with birch veneer. The glue used is waterproof, so you do not risk witnessing your skateboard coming undone when you least expect it. The nice design makes it a hit with teenagers, and this is a great gift for a young skater. If the POSITIV is no longer available, we highly recommend the SCSK8 Pro, as the second best choice.



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Whether you want a skateboard to do old school riding or want your kid to enjoy the best of trick riding on the street, there is sure to be a perfect model for you. However, this kind of gear is not so easy to find since the number of manufacturers has increased through the years and the entire activity has grown into a science of its own. To ensure you or your kid can enjoy an awesome riding experience, these are the elements to consider in your purchase.


3.SCSK8 Pro Skateboard


Personal Experience Level and Skating Style

Whether you need a skateboard for adult beginners or for kids will really depend on the user’s actual experience level. A beginner skateboarder has not really been on a skateboard for too much time, and has just gotten the hang of balancing on a board and pushing off with their foot. Though miles away from technical riding, this type of rider is ready to work on the basics so a cruiser, longboard or complete skateboard on the low end of the price scale should work just fine.

Intermediate riders have already attained a comfortable level on their skateboard and have started exploring more technical maneuvers. Their goal is to master the basics for laying the foundation to execute more complex tricks eventually. They want customized units with a variety of wheels and trucks to match what they can do. Expert skateboarders know they are precisely that, so they are ready to check out more wicked, bigger tricks in the park, a pool, the pipe or their favorite skate areas. They want nothing less than a fully customized model that has the exact bearings, hardware and grip they would love to use over and over.

The type of terrain a skater often rides indicates their skating style, which in turn also dictates the type of skateboard, trucks and wheels they can use. If you are a vert, pool or bowl skater, you can perform grabs and spin tricks, catch air and ride ramps and other vertical structures. If you can’t locate a skate park that has variable transition features, you do not hesitate to use empty pools or even create a DIY ramp yourself. For you, it’s always about big air for big guys, wicked style and high speed. Stability at higher speed is a transition rider’s preference.

A street and technical rider finds it easier to find a venue for street skating than a vert ramp. This type of skater can use nearly any aspect of the urban terrain, whether it’s handrails, curbs, stairs, benches, dumpsters or fire hydrants, since creativity is the name of the game. Skate parks provide the ideal skating experience since the street and technical skater can ride without causing damage to property. For street skaters who find it exhilarating to do tricks, a popsicle-shaped standard skateboard with a rounded tail and nose is ideal.

Most people are on the all-around skating style category. If you’re this type, you find it a fantastic experience to execute a big trick off your buddy’s backyard ramp and won’t stop till you nail a half-cab kickflip to a T. You can do street and transition riding so any terrain is worthy of becoming yours. You can ride a skateboard for beginners as well as for heavy riders without any difference.

If you are a longboarder, you want a model that delivers a smoother, more fluid ride on which you can execute wide turns that mimic freeride snowboarding or surfing. The type of ride you choose offers a means of transportation as well as a vehicle for just around-town cruising and fiercely going downhill. It certainly won’t be able to bring you transition or street riding, though.



Deck, Grip and Truck

The skateboard deck varies in size from 7.375 inches for girls or those with small feet to the wider 9-inch board. Choose the board that delivers the comfort level you need. The strip of sandy-like material on the the top of the skateboard deck is called the grip tape, which serves to give greater friction to enable board control. It basically functions to keep the board stuck to your feet. Mounted beneath the board is the truck, which pivots to enable you to turn left or right. This component is the most important of all because it directly affects the way you skate. With a wider truck, you also have a wider board.

4.Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Skateboard


Wheels, Bearings and Bolts

Since skateboard wheels vary in size, color and durability, you can find skateboards suitable for teens as well as for older riders. Commonly constructed of polyurethane, skateboard wheels also differ in diameter and durometer, the choices of which are a matter of skating style and personal preference. Smaller wheels have a smaller diameter and are also slower compared to big ones that are faster.

The small, round element that lets you roll and pace the speed is the bearing. The bearings slide into the wheel. Virtually every bearing carries a rating from the Annular Bearing Engineers Committee (ABEC), with higher-grade ones able to last longer and roll faster compared to lower-grade ones. The trucks are mounted to the board via the bolts, which can be attached and adjusted using a skate tool. Trucks with riser pads go best with longer bolts. The nose and the tail can be designated using colored bolts.

We have packed as much information as possible in the above buying guide to help first-time and even seasoned buyers know what factors to consider when buying a skateboard. Armed with the information, you should be able to make an educated purchase of the best skateboard on the market. For concrete examples of what an ideal skateboard should be, we showcase the top rated ones below.


Top skateboards in 2018


Teenagers all over the world are fun of skateboarding as part of their leisure time. Aside from the enjoyment they take from the sport, they also tend to captivate some objectives and skills. But those things will not be materialized unless the best skateboards reviews will be consulted.



POSITIV Team Complete


Best Skateboards reviewsUsing the Skate One specifications, the popular POSITIV team skateboards are preffered by riders all over the world. Each deck is made using the AirLam skateboard press and birch veneer material. This manufacturing process uses a number of multiple wooden plies, waterproof glue, that seales it against moisture as well as a coated bottom with the so called SST treatment thus improving your slides. POSITIV Super High Rebound formula is a guarantee for durability and smoothness of your ride. Try out different tricks on every surface that you can find on the streets or in parks with the team POSITIV gear, alike Carlos De Andrade, Andy Mcdonald or Randy Jones.

“Skateboarding is my life! It consumed almost all of my time, tried and broke various boards. This POSITIV model I use for city rides because it comes with highly resistant wheels. It is also durable and yet flexible allowing me to do some grinds whenever I see a good spot. Good investment for both beginners or pro riders.” Timothy Sk8er


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1.SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

The SCSK8 Pro comes to you preassembled from the USA, so you can ride it right out of the box. This US-made product ensures premium quality and craftsmanship for years of delightful riding and dependable durability. The 5-inch trucks go well with the 52mm wheels to ensure stability and riding comfort. The small wheels offer a slower riding experience during trick riding. They also effectively handle the needs of smaller riders who love executing tricks on the street, in skate bowls and parks. Equipped with ABEC 7 bearings, the skateboard will provide hours of enjoyment with precision and efficiency as you explore the urban landscape on reliable 1-inch hardware while ensuring that your feet stay on the board thanks to the black grip tape.


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Rimable Complete



This is an affordable skateboard that you can purchase as a gift for a younger skater. The pattern used is very beautiful and is bound to draw attention. The deck is really sturdy and you will feel in control when you are riding on it. While other skateboards out there are only good for tricks, this one is good for cruising, too, so you can go shopping or run errands on your skateboard without a worry. The wheels are smooth and dependable and they are a nice blue color that makes them stand out. The bearings are not exactly fast, but they serve the purpose.


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Powell-Peralta Cab Dragon Cosmic Green


2.Board Blazers, The Original LED Underglow Skateboard

Developed by professional skaters, the Powell-Peralta Cab Dragon Cosmic Green is designed in the USA, which ensures you of top quality craftsmanship and dependable performance on the street or in the skate park or bowl. This product comes to you complete with a stunning deck that uses an exclusive laminating process, which employs patented urethane technology and procedures to ensure a seamless and solid build without sacrificing maneuverability for executing awesome tricks during the ride.



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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete


Because of its high quality at an entry-level price, the Powell Golden Flying Dragon is considered by the best skateboards reviews a concious choice for both beginners and advanced riders. The deck is produced using the same AirLam presses with maple veneer source and high resistant glue. The grippy deck top having the width of 7.625 inches, 31.625 length, concave K12 126 shape and the hand-cast polyurethane, high-reboun wheels guarantee a smooth roll. All the components are tested through high-wear methods during production process and that’s why it is considered one of the best boards produced in Asia and a cost-effective choice for any class of riders.

“I didn’t trust any Chinese board manufacturer before trying this one. It is a good product all the way up. Made of strong, durable materials offers good comfort and stability for my tricks. Comes at a decent price and in a couple of days after placing your order you may enjoy riding it. I’ve changed the wheels once because they were damaged.” Christina Hanrahan


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Element Thriftwood Section Black Complete


The Element Thriftwood section black complete skateboard is one of the coolest models present in the best skateboards reviews you can give to your kids. This product is really reliable making it withstand other models. It has a deck of 7.5” x 31.5” and fashionable design which adds to the functionality of the skateboard. This item was really made for this sport so you will not worry for more since it has a compact structure that can suit your kids need.

“Element is a notorious board making brand. I use this model on tour because it is so reliable and offers me the right space to give the perfect tricks. Thanks to its thriftwood construction can resist on different materials such as concrete, metal or wood. I’m confident that it will fit your needs too.” Jolynn McCabe


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Quest Super Cruiser


Best SkateboardThis 44 inch longboard is designed for cruising around town, and features a durable and stylish construction. The deck is constructed from bamboo and hard maple wood for strength and flexibility, and the “kick” tail design gives you the added control you need to navigate busy city streets. The 70 mm wheels can handle bumps and rough pavement, and you will appreciate the sturdy 7 inch trucks that are constructed from durable aluminum. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to control, along with providing you with plenty of speed.



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KPC Pro Complete


1.KPC Pro SkateboardConstruction from durable Canadian maple this skateboard can hold up to hard landings without cracking or breaking. The 7.75 inch deck is designed to help skaters perfect a number of different tricks, and includes black grip tape to keep your feet firmly in place. Its stylish graphics ensures that it will easily fit in at the skate park, and the lightweight aluminum trucks are designed to provide plenty of stability during your ride. This skateboard also features brilliant white 52mm wheels that will glide smoothly over almost any surface. Modeled after professional skateboards, but designed for beginners, it will give you a smooth and stable ride while you are practicing simple turns and more complicated tricks.



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Airwalk Uncontested


Aside from the affordability of the Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard, the quality of the product beats other skateboard in the market. It has a width of 7.75 inches and a solid structure of 31 inches long making the play more comfortable and reliable. The 7-ply Canadian maple is very useful to maintain the structure of the Airwalk model in order to have longer life span aside from the stability it provides to its users. With the 53-millimeter polyurethane wheels, you can easily control this skateboard anywhere you go while doing your stunts.

“This was one of my first boards when I began skateboarding. It is a really cheap and affordable product for any newbie. It comes free of shipping chargers. Its sledge is easy to change and the wheels seem a little hard but anyone can use some other ones.” Robert Kastner


Airwalk Unraveled


The Airwalk Unraveled skateboard is one of the best skateboards you can buy in 2015. It has the 50 millimeter cast polyurethane wheels which are very useful and reliable in controlling the game. The structure is very dependable because it is made up of the 9-ply maple. You can really be assured to have a solid play because of the features exhibited by this item. The board is very stylish because of the double-Kicktail design and concave shape making it more attractive and compatible in any skateboarding experience.

“Airwalk has done it again. They managed to get a low-cost board that fills my measures. This one it’s a highly resistant top line board. I had no mercy on it and can say that is still up and running. I think that my wheels are worn off so they will need a change but all in all it has done its job perfectly.” Samuel Henson